Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wiki Leaks: media navel gazing, or a focus on revelations?

Although it is hard to tell by just looking at a picture, but I don't get a sense this man is a rapist. This is only an impression that time will either validate or dispel. i don't see how this is endangering any Americans compared to the the tens of thousands who are put into harms way to enforce brutal Imperialistic invasions which have killed millions of innocent civilians based on lies. This attack on the importance, the meaning, the validity, the relevance, of these Wiki Leaks is a propaganda farce perpetrated by the Industrial military complex whose foundation of perpetual bullshit masquerading as "good" foreign policy is being exposed.

Think about what it really means when the Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan mentions that President Karhzi's family is criminally connected. Doesn't that strike you as discordant to what you are being told that your sons and daughters are dying for? The sounds of it is that what I and many bold, so called liberal, bloggers have been telling you is true. You are, as a nation wasting your treasure for a corrupt venture. What Stephen Harper/Michael Ignatief is telling you doesn't square with what he should know to be the case: this is an illegal invasion Canada is involved in, on the pretext of Rooting out al Quaeda, which is ultimately doomed to fail because there is no local support for it. Canadians are dying, our reputation worldwide is being stained, because we have invaded a foreign land and are supporting a criminal government which is using our efforts for its own nefarious purposes.

The CBC seems to be downplaying the importance of these leaks (click title link). Any relevance that there is, is being sidelined into distant fictional future scenarios by their talking heads. The story, according to CBC, has too much evidence with "hundreds of thousands of leaks to come." I don't give any credence to what I hear from the broadcast media as being anything but spin upon initially receiving it.

Tom Flanagan, a former adviser to the Prime Minister, calls for the murder of Julian Assange on TV. here is my letter to the President of the University of Calgary:
Ms. Elizabeth Cannon, president of the UofC,
It is you people who are the idiots who have ruined this country with conferring degrees to violent morons. That is why we left Canada, because idiots with degrees are ruining things. There is no rule of law. People are jailed for using harmless substances which make them peaceful, while assholes like this moron who has advised the Prime Minister for years, calling for violent solutions now calls for murder on TV and always get away with it.
Bud the Oracle
Chief Justice
Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society

The most dangerous terrorist organization to Americans is their own government.

the real news happening right here in Vancouver is being ignored.

All I know is that this needs to be done, and that there is no one else doing it. There is no rule of law in this province, country, or even city. Businesses don't comply with the law just as the police don't and there is no one else to hold them to account except those who are concerned about the harm being done at every turn to our community. Why would I not be allowed to do this in a peaceful way? No one in a uniform or wearing colors of any sort is going to intimidate me. And standing up for myself I will stand up for those who can or won't. Why is this something I choose to do? I find the pursuit of Justice rewarding in itself and also I believe that there is a great need for this work to be done. I can fulfill this need in a coherent, pragmatic, socially friendly way in my neighborhood. That is where my concerns lie: in my neighborhood and with those whom I interact daily. There is no way I will stand to be threatened or assaulted by anyone wearing any kind of uniform. Thugs with an attitude are not going to stand in the way of a peaceful intelligent man easily. There are laws that everyone must follow.