Sunday, August 31, 2008

A bike rack encounter with a young political man

To the young politically contentious guy I met at the bike rack today at Buylow, Kingsgate Plaza, here is my point.

I was turned off by your assumption that to run for city council that I should know through "studying my opponents" how to get along with them.

Just click on the link in the title and see how well I have been able to communicate with a wild animal, my White Wolf. I'm extremely perceptive and patient. Why you would assume that I am not, is not a problem of my making and not one I wish to join. That's your focus, not mine! Neither I nor any other politician should be forced to go with your or anyone else's perspective. If you feel that it is important that the rest of council be studied, study them, and run yourself!

I can communicate and successfully work with anyone who is willing to communicate in reciprocation as I pointed out that you would find out if you read this blog. People like you are arrogant and expect me to Kow Tow to your quirky wishes. To assume that I couldn't communicate with the elected council is arrogant of you! And yes that was what I reacted to, your arrogance!

And as you saw, even you weren't able to get my goat after trying to, so you have proof of my communications skills right there!

That is not going to be my area of focus; my opponents and my ability to communicate with them. We'll cross that bridge once I get elected. They'll have to study me as well then, because communication is a two-way street.

It is not my duty to study my opponents now! I'm here to change things, not play political chess games as of old! That's your view of city politics, not mine! Run, yourself, if you wish to play in that pig pen!

Thanks for the return Kindness, Duane!

The link to the title is my White Wolf Blog.

When I picked up your notebook on the bench at China Creek park I never thought that an act of such return generosity would befall me. Coming from a person whose heritage I respect, those two huge salmon tasted extra special. Still got a few pounds left after eating fish in new ways-even for breakfast-since Wednesday. Not letting any go to waste and I am getting creative.

Thanks to the Karma exchange, another beautiful person has entered my life. Wow, I am blessed!

Sad about your loss though! I can see why if you were on your way to a funeral you might have been absent minded and forgot to pick it up. The only dilemma I had, was that someone might be coming back for it right away, but when I saw the numbers-home and cell-I thought that contact would be imminent and be able to reach someone.

Friday, August 29, 2008

21 year old man dies of Alcohol overdose

All one has to do is google "Fatal alcohol poisoning overdoses" and "Fatal Cannabis overdoses" to get a clear picture of which substance is more dangerous.

I will not be forced to choose a more dangerous substance to comply with idiocy.

To help other adults make a safer choice I am still selling Marijuana openly to adults over 19. You will need 2 pieces of ID if you are young enough for a check.

I do have a trial coming up soon for sticking my head into a police car and offering Cannabis for sale. I did this to come before the courts in order to force the issue.

Until the laws change to reflect an adults right to choose and the government provides a controlled distribution to keep our children safe, I will be in operation. We have a right in the constitution to make safe choice for ourselves, regardless of what our racist religious parliamentarians thought a century ago or what the American war mongers think now.

Support me by buying your Cannabis from me. Vote for me for city council. I have the courage to change things. Contact me through my number found here.

Thanks for the support and donations to my campaign from my American friends who I met on Saturday on Cordova across from the Salvation Army! As I said then, I sure hope sanity comes to your nation for all our sakes.

Call me anytime that you wish to visit our fair free city, where you won't be targeted by body armor wearing DEA goons for exercising a god given right.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Humans are susceptible to addictions.

What got me going on this subject again was Tony Clements rumblings about Insite and the fact that I see my computer addiction as severe and deplorable as any other habit that I have developed an unhealthy dependency on. Making a state problem out of a normal human condition is true idiocy.

In my opinion there is no difference in any of the addictions to any substances or pleasurable habits for humans, rather it is how, and in what context we judge them/ The religious have set themselves up in perpetual and unjust judgment of those who are not followers. Every issue where an adult human being's right to choose is at stake, the believers somehow wish to deny what god decreed, that each of us has the right to make our own moral judgments. God gave us the right to choose wrong without being made criminals, too.

There are an infinite number of things which can addict humans to them. As far as deadly addictions, the burning of fossil fuels might be the end of us, if it is not our love of religion induced conflict and strife.

Compared to our dabbling in even the hardest of drugs, the end of the human race is at stake due to our ability to lie successfully to ourselves. As Fraudulent Apes we don't like to look at, and judge ourselves, too harshly, while it is always those "others" who are the problem. This is a lie of course, yet Mr. Harper would use it to harness those who have their eyes closed, only to underscore the hatred of the "other," by asserting himself as tough. Solving the problem of drug addiction and the misery of tens of thousands doesn't mean diddly-squat to Mr. Harper when compared to getting votes for the big blue machine.

Again, it is a matter of finger pointing by the believers in god, which paints the smoker of a joint as dangerous while the Pastor, who drives to his church, gives no thought to his own impact on our biological existence. It is religion that has always stood in the way of sane democratic equality, always oppressing those who would dare to think and do differently.

Prime Minister Harper feels that he can make judgments of others and believes that it is his business how Canadians should perceive the world, what is good and what is not. This is the same myopic folly that those racist religious forefathers used which corrupted our peaceful society with shortsighted laws, which encouraged the growth of crime and lawlessness throughout the last century. The only thing Harper has shown himself consistent in, is lying to gain votes: fixed date elections, income Trusts, concern for Canadians and our future.

Humans are addictive in the their nature, to criminalize some according to the substance they use is not only oppressively cruel, but because prohibition makes it a lucrative enterprise to encourage addiction, totally hypocritical!

The current violent rule of organized crime is directly due to prohibition policies of the religious right of a century ago, and mr. Harper is plowing the same ground today.

Truly, we need change, not more of the same!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Free Geek Vancouver: a good idea in practice!

God it's good to be back up! Had a hard drive meltdown on Sunday night and couldn't figure what it was through trouble shooting. The next step was to get a working hard drive and up-grade from 30 rascals to 80 gigs, also decided to increase the ram 3 fold. Still some minor glitches but that is due to my inexperience. The hardware comes from Freegeek located on Pandora Street.

The staff is extremely knowledgeable, very courteous and generally pleasant productive members of the community. They take in old computers and recycle them. It is a good idea to join their many different classes/group information sharing sessions, if you wish to take a recognizance foray into the cyber word of frugality.

I was told this morning by John that $45.00 will get anyone up on the Internet (minus the connection). That is awesome!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A memorable flight from the Valemont Airstrip (click for audio)

On a hot day in August 2001 the conditions were awesome in North Central BC.

Some sailplane pilots from Hope gathered here to tow from the nice airstrip.

So I thought to set up my self-launcher, The DV8 (Seen flying over Italy by its creator, above, behind the title)

Until that day I had never had the chance to see the top of Mt. Robson, when I had driven past on occasion.

That day, I climbed out in rock and roll air from the Valemont airstrip, hooked on to good thermal only a hundred feet over the runway (Fusion Dragon), drifting to the North East, directly towards Mt. Bubblehead.

I was over the road stop about a mile south when I topped out near the bottom of a cloud at 14600 ASL. What I saw before me, made me shiver and cut the flight short.

The view is forever burned into my "Awesome Sights" mental folder. To the north and East was an uninviting glacier that stretched as far as I could see.

I had had problems keeping the motor running before launch, until 2 forestry workers gave me a hand. It was a hot day and I had taken off my down jacket and forgot to put it on again for the flight.

I couldn't stay up for long, as I was doing the double shivers- one set of harmonics on top of another!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Marc Emery Needs your vote for Mayor

I've heard rumors that he might run for Mayor of Vancouver. Marc fits that profile very much and has earned respect as a successful businessman. Much more so than our present mayor. Mark needs the support of every rational thinking Canadian and Vancouver citizen right now, because he stands to loose his freedom forever due to his activism against oppression, our insane drug laws.

He could be one of our most effective Mayors ever to grace that chair!

It would send a strong message to our government that the citizens of Canada have had enough of their subservience to a nation of war mongers ruled by morons, trying to exert their moral standards on us. Marc was targeted on behalf of all Canadian Marijuana users, culled from the herd of the rebellious, non conformists (and I sure hope they will turn out for the elections) to be served on the alter of DEA vengeance.

I am still going to run as an independent, but my vote for mayor is going to Marc if he runs.

Sensitive government document found on rainy Ottawa street

This is another exposure of both the incompetence and unaccountability of those in charge, and of the farcical security measures we have been forced to take on GWB's fear scam. We have spent 10 billion dollars to placate an a very powerful idiot. See my post (under this title) no longer available-erased

Here is a better idea that I have come up with when the there was a buzz about the Americans wanting to build a fence around their country a few months ago.

Harper hints at triggering election

You'll find my post under this title on my (posted comments no longer available)

The gist of it was that it was a done deal that he is calling an election or else shooting his foot off! Note the date

Plenty of people want to see this clown go home to Alberta where he belongs. Check out the most recommended posts. You can vote/recommend too!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funeral for slain Montreal youth underway

See CBC video

And this is what Canadians have wrought by allowing the police to become thugs with colors and guns. The police are murdering Canadians at a rate higher than any other gangs. Can we make excuses like these uniform worshipers are constantly doing on the CBC forum, forever?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Did Campbell go too far with his Senior pay raises?

Who is more impaired in their reasoning abilities?

Who is more honest and ethical?

He has forgotten that he promised no more raises when he gave the last in 2006 until 2010?

I haven't!

The crime wave comes next door!

Had news of the bust of a grow-op in the building next door. That wouldn't be so bad if one of the guys hadn't dropped off a pack sack full of guns on someone's veranda. The insanity of escalating the danger to Canadians to satisfy the DEA. This crime is touching us all the time in East Van.

Good Morning Vancouver!

Read Rolly's Story, I used to own a German whiner.

My White Wolf was cute from the time he came to me, See "The pump house" for the story behind these pictures.

On to politics and the poor performances of those whom we elect.

Bad news at the Olympics, in Afghanistan, In Montreal with another police shooting causing a riot, and sabotage in the Canadian Navy this morning. These are the problems of a history of obfuscation and lying of our leaders to the Canadian people.

These are the results of a century of party politics and vote buying to gain power, with the wanton neglect of their duty to Canada's future.

The Olympics are a scam which encourages nationalism.

How absurd to march under a banner of One World, One Dream.

Whose Dream? Whose world?

The world is made up of billions of individuals each with their own dream.

Only people with autocratic military dominance dreams think this way, in order to enslave societies to their cause.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On the BC Almanac radio show today

Councilor Tim Stevenson was on the show promoting more control through more bylaw enforcement: I gave him the first part of my thread "Today I went to city hall and made the dog bylaws fall"

Yes exactly! Last year when the parks board asked for public submissions on the dog issue of course I had some input.

I proposed that the city help defray the cost of taking an advanced course to license those who wish to wear a vest with numbers. This would allow the wearer to have up to three dogs (along with their owners) under their supervision in any park area not currently being used, for off leash activity.

This was as far as I got when I was cut off for Councilor Stevens' rebuttal.

He stated that it would be a good idea if we all became more educated, but couldn't see the value in the city contributing.

Here is what I didn't get to say as an answer to his rather myopic question:

For the 20 minutes off leash time a dog usually requires twice a day, no one needs to own a car to drive to an off leash park.

The person who has the vest can be approached by the public and because they are trained in PR as an ambassador with dog knowledge, who would be able to settle most issues on the spot saving much money and time.

Also if satisfaction is not reached there is the number on the person for ID purposes.

Now in every neighborhood are trained Ambassador citizens looking out for more than dogs.

For the price of one bylaw officer @ $50.00 per person, as an encouragement, that would help put 1000 such people on the streets reducing the ratio of responsible people per dog from 20 bylaw officers/60,000 to 1000 trained Ambassadors/60,000 dog owners.

This puts friendly young/adults on the streets, also trained in civic responsibility.

Now the "Dog Problem" is owned by those who have dogs and they are designated to be responsible by the city.

1000 trained dog Ambassadors = the cost of 1 bylaw enforcement officer per year.

I guess Councilor Stevens is unfamiliar with this kind of solution, because his mind is on enforcement, which encourages lawlessness and conflict, not much compliance.

On to other thoughts

I posted on the Olympics Singing Scam where the poor young girl who sang was deemed not pretty enough to be featured. I don't know if the moderator will post it but here is the complete list of published comments on CBC website. Sometimes I don't comply to the rules and they don't publish them.

The gist of it was that this minor deception to present the most "beautiful" image is also underscoring the cheering, which is staged and state commanded. The loud crowds shouting remind me of what Adolf Hitler was trying to project: The power of a mighty, aggressive nation. This is why I object to the Olympics, because it is not really about sport (their initial focus was on the war arts), but much else which leads to nations ignoring reason, and many people dying.

The institution which probably did more to bring peace and advance thought in Greece, might even have spawned the outlandish notion of democracy, could very well have been the Oracle of Delphi. That is why I proposed the idea while attending an outreach course held for the poor to help them learn how to make a business plan. Dr. Langton was very good but I don't believe that most people understood the sacrifice or made the most out of it compared to what she put in.

Of course I fell for the teacher! She didn't fully appreciate the fact that certainly reviving the institution of Oracle based on my education and Psychedelic substance use, and how relevant it was to her suggestion that I find something I really enjoyed doing. Using my imagination while in altered states. I said that it was certainly unique because I had googled Oracle and seen that I would be the first in that occupation. Also, judging by how lucrative and powerful the Olympics have become, I could do very well.

That is when my creative writing left off and I became politicized by the events after Mayerthorpe.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The day after "Under the Volcano Festival

For my thread posted on DV click here.

Had such a good time campaigning at the festival I carried on with it today

This time I took Al. He had a swim to cool off in False creek and looked just like he did here.

Thanks for taking the time to hear me out and accepting my cards.