Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The good and the bad reflections on the day

Somewhere towards the last of this thread on Cannabis culture which you may access by clicking on the title of this post, David Malmo Levine, actually advocates allowing children to purchase cannabis if they have a signed note from their parents.

I believe that the cut off age should be eighteen.

In the last part of the video I talk of someone accosting me verbally and threatening to shoot my dog because he strolled across her lawn. All the while her sickly looking friend was sitting in her car idling noxious poisonous fumes into my lungs while giving me the evil eye for such an insignificant act as a dog strolling over a patch of grass. These are hateful morons, spiteful vindictive unhealthy slugs who have the government bylaw officers on their side to practice oppression on me.

Bud Oraclel's Pot shop,

This morning's spontaneous video rant is being uploaded to Youtube at this moment. Of course I am proud of being able to work hard physically in my 60th year.

I certainly am not the picture of the blazy uniformed oppressor standing around accosting innocent, peaceful, people for what type of vegetable they are using that you can see in my Pot bust videos.

I see this prohibition as the exact same kind of idiocy (part of human trat/nature: the willingness to oppress) that prevailed when good Catholics stood gleefully around, witnessing the burning of witches. Only today this deadly human trait is tempered by the sophistication (somewhat) of the age.

One thing that I have noticed about myself in the video is that my permanent shoulder injury (poor nerve control and no shoulder muscle) in my left arm is visible. So the stuff I said about working hard in my 60th year is tempered with the fact that I have less than 25% power/usage in my left arm. I compensate by using other combinations of muscles and also because I am intelligent enough to understand the use of leverage.

I will be facked (and dead) if I ever let these government goons and bullshit artists try to control my diet again.

Make my day Mr. Harper , you stupid facking tyrant who can't even judge the likes of Brian Mulroney as the criminal he really is.

All around us we see evidence of poor leadership: the Fast Ferries another example of government micromanagement disterous to tax payers.

They are not competent enought to take care of their jobs properly, yet wish to control the foundational mechanismns of natural selection.