Friday, July 31, 2009

Critical Mass Anarchy?

Nothing personal Chad,

just want to get your response up into public view so that others can be better informed. We know that you declined, but you might be forthright and stand up for your ethical foundation by explaining it.

Please do enjoy this lovely looking long weekend languidly as well.

Hi Bud,

Thank you very much for your email and interest in advertising with The Vancouver Sun and Province.

We respectfully decline the ad submitted below at this time.

Have an excellent long weekend.

Chad Moore

Sales Centre Supervisor

Ph: 1-403-235-8646

Cell: 1-587-888-0694

Fax: 1-403-235-8647

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretzels, nuts and critical mass

"Sometimes a few cameras need to be lost in the revolution" these were the words of my neighbor the odd barnacle only moments ago. He was trying to weedle me into lending my camcorder. But ever so eloquently

The news is full of the critical mass thing, according to him. This sounds like mob baiting by the media to me. Too bad I am working and won't be able to film it.

I feel strongly lured to attend and even ride within it. Personally I know how much of a dangerous addiction driving is. Having given up my addiction to gasoline 5 years ago I understand the grip of it and the false presumptions, delusions one must conjure up to rationalize it.

By the way the RCMP is again visiting this blog. I hope you enjoy watching these new vids. Perhaps you have some input under the blogger handle horsemanagent or something. Seriously, are you proud of what your buddies do wearing the serge uniform?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The good and the bad reflections on the day

Somewhere towards the last of this thread on Cannabis culture which you may access by clicking on the title of this post, David Malmo Levine, actually advocates allowing children to purchase cannabis if they have a signed note from their parents.

I believe that the cut off age should be eighteen.

In the last part of the video I talk of someone accosting me verbally and threatening to shoot my dog because he strolled across her lawn. All the while her sickly looking friend was sitting in her car idling noxious poisonous fumes into my lungs while giving me the evil eye for such an insignificant act as a dog strolling over a patch of grass. These are hateful morons, spiteful vindictive unhealthy slugs who have the government bylaw officers on their side to practice oppression on me.

Bud Oraclel's Pot shop,

This morning's spontaneous video rant is being uploaded to Youtube at this moment. Of course I am proud of being able to work hard physically in my 60th year.

I certainly am not the picture of the blazy uniformed oppressor standing around accosting innocent, peaceful, people for what type of vegetable they are using that you can see in my Pot bust videos.

I see this prohibition as the exact same kind of idiocy (part of human trat/nature: the willingness to oppress) that prevailed when good Catholics stood gleefully around, witnessing the burning of witches. Only today this deadly human trait is tempered by the sophistication (somewhat) of the age.

One thing that I have noticed about myself in the video is that my permanent shoulder injury (poor nerve control and no shoulder muscle) in my left arm is visible. So the stuff I said about working hard in my 60th year is tempered with the fact that I have less than 25% power/usage in my left arm. I compensate by using other combinations of muscles and also because I am intelligent enough to understand the use of leverage.

I will be facked (and dead) if I ever let these government goons and bullshit artists try to control my diet again.

Make my day Mr. Harper , you stupid facking tyrant who can't even judge the likes of Brian Mulroney as the criminal he really is.

All around us we see evidence of poor leadership: the Fast Ferries another example of government micromanagement disterous to tax payers.

They are not competent enought to take care of their jobs properly, yet wish to control the foundational mechanismns of natural selection.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why is this plant still illegal?

Yeah, this is how I feel today! I met a lovely lady, very intelligent of an undetermined age--an ageless beaty on the way to the store today. She took my card as did several others, some of whom wish to purchase Cannabis from a reliable source, esecially if that source is an activist trying to lower the cost and increase the accessability of marijuana.

In Canada Prohibition will fall in less than 2 weeks.

Yeah, why is this plant illegal?

Because the intelligence of the herd of bovines is extremely low. Therefor by banning this brain cell increasing natural product the IQ will not rise and the current talentless fraudster politicians will not be ousted from their cushy do nothing jobs. It's about keeping the morons ignorant and controlling tax slaves, stupid

Monday, July 27, 2009

Why age 18 to smoke Marijuana

This an explanation of why I think the Legal age to purchase Cannabis should be eighteen. I digress into a side argument as to why our elected members are failling their duty to the Canadian people by neglecting to control and regulate many dangeous things.

The Braidwood Inquiry touches on this very subject concerning the failure of the government to do proper research into TASERs, and then to control and regulate them as they should marijuana and other substances.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pot sales have been going on uninterrupted since June 1st 2008

Most people forget that I sell pot openly daily to people over the age of 18 who do not have a medical exemption for 14 months. Many are doubtfull that we will be left alone by the authorities.

I think that this was the last time (Busting Bud)that Chief "Jimmy" Chu will be trying to bust me.

The freedom I have is not granted by Canada or by any Canadian instrument; my freedom exists as rights which are in my soul; at least that is my understanding per the English Law

These are my fundamental rights and the Canadian Government has agreed to my assertion of them.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vancouver Police on duty outside Bud Oracle's pot shop and den of rebellion

This was my Sunday morning action which interupted the smoking of a joint of kush

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heros disregard police advice to save assets from fire, Kelowna

News stories about local acts of heroism such as the workers saving a lumber mill by staying behind against police orders to put out spot fires, or the local water treatment manager driving through fire to save his chlorine tanks from venting by ignoring police warnings. There comes a time when police authority must give way to personal initiative even at a risk to one's life.

That is the exact scenario I see myself engaging in to help save our society from disintegrating into criminal chaos like Mexico by practicing my activism. At one point, imo, one must draw the line for what is right and disregard personal danger.

There is a fire of lawlessness and police/government corruption in our society caused by an idiotic attitude to a vegetable and people's god given freedom of choice in Canada. This is caused by a foreign country's racist laws applied through hedgemony.

CBC news also reveals that the cause for the large influx of refugee seekers from Mexico is due to that country's instability also a result of this same "war on Drugs" policy.

You better believe I am trying trying to put out this fire caused by tyrannical idiocy

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Main & Tenth Waves, The cradle of conception for the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society

The best thing about our city is that it seems to be embracing cycling in a big way. This makes for more happy/beautiful people per square inch than anywhere else in the world, imo.
Now you might understand why I enjoy saying brash things like

"Hey, you're lookin better than a Cadillac, today!"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mad Hatters and a trip to Wonderland (click for local play)

I ran in to a theatre company of intelligent, beautiful young people at Trout Lake a few days ago who are putting on an open air performance of Alice in Wonderland. Click the title of this post for their website and schedule.

The four videos (mushroom party 1, mushroom party 2, playing with Ravens, stellar fusion) I have just put up here and on YouTube are a spontaneous result of ingesting magic mushrooms. It was an afternoon of story telling and happy, harmless behavior for which the government seeks to harm people. Can anyone point out why this type of behavior needs to be criminalized?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Flawgic" Robert Menard on the Peace officers

This is why after a certain point one must arm themselves or forever remain a victim of armed gangs with colors; the Canadian police forces.

Check out his other vids on Utube. This man first pointed the way to my freedom and his logic is mostly impeccable.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busting Bud CBC news article Vancouver June 28, 2009

The best thing about this news item was the context that my bust was put in. The whole intro ro the end of the bust is in the first 5 minutes of the broadcast. The first item about crime (3rd item in) was a possible death due alcohol overdose. The next news item was about a targeted shooting in Abbotsford (possibly drug related.) Then our article comes on and shows how useless it is to bust an old man over plants. Robin closes it with the memorable words putting it in perspective "his right to peacefully posses vegetables." Then the news cast goes into a huge pot bust of 8,000 plants in Mission, with pictures of a vast crop of vegetables and then panning to the guns seized. Yes, it is about crime caused by the banning of plants. I liked how they went to Chief "Jimmy" Chu and asked him to explain this waste of police resources since it is the official policy to not arrest peaceful people smoking a joint. Why would an old man be targeted by these cops? What friggen threat am I? Could it be that they don't like someone who charges police officers for breaking the police act? This CDSA gives goons the right to harass innocent people. The law is there for oppression and harassment purposes, to give police more unchecked power and nothing else. It actually makes our society unsafe to achieve this police state which further denies every one's rights. Thanks for doing such a fine job representing the absurdity of prohibition to CBC News!