Wednesday, August 25, 2010

6 tipsters split $100K in Pickton rewards

I wonder if Jane Doe ever got any money? Her abilities as a witness did not impress the all knowing Crown Prosecutors. In 1997, 5 years before Pickton was finally arrested, she was in hospital stabbed by Pickton wearing the handcuffs to which he had the key. His clothes were confiscated at the time and bore the DNA evidence of 3 of the murdered women. The crown would not proceed with the attempted murder charges because it deemed Jane Doe "Unreliable" due to her drug use. Here is a witness at the preliminary trial of Willi Pickton in 2004 who heard Jane Doe give her testimony then:

He was convicted in 2007 10 years later and now 3 years after that, the government puts out $100,000. Big friggen deal!

Because these cops and others, including the politicians Phillip Owen, the coroner Larry Campbell, Police Chief Jamie Graham and everyone didn't do their jobs properly we are out dozens of people and over one hundred million dollars.

If they had done their jobs properly and followed up on what people were telling them for free, it would have been cheap in lives and money. Watch this video and see the common attitude of today's VPD "officers" as they stroll amongst the poor and downtrodden. Do you really believe that these goons will help these people? Their behavior and body language tell me, "No!"

Maybe this is OK with the rest of the morons, but its not gonna fly with me. Not one single thing has changed, except now the cops think that they are able to do street executions, like that of Paul Boyd, who had his hands up when the cops started shooting.

No one in the press is floating much except American Imperialistic propaganda and drug war nonsense. No real facts that concern us, Just propaganda about dangerous grow op bears who might need to be Euthanized and the face book page about saving them. (sure its fun but it keeps people from understanding the real issues. That way it seems like people don't care--because they don't know about it)

The chief of police can then immediately corrupt the investigation by obstructing justice on behalf of the shooter. Obstruct his own obstruction charges from proceeding

We'll soon see if Dr. Dianne Rothon the Chief Coroner is someone who cares about protecting the citizens of BC from cops who commit crimes and making sure the rule of law applies to all, or, if she is just another wannabe politician out to make a name for herself

What a foul plate of slop Canadians are continuously asked to enjoy instead of justice, accountability and good performance from those who are hired/elected to look after their affairs. Pure spun bullshit comes from these highly respected spin artis

Schrodinger's cat experiment and the Arrow of time intersect in cyber space

Was this woman an experimental physicist? Is it fair that she would be so hounded and threatened that the police need to have a full time guard on her?

Cats also have role in this video but in a much more subtle way

Bud the Oracle's explosive on the scene news report
from Christina Lake

Christina Lake Black Bears Story takes an explosive turn

This Just in: Christina Lake debacle is growing explosively and now has a connection involving theft of pot and property in evidence from the police lockup, siezed by the RCMP, in the Bear Black Mountain scam. (click title link and watch the videos still up embedded of the news article by Bud the Oracle, raving reporter.)

A police spokesman said that one man is in custody after the break in and that there was Dynamite seized from his residence during the arrest. The man was not from Ottawa but a long time resident of the area and a friend of the Christina lake mountain woman, a lover of wildlife and lover of bears, who was entrapped by the RCMP trained bears. Tempers are dangerously close to flaring, the ignition point is near in this escalating tale of grow op intrigue and RCMP dirty tricks.

There were no comments from Brian Taylor or the Mountain Woman, who are not intrinsically connected except through their love of bears and disdain of the RCMP

This brings to mind another story of police corruption and theft from Property rooms "The French Connection" aftermath

led to a major New York Police Department (NYPD) corruption scheme. The scope and depth of this scheme are still not known, but officials suspect it involved corrupt NYPD officers, who allowed Papa, Alessi, and Loria access to the NYPD property/evidence storage room at 400 Broome Street, where hundreds of kilograms of heroin lay seized from the now-infamous French Connection bust, the missing heroin replaced with flour and cornstarch.[2][3]

The substitution was discovered only when officers noticed insects eating all the bags of "heroin". By that point an estimated street value of approximately $70 million worth of "smack" had already been taken. The racket was brought to light and arrests were made. Certain plotters received jail sentences, including Papa. (Papa was later assassinated in federal prison in Atlanta, Georgia; several conflicting reasons why have been suggested). The French Connection investigation demonstrated that international trafficking networks were best disabled by the combined efforts of drug enforcement agencies from multiple countries. In this case, agents from the United States, Canada, Italy and France had worked together to achieve success.