Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 people injured in gang related violence last night, Sgt Kaiser VPD

That is exactly why we do this Sgt Kaiser, Jim Chu, Mayor Gregor Robertson. The Unincorporated Deuteronomical society was formed in order to do the job that you people are not doing. It is your duty to make our common community lawful and safe. You people have failed abysmally, enforcing idiocy in the form of the failed CDSA, which has caused these problems.

There will be no stepping in our way to enforce your bullshit on us, thank you! You don't have the moral grounds to keep on harming Canadians in order to serve failed American Foreign Policy. Make my day and come to get me. Anytime you anal orifices want to lose your drugs and substances act and help save lives, come and bust me in a nice way, and we will do this together! Are you not tired of being on the side of the Gestapo losers? I mean, don't some of you people wish to be associated with what is right, not the cowards wearing colors and guns in your "leadership?" Do you need a job that badly, that you have to oppress harmless people and cause all this violence to have it? Must you leave your ethical position behind to do your job? Do you have any ethics, morals?

Mexico's drug wars won't come up here? When have the cops succeeded at any of their work here lately, that didn't cost lives and hundreds of millions? And Harper takes the advice of these incompetents for his Law and Order Policies? Give me a break!

And drug users are stupid? Holy crap, have Canadians ever been duped, eh? Fleeced of their heritage, their world leadership role, fleeced of a harmonious peaceful lawful society, all so that these uniformed incompetents can strut around, shoving harmless women, run for office after having caused incivility and havoc in our communities at huge expense (all the inquiries and never is anyone held to account). Check out the way the "news" cameras are focused on creating news not recording events in my videos.

It is blatantly obvious that the majority of the people are being dulled down by these types of focused "news" events instead of being shown the truth, allowed to form their own opinions. This means that those who are responsible for making this democracy work, the people, are in the pockets of those employers of the marketers: The corporations. In turn, the politicians who are also in the same pockets, but much deeper down, work against the best interests of the citizens, because there are no mechanisms which hold them to account. The reason for this is because traditionally those elected no longer serve the people once they enter the House of Commons, but those parties and benefactors whose money got them there by dumbing down the voters through expensive marketers.