Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another day at Bud Oracle's pot shop

This is a nice light filled place that will spruce up with some simple furnishings. The customers enjoy the open concept, no furtive glances (except at the camera). Mostly my old clients. the white wolf is happy on the floor out front. It all seems so normal.

Earlier this morning we were walking to Trout lake, and on the rise at 6th and Clark, the Wolf and I encountered the Police officer whom you see on Pot Bust 1 video who is the non confrontational one, and his partner (a different one). We talked for a good 10 minutes and I told them of this store. They remarked that it was good I sold to people over 18. I introduced them to LEAP and invited them to take an interest in making our society safe, rather than just apply unjust laws.

Had two new customers so far today. Checked for age on one of them.