Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Did Campbell go too far with his Senior pay raises?

Who is more impaired in their reasoning abilities?

Who is more honest and ethical?

He has forgotten that he promised no more raises when he gave the last in 2006 until 2010?

I haven't!

The crime wave comes next door!

Had news of the bust of a grow-op in the building next door. That wouldn't be so bad if one of the guys hadn't dropped off a pack sack full of guns on someone's veranda. The insanity of escalating the danger to Canadians to satisfy the DEA. This crime is touching us all the time in East Van.

Good Morning Vancouver!

Read Rolly's Story, I used to own a German whiner.

My White Wolf was cute from the time he came to me, See "The pump house" for the story behind these pictures.

On to politics and the poor performances of those whom we elect.

Bad news at the Olympics, in Afghanistan, In Montreal with another police shooting causing a riot, and sabotage in the Canadian Navy this morning. These are the problems of a history of obfuscation and lying of our leaders to the Canadian people.

These are the results of a century of party politics and vote buying to gain power, with the wanton neglect of their duty to Canada's future.

The Olympics are a scam which encourages nationalism.

How absurd to march under a banner of One World, One Dream.

Whose Dream? Whose world?

The world is made up of billions of individuals each with their own dream.

Only people with autocratic military dominance dreams think this way, in order to enslave societies to their cause.