Monday, May 10, 2010

Dark days for the Emerys

The gall of our government to outsource Canadian "Justice" to Amerika. To take 5 years out of a man's life for the sale of seeds in the year 2010 is a true act of blind tyranny created by spiteful men and women who have too much power and too little common sense or compassion. I'm sure goon cops will be strutting around saying "that's what you get for breaking the law" until they go out drinking next days off and driving drunk again like Rahim Jaffer. To think that a crime that isn't even prosecuted in Canada can be outsourced to Amerikan "Justice" by someone purporting to be an elected Canadian member of Parliament is being taken for granted by the Sheeple of Canada. It isn't enough that we have laid 142 good men and women at their alter of world dominance, forced to copy Amerikan patriotism while saluting the likes of Colonel Williams.

FUCK OFF YOU DUMB SHIT CANADIANS. HAVE IT YOUR WAY. Everything I do from now on will be an effort to get these "pigs out of politics." I have had enough of the idiocy which stands in for good governance. Here are the facts in March 24 War on Drugs part 1