Saturday, September 13, 2008

Revised schedule/ not live but taped interview, may be aired Monday 15th

Len Catlin gave me a call this evening. I had a feeling something was up and started to say something about "pulling the plug perhaps?"

He replied, "as a matter of fact" that the staff would prefer a non live, taped version, because there was no delay. Also Len has gotten a job at CTV and starts there on Monday. Congrats to you! Therefore we will tape the interview tomorrow afternoon. Like Len, I would have preferred live, but! Who am I? Click title to go to Evolution Radio 107.9 BCIT.

Besides, Len is taking a chance just to tango with me considering how sensitive his young career is right now, knowing how controlled the main media really is in this country. That's one reason why we don't see much change, because the powers of corruption have the media in their pockets.

I will do what I can to take a chance that they will air the interview on Monday at the appointed time without any real censorship of the content.

Does this bother me, in any serious way? Of course not, I know what I am up against. These forces that plague us are deeply entrenched causing the long term destruction of Canada, by choking the life out of personal freedom, political expression, demanding conformity to a century old temperance ideology spurred on by racism, and doing it all with the taxpayer's dollar. Making us unsafe with your money!

Think about how often you hear a new perspective on any of the regular media. Look at how long it took the Green party to "officially" be heard on the political landscape and they are far right of me.

Rejected by the Minister of Public Safety, head of the Buffalo Patch Gang

Turns out that someone in the Minister of Public Safety's office has turned off my auto mail feature, at least on the face of it.

No, Stockwell Day doesn't want his staff becoming apprised of the good deals on pot that I have available, in case someone becomes a regular customer, and develops some honesty, human compassion and ethics.

Traffic is really down on these blogs of mine today, certain IP addresses are no longer reading my truth. I hope most of the White Wolf's American readers are liking the blog for its honest perspectives rather than surveillance. Monitoring free speech can have a detrimental effect on the monitors.


August 16th update.

Turns out that Craigslist is not buckling under to the right-wing dictatorship. A voice of nitty gritty freedom? Thanks