Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sad days ahead for Canada AND ME

Great act of bravery by this young Lady, Brigette DePape.

For myself who doesn't have a single piece of identification it is a difficult road ahead. To get employment, to apply for assistance and health care, to receive any formal help from the government of Canada is virtually impossible. The fact is it is much easier to find a job/opportunity in the underground industry. Is that why there are so many repeat offenders?

Luckily I have someone, although very poor herself, who is supportive of me. I will also keep on trying to find something that can give me a meager income from lawful sources. My chances at this age, with my history, will likely be a hindrance rather than an asset. Ce la vi. Thankfully I have no addictions of any kind and my requirements are meager. But sadly there is very little hope. This of course is how they win. They are very much trying to build a prison industry on people like me to provide jobs for government bureaucrats, guards, cops and lawyers as well as judges. One sweeping law denying equal justice, as in the USA our parent country, will garner a non productive industry as a make work project. There is no logical rational for this type of criminal law to exist. The law really only works as an instrument of political oppression to harm an otherwise peaceful minority via an adverse moral judgement, where it was designed to be a tool for public health safety. The minister is misapplying the CDSA while allowing the very dangerous drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco, to be exempt from it although these substances cause 60 times more fatalities than all of the so called "illegal" drugs combined. The peripheral damage to society is repeated in stories such as mine, as well as the dangerous violence committed by organized crime and the police corruption it fosters in reaction.

Still nothing can pass through the Government propaganda machine no matter how reasonable. Take for instance this talk of a North American defense perimeter against Global terrorism. What an outrageous lie. The whole terrorism claptrap is smoke and mirrors. The real Global terrorists are the Americans and their serf countries like Canada. Who else is hucking missiles on flimsy excuses, and invading countries around the world? And just like the gullible Germans believed Hitler's lies so do moronic citizens in North America believe the crap. Only today it's Muslim terrorist we have learned to hate.

At least I have time to write fueled by my anger. What a great load of crap people swallow. Like Obama isn't worried about a double dip recession. Nothing to worry about if he could start another war.... Maybe Libya? And Canada doesn't see it a problem that the US is sliding into economic oblivion, all we need to do is be ready to revise our estimates.

The Japanese finally admit a bit more of the truth:
The Daiichi plant at Fukushima is still leaking radioactive material, nearly three months after an earthquake and tsunami knocked out the plant's cooling systems. But the government says it is still on track to bring the reactors to a cold shutdown by January.
The way they say "knocked out the plant's cooling systems" makes sound so inevitable, doesn't it? As if the generators could not have been placed anywhere else given the Tsunami threat in the area. How excellent an omission, a point not to dwell on. Tens of thousands of people adversely affected by a simple failure of basic engineering principle. No one mentions it because everything dangerous that we rely on is at the same level of safety, and these experts are extremely fallible. The crap we are told to believe in is the same as this, not worth the powder to blow it to hell. Like Government has it all under control. Like our drug policy is helping make us safe as the lying experts claim.