Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's A Snowstorm in Vancouver Today! (CTV News video)

The White wolf and I were on a beautiful snow land adventure. It took me an hour to make it to Trout Lake. We had a chance to help a bit in the snow shoveling department as we went. Another sad bit of news as an acquaintance, who is just starting to live his well deserved retirement dtream With a nice income, property in Mexico, and sick from Radiation treatment today. That's the 3rd person with cancer in my circle this year. I truly wonder where those cancers are coming from. Certainly not the pot or psychedelic agents.

I live at the bottom of an impossibly steep driveway (20 % it seems like) The first encounter was with a young couple who were eager to have an "adventure" driving to Kelowna. All kinds of warnings came to mind, but they seemed happy and promised not to go too fast and take a room if the were in trouble. Rather than try to keep them from their "Adventure" (pretty sure they weren't going to make it out on to the street,) I summed up all my feelings, my warnings succinctly, after hearing his British accent, in a way which was good for a laugh for everyone.

"Fooken Englishmon"

I could only shake my head at the many intrepid/dumb motorists shoveling valiantly, I'm sure they will end up tow truck tuck. The cars which they were recovering from deep snow were only little light puddle jumpers that would immediately tobaggon out of control. Deadly things. These people are making a much more dangerous decision to drive than I am to smoke marijuana, because they are risking other people's safety.

I took a flip as my legs came right out from underneath me. Was lucky, able to keep my head up off the pavement. Help your elderly and infirm neighbors, see if they are alright.

Even the sky train is intermittent. Some of my clients have come using transit and the buses are having difficulty.

The White Wolf is ecstatic though, and has tried to roust every dog that we encountered for a play. I found out through a friend today, who is a friend of someone in the building adjacent to mine, having mentioned to her that neighbors of her were concerned over Aloofus being out all the time. And barking at them. She had told them that he was well taken care of.

I understand now what likely happened. They were "Concerned" about him and tried to approach him. this is when he tells anyone trying to get into his airspace to get lost. He wuffs a clear warning. Some humans are dumb (many), and again try to approach. Al is consistent he will wuff louder and also at the same time back off. If people don't concern themselves over him and act naturally and just walk by he won't even budge. The minute they start focusing on him he gets defensive gives a clears verbal warning, not a continuous barking, and then will always back off quickly. He doesn't want anyone touching him and has a right to tell people to get lost gently. Never does he approach anyone, he is totally afraid of people, much to scared to attack.

The calling in to the Animal control, instead of taking their neighbors advice and leaving the dog alone is the behavior of someone who needs a nanny state.

"Who you gonna call? Dog busters!"

Can't just mind their own business has to have someone in a uniform to tell them "it's OK"

And why not cater to these mindless morons who can't see to grow up and always need someone to call, if it puts more power in the hands of Government? There is more work for everyone and more taxes to be collected. Why would the state be interested in helping these people grow up and become adults if it can make more income taking care of them?

We need the sidewalks plowed instantly, because I want to go for a walk right now, or over to Bud Oracle's to score some pot. Get over it and dig your heals in, thinking about how good it will feel when you get back home and have a hot chocolate! Don't swear at the city for not cleaning the sidewalks. Adjust, and cope/deal with it. Grow up!

Thanks to all my friends for your support. Stay safe!