Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Transcript of Small Claims Court proceedings, Judge Dhillon grants Bud the Oracle Freeman Status (pages 1, 2, 3)

The day starts off with an Imprompto Meeting with Jim Chu chief of the VPD, also, the recounting of our court date.

It was one of the most serendipitous coincident of my life. Jim Chu was walking into a restauraunt only about 20 feet from where I stood awaiting the Main street bus. Robin suggested I go in and introduce myself to him in a peaceful way. Which I did. He did say that I should contact his officers for the camera, burt had nothing too say to my reply about them not returning my call. He also said "good" when I told him about charging the jail guards. He also agreed with my sentiment to settle this thing peacefully through communications. Best of all he can tell all of his officers that I am a peaceful man who wishes to use communications to resolve issues.

Here is what happened in court today. One thing that I forgot to mention is that I wore a robe of middle eastern culture. When they would not allow me to wear my crown and forced me to leave it at the desk, I did put on a woolen brown beany when I approached the bench. I never removed it before either Judges. I had to hand the Crown Attorney the Bible I gave him a second time because he tried to return it to me. It is the only law that I am under.

"Busting Bud" CBC news article

This is all about keeping a beneficial vegetable the foundation for organized crime and police recruitment.

To think that I am a criminal for risking my life several times to make our society safer. This is plain idiocy of the deepest kind Canada.

I trusted the RCMP A story of my putting a double murderer behind bars and the payback I got

Our challenge to the criminal world trying to take the crime out of marketing a vegetable.

This is the sum total of the Institutionalized Idiocy plaguing Canada and the World today over a beneficial VEGETABLE THAT MAKES ONE HAPPY.


Today I will appear in Court RM 307 at 1:30 pm, 222 Main Street Vancouver

There is a feeling of ominous foreboding within me. I may never meet some special kids that I am close to seeing for the first time. Too bad so many people are so closed minded that progress is impossible. I have my doubts that humankind will survive very far into the future. And perhaps that's for the best. Personal pleasure THROUGH QUESTS FOR POWER AND WEALTH, is the prime mover today. Perhaps it is the natural selection mechanism gone wild having been skewed by prohibition into spitting out too much comformity.

OUR CHILDREN ARE BEAT INTO CONFORMITY TO EXCEL IN THEIR ROLES AS TAX SLAVES. All vestigases of creativity and individual courage/resourcefullness are erraddicated to make room for the 4th Reich.