Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On the BC Almanac radio show today

Councilor Tim Stevenson was on the show promoting more control through more bylaw enforcement: I gave him the first part of my thread "Today I went to city hall and made the dog bylaws fall"

Yes exactly! Last year when the parks board asked for public submissions on the dog issue of course I had some input.

I proposed that the city help defray the cost of taking an advanced course to license those who wish to wear a vest with numbers. This would allow the wearer to have up to three dogs (along with their owners) under their supervision in any park area not currently being used, for off leash activity.

This was as far as I got when I was cut off for Councilor Stevens' rebuttal.

He stated that it would be a good idea if we all became more educated, but couldn't see the value in the city contributing.

Here is what I didn't get to say as an answer to his rather myopic question:

For the 20 minutes off leash time a dog usually requires twice a day, no one needs to own a car to drive to an off leash park.

The person who has the vest can be approached by the public and because they are trained in PR as an ambassador with dog knowledge, who would be able to settle most issues on the spot saving much money and time.

Also if satisfaction is not reached there is the number on the person for ID purposes.

Now in every neighborhood are trained Ambassador citizens looking out for more than dogs.

For the price of one bylaw officer @ $50.00 per person, as an encouragement, that would help put 1000 such people on the streets reducing the ratio of responsible people per dog from 20 bylaw officers/60,000 to 1000 trained Ambassadors/60,000 dog owners.

This puts friendly young/adults on the streets, also trained in civic responsibility.

Now the "Dog Problem" is owned by those who have dogs and they are designated to be responsible by the city.

1000 trained dog Ambassadors = the cost of 1 bylaw enforcement officer per year.

I guess Councilor Stevens is unfamiliar with this kind of solution, because his mind is on enforcement, which encourages lawlessness and conflict, not much compliance.

On to other thoughts

I posted on the Olympics Singing Scam where the poor young girl who sang was deemed not pretty enough to be featured. I don't know if the moderator will post it but here is the complete list of published comments on CBC website. Sometimes I don't comply to the rules and they don't publish them.

The gist of it was that this minor deception to present the most "beautiful" image is also underscoring the cheering, which is staged and state commanded. The loud crowds shouting remind me of what Adolf Hitler was trying to project: The power of a mighty, aggressive nation. This is why I object to the Olympics, because it is not really about sport (their initial focus was on the war arts), but much else which leads to nations ignoring reason, and many people dying.

The institution which probably did more to bring peace and advance thought in Greece, might even have spawned the outlandish notion of democracy, could very well have been the Oracle of Delphi. That is why I proposed the idea while attending an outreach course held for the poor to help them learn how to make a business plan. Dr. Langton was very good but I don't believe that most people understood the sacrifice or made the most out of it compared to what she put in.

Of course I fell for the teacher! She didn't fully appreciate the fact that certainly reviving the institution of Oracle based on my education and Psychedelic substance use, and how relevant it was to her suggestion that I find something I really enjoyed doing. Using my imagination while in altered states. I said that it was certainly unique because I had googled Oracle and seen that I would be the first in that occupation. Also, judging by how lucrative and powerful the Olympics have become, I could do very well.

That is when my creative writing left off and I became politicized by the events after Mayerthorpe.