Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Introspection on power, humanity and societies.

The glory of living a spontaneous lifestyle, led by a quest for understanding, creative spirituality, and general enlightenment is the mystery of it. It has taken me decades to realize that the only thing I can control on occasion is my reaction to events. Thankfully there is no plan that I have made that would interfere with what jewels are given in the moment.

I understand human frailties and the lure of power in a small way and feel corruption beckoning slightly, already. Although my role as Chief Justice of our society is largely ceremonial, I found myself starting to feel entitled to certain benefits .....because.

Rather than be ashamed for it, I choose to examine it and gain an insight and realize that this is probably a common human condition and the foundation for most corruption throughout history.

I see this as a beneficial learning process while we set up the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society (UDS).

The same conflicts which plague all human societies are found in my own small world and our new society. On reading Deuteronomy into the record for our first parliament, the conflict between spiritual belief, religious indoctrination and the law began to come to the fore again, this time framed in a different perspective: the laws of societies.

I believe that the only societies which will benefit humanity are the ones based on tolerance balanced with tradition. Some closed societies may seem more successful in limited aspects, but these distortions tend to collapse after time, due to the imbalances created by them.

What strikes me as telling is the turn out for this Provincial election. This government doesn't have a mandate from more than 25% of the electorate, yet I heard the drunk driver himself say that the majority of British Columbians have chosen him this morning. That's why I call humans the Fraudulent Apes: first we lie to ourselves and then to the world.

As chief justice I try to envision snares as we set out to do right by our membership. People are so diverse and immediately, by definition, nuance any activity they join. Therein lies the richest of stews with a troubling aftertaste at times. Perhaps, more so then any definitive vector that we wish to diverge unto, just the basic exercise of creating change reveals better directions. Stagnancy is not the answer, but tends to entrench conformity, corruption and tyranny as skilled, controlling, unethical people gain understanding in the social machine and begin to work it to their ends.

It is the revolutionaries which move us forward over time. We must learn to accept change graciously and recognized it as the tool of revival so vital to any species' future which it is. Political thought from balancing viewpoints should be the norm. To focus on only economics as the driving factor for our society is to condemn ourselves forever to unhappiness, dissatisfacton. My goal is to be happy, to live in a happy safe society, be free to create, to do the things I choose to do, primarily, no matter what economic climate prevails.

the Canadian focus on consumerism as the only primary/worthwhile driving force for our society will likely be the end of us, imo. Our global spiritual depravity is very evident in the world around us. Don't get this confused with religion or belief systems, though, spirituality in my estimation is a personal thing to be defined individually, through curiosity. All you need to do on a daily basis is seek the truth in every encounter and the rest will flow according to your measure. A happy life is truly a simple thing totally independent of economic considerations.

A society that is primarily happy will be optimistic and likely to have a flourishing economy. A society where half the people don't turn out for elections, a society which is fueled by drug money/fast money is not happy, rather violent and cruel. Who else would be to blame for this mess but our current leadership and their mentors. Fear of change is a great thing if you are a corrupt cadre and wish to entrench your power.

Oh well, have it your way! We are trying to do something different and hopefully better.

Join us: contact the registrar or me, Bud the Oracle, by email for a membership form or stop either of us on the street to sign up instantly.

A trip to the House Justice Committee is our registrar's personal thread on Cannabis Culture explaining some of our Society's complications. In it you can read more of our personal thoughts and some countering perspectives.

Chris Bennet, the Pot activism Giant, had his way with me in these forums which are wholly and solely owned by the Marc Emery Foundation. It would be a tribute to Marc's nod to free speech if they are allowed to stand. Something about star reduction was troubling to me. I mean, it is so petty, isn't it? Oh well, when I was in school, although I often tried to get a star, I didn't always. And yes, sometimes the teacher revised her early opinion of me and lowered my ears a bit. So this is nothing new to me, Jodie.

Don't you think others may see that your forum is rigged, slanted with a commercial flavor? Do you see a single ad here? Can you point to a fee required for anything. How about a plea for a donation to the cause? Glad I didn't to the BC3, because now where would my money be?