Saturday, September 20, 2008

Canadian Elections a non event? Voter Train our Politicians

People are not engaged in talking about the serious issues that are facing us. Hardly a word is spoken about the war, what war? Not much will appears to be behind environmental issues.

Why is it that, at a time when we are on the threshold of the end, the point of no return, we retract like a frightened turtle into its shell? Is it the fault of lowbrow media only interested in feeding dirty politics for ratings? Are we truly that shallow in our depth of awareness?

Do the young couples with children have any sense of what is really in store for them? I see so many young children and more in the oven. What will become of them unless wise leadership is elected today to solve those real problems?

Is Harper good at anything but insults and dictatorship, Do we really need a strong man like Saddam Hussein at this time? Or someone who cares about the social costs of the future? Do you feel comfortable, looking around at the meltdown , that the business community can be trusted with our future, as Harper and his pals claim?

What is the problem Canada? Why doesn't the press interview me, I have real solutions which are timely.

End the idiocy of Prohibition and destroy the economic base for organized crime so that society can heal in harmony once again.

Allow the criminals to pay taxes and keep their profits as well as rejoin society, so that we have their talents working for us as legal entrepreneurs.

Hold all police and politicians accountable under the laws to set an example of lawfulness.

Install magnetic strip licensing and charge polluters directly per day they pollute. This will also help with policing as we will know where vehicles are in real and recorded time. We have been dithering at this while other nations in the world are decades ahead.

Retract all troops on foreign soils and develop a policy of non aggression, and stay neutral. Create a defensive, insurgency type of military plan for the repulsion of an invader and stay sovereign so that we don't have the idiocy of other governments effecting Canadian society.

Our future must be Sovereign. To tie our destiny to America is a loosing proposition for Canada, because this is a nation in decline. We will be paying for their carelessly incurred debt with no dividend of security, rather instability caused by reactionary terrorism.

I have a solution for practical change right now!

Voter Train our politicians to become more responsive to Canadians. Withhold your votes from the former ruling parties and vote for those who have something to prove to us if we give them a chance! This will allow the other parties to revitalize themselves and come back adjusted to be more responsive.

You would think that in all of Canada we would see another view similar to this surface, but in all our multi million dollar media nothing like this is likely to surface because that would really upset the apple cart for those who pull the strings usually. And Canadians think we live in a free country.

We deserve the leadership that we will get! Ask yourself why this election at this time. What is Steven Harper's true agenda? Can he be trusted to keep his word?


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