Sunday, June 28, 2009

A peaceful assertion of my rights and my determination to remaim free of armed agression

If you need a lawyer to understand this you will never be able to understand that the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society fits this (26/06/09: Forced Blood Transfusion Court Ruling) Supreme Court's decision exactly.

Why would anyone need to mount a charter challenge? The charter states this specifically, now reaffirmed, guaranteed once more by this timely decision that our society fits to a "T?"

We have affirmed that we are based on the book of Deuteronomy, and that the bible as our formal foundation. The government has given us official recognition and now the courts have assured us that what the Registrar and I have accomplished is indeed a viable and acceptable way to go.

What we have done, is take it much further than challenging for this right, which we assumed that we had, correctly. We have gone down the road of claiming this right months ago and then building a formal structure upon it, to properly, safely and legally implement these rights!

The audio response I sent to Evan Sullivan of The Current

Feel free to send both links, including this post, anywhere (I will) or record/write your own.

I will be sending them to the Mayor, the AGs, the SGs, the VPD, The RCMP, Harper, Campbell, and a few others.

As far as I am concerned, I am guaranteed my rights to do as I am doing in our Society, completely, without limitation under the charter. It was reaffirmed again by this decision, and I don't need a lawyer to tell me this.

I posses the brain cells under this crazy hat to have understood that a long time ago without needing to pay a lawyer to tell me this.

Make my Day Mr. Harper, Jim Chu, et all.

Come get me you criminals!

That is exactly what you call tyrants who try to oppress free men, and blatantly break the police act to subvert justice on behalf of someone who might have executed a citizen: the shooter of Paul Boyd.

Chief Jim Chu, I will not personally tolerate anymore of your persecution of myself. Although the Vancouver Police Board perverted the rule of law on your behalf, there is nothing that can be done to change the facts or the record. You subverted justice, corrupted the investigation publicly, and that is still on audio recording no matter that you sent some goons to do your biding and deem me unfit to lay those charges and deny the law. None of the Provincial court justices, Rideout and Dhillon, found me incompetent, rather they found extremely competent, to the extent that they allowed me to represent myself.

Take your armed gang elsewhere but stay out of my circle when I am being peaceful while exercising my rights under the Canadian Charter. I am not a martyr for others, screw with anyone who will let you as much as you wish, but screw with me in the future and I will give better then I get in return. These are my rights and I will defend them to the death should it be required.

I will give you one more free bust attempt, (because I am a good guy). After that I will defend myself from being illegally accosted by armed men without provocation. As I have done correctly, properly, peacefully and determinedly, I will make you this promise: I will defend my life and liberty with my life, if need be.

This is my line in the sand now with the Canadian government and I plan to stay free and peaceful, unless threatened by armed agents trying to perpetrate a crime on me. If need be I will arm myself to guarantee my liberty.

At every turn I have been peaceful, only to have the government act in a brutal, illegal, fashion with me. After a certain point no one can be expected to be illegally aggressed upon and not defend themselves. This right, I also have and will exercise.

At every turn I have sought to peacefully redress the and right the wrongs perpetrated upon me by the Canadian Government, but there has to be compliance to a peaceful form of resolution in reciprocation. What is being perpetrated upon me are major crimes, including kidnapping, illegal incarceration, torture, theft, and cruelty beyond reason for the harmless act according to my religious conscience which I do upon myself.

I would expect that the Canadian Government approach me in an equally peaceful and respectful way. Should this not be the course which our governments wish to go, I will reciprocate in kind.



This is done unilaterally on my own not under that office of chief Justice.

I understand that just now in the news is a shooting of a Langley man by the RCMP as he came at the with a claw hammer. He had been making threats on a social networking site. That is something different and I would not wish to be threatening to anyone.

I have not ever threatened anyone with physical harm. Violence is the last thing I resort to, mainly because I have better talents in other areas, but I do react to defend myself when attacked. In the future I will expect civil behavior from any CIVIL SERVANTS OR AGENT OF ANY GOVERNMENTS.

I will not be jailed with your human rights abuser guards another night over what is in my pipe!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett both die young (click for second video-Strathcona/Crab Parks)

After an introduction by some wanna be cops, one last intelligent conersation caught on video in the park, where a homeless pot smoker gives me us pause on longevity and wealth
Vancouverites are empathetic, intelligent, honest and happy to express themselves

Friday, June 26, 2009

I wish the government of Canada PM Stephen Harper, Rob Nicholson Justice Minister wasn't about applying another country's tyranny so much

Mr. Harper and his small minded conservatives have made Canada my oppressor. My wish is that before my death reason will prevail here in this country and prohibition will cease. I wish to once again lead a non activist life and get down to writing. Reading this story made me envious of this writer's apparent peace and political disconnection.

Reading this letter to the editor (click title) this morning stirs up my gall. I become spitting mad at the obvious harm being done to our nation to satisfy the whims of small minded, judgmental people for fraudulent political purposes.

CBC, the national broadcaster is spinning a hard line propaganda tale , blatantly fraudulent, to my disgust and surprise. Why are people so hateful to others who don't trespass against them?

I am going for a walk with the camcorder now and ask that question of people whom I meet. The intro will be a question about how the deaths of Michael and Farah are sitting with them. If possible I will let the conversations evolve naturally and see where they will take me.

No work to keep me from my activism? This is why historically hard times economically precipitate change, sometimes even violent revolutions. People have idle time on their hands and are very dissatisfied. The authorities knew this crunch was coming and have been shoring up their police state powers via this hard line propaganda to justify hiring more storm troopers, whom they train to be constantly in conflict with the citizenry. The cops are encouraged to deploy the TASER, their weapons, at the slightest excuse, and then use them without ever being held to account.

Modern society has made people as bovine and stupid as they ever were, cogs in a powerful brutal political machine, used to benefit the wealthy controllers who have created these entities. We are made slaves through the mechanism of consumerism and taxation. We are today more controlled than any enslaved people throughout history and equally as cruel as those believing morons who found enjoyment at the execution of witches enjoyable, as well as necessary only a few decades ago.

There is a post on Cannabis Culture which I wrote a few minutes after this post and shows me in a better spirit. Thanks to the CBC "The Current."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thoughts on the recession, life and the Marijuana Guild

It is raining slightly this morning. We need the rain.

Aloofus is happy on the hillside. He and I played and flirted with Lexi and V last night. She is a pretty woman of curvaceous dimensions who seems to feel herself somehow superior to me, making my occasional advances seem spurious, and spurning my half hearted attempts to strike something up.

To V, I wanna sing the song Mic Jagger sang, “Time is on my side” Oh yes it is!

Anyways, her Marilyn Munroe type of figure doesn't fit with her internal angst and conservative conformity. (V is totally foxy, but this one is free of angst)

I find those types of dichotomies in people interesting.

The recent downturn in my personal employment fortunes have led me to consider using the government Unemployment services---I have only had 14 hrs this pay period. My employer has suggested that he could formally lay me off so that I could collect “pogey” intermittently until things clear up. Recessions/depressions traditionally foment change through revolutions. hopefully they will be non violent.

Since I became a Free Man, I have come to believe that I will corrupt my personal integrity if I were to access these services at this time in my situation. Being a free man now making my way without government interference has made me more resilient and resourceful. This is an easy challenge for me to set course for.

I choose to remain free!

On another front, I have been putting up many Youtube videos as a marketing tool for my political cause. Judge Rideout made a wise suggestion to me when he told me to listen to CBC radio show on marketing “The age of persuasion.” This program is all about innovations in mass marketing and how each new one gave marketers a paradigm shift in their trade.

This does not necessarily means that I am tight with mass media marketing of consumerism, though. What I am interested in are the unique strategies that I might create to further my cause peacefully.

This course of action that the Registrar and Bud the oracle have conjured up in the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, is very enjoyable to me! I am extremely satisfied with the results so far, as well I am cognizant of the fact that my creative blend of humor through artistic “shock and awe” is being well received locally in my immediate community.

Many times during the day people drive, ride or walk by me on the street and call out my name “Hey Bud! How's it going?” I get smiles and happy conversations all day long and help to service the needs of honest, happy people.

My position as Chief Justice is a very cherished thing to me. It has elevated my thinking, as in rising to the challenge. There may be an ethical question coming up soon about whether I should ask anyone else to shoulder the danger and burden of making the first ground breaking legal sales of marijuana under the Marijuana Guild's protection. I might have to resign my position as clerk and become a member.

This would delay the first Guild pre announced public sales to occur sometime no sooner than the first week in August, when my probation as promised to Judge Rideout is fullflled under the name of my former person. There is much work to be done to draft the rules after/during several meetings of the Guild until then as clerk, anyways. Maybe that is why I am having some time off my job---to do this important work?

One further revolutionary thought on the inclusion of “criminals “ into the Guild. We don't consider anyone selling substances as a criminal, other than being entrapped by the State through tyranny and laws designed to make crime out of a personal freedom of choice. The society does not require anyone to be a member in it for membership in the Guild. This is designed so that persons presently considered to be criminals marketing illegal substances can avail themselves of a peaceful, and ultimately more profitable, way to provide their services to those consumers who desire them.

This is why we created the Court of Justice in our Third Parliament, to provide a mechanism for settling disputes in the drug trade without violence. I am positive that intelligence is sprinkled liberally amongst this cadre of entrepreneurs. It is there that I see a reasonable viable solution to the troubling problem of losing good brothers to an ever senseless dispute mechanism (violence), which according to the UN report on the Global drug trade on CBC radio one this morning, is in a decline after years of explosive expansion. Has the market peaked under its current conditions? Are new, more business like strategies, a better, more profitable, more stable way to go, now?

The writing should be on the wall for smart “criminal” entrepreneurs. Business thrives with order, not chaos. TO STAKE THE HIGH GROUND AND DO AN END RUN AROUND GOVERNMENT USING THE NEWLY CREATED Marijuana Guild (with later amendments possible for other substances) in order to garner VIRTUAL LEGAL CONTROL, is now possible thanks to the society's ground breaking work.

This is the ultimatum that the Canadian government received from us “Control and regulate these substances, or other societies will” and for cross reference Here is the government's version with only a couple of errors.

I truly don't wish personal gain (other than to make a living in an honorable trade, providing what people need), rather social safety, and less violence, are my primary goals. I am sure that many gang members have tasted enough of this bullshit feuding which loses them market share in the end, as well as, good friends, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.

There is nothing to stop anyone from stepping up and becoming a member of the Guild, so there is no way anyone can claim we are cutting into any one's turf, other than the police state bureaucracy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Means of Production garden party (Click for pics)

Fun time on Sunday afternoon hosted by the Means of Production gardeners.

Great times were had by all.

Home made music came from home made instruments, such as the cow parsnip horn, played enthusiasticaly by the flying monkeys and fellow solstice revelers.

Here are the Flying Monkeys in the Groove

Friday, June 19, 2009

Reflections on activism, censorship and propaganda

For the unedited audio record of the historic third Parliament of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society click here.

Is this the Symbolic burial of the CDSA? The picture was taken on the campus of UBC June15th directly after the Third Parliament of the Society

More nice people who look better than a Mercedes are riding bikes these days

I live in an environment which is conducive to contemplation, thanks to the landscaping talents of my neighbor, the Odd Barnacle

Yesterday morning, 7 am, or perhaps it was the day before, I was listening to world report CBC Radio One (while smoking a joint) when tyranny spoke, enraging me.

It was a report featuring an interview with a school principal and the local mountie. The gist of it was that 90% of the members of this isolated reserve from ages 8 to 80 is to pot. Althought the price of a joint is hovering around $30.00, marijuana use is "rampant." (I thought right away about what an opportunity the government is giving some one.... outrageously criminal of Canada. That is why I adjudged Canada a criminal organization as chief Justice.)

According to the "experts" interviewd all the people's problems, lethargy, school drop outs, falling off of interest in carrying on with hunting skills and cultural traditions, all social dysfunction was painted on "out of control Marijuana use."

I couldn't believe my ears, it was a modern, barely upgraded propaganda piece reminscent of Reefer Madness, as blatantly rude as a fart in an elevator to me. I immediately picked up the phone and called local CBC. I believe from the sound of her voice Cecelia Walters, or someone who is regularly on the radio news. She promptly informed me of the correct toll free number to call to complain to back east.

Upon reaching another woman with a well endowed voice, I began in upset tones to explain TO HER THAT I HAD BEEN HEARING REPORTS PROCLAIMING RAMPANT dysfunctions such as high drop out rates, addictions, lethargy, loss of culture for nigh on half a century. These had been blamed on many varied reasons over time.

The reasons for these apparent symptoms for these dysfunctions have been variously trumpeted as solvent addiction, alcohol addiction, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity, lack of ability/resilience as a culture, and many other speculated reasons without limit.

This woman tried to interrupt me and I told her that I had already held CBC responsible for Mayerthorpe propaganda and gave hger the case file number the CRTC had assigned to me then. She shushed up when I raised my voice to an annoyed level, interrupting her. I have never heard that news piece on the radio since.

Sometimes you can't just be nice and beg: an angry but very relevant, appropriate, response is sometimes necessary to jostle someone out of the one way track of thinking and take your point seriously. Sometimes it takes a shaking up, a slapping in the face, word wise, to get people to derail their there obtuse thinking. Sometimes it is the right move to demand the floor, not to let dolts drone on with their regurgitated idiocy. It is important not to let someone override the truth with their nonsense, no matter how much they feel that they are entitled to it.

Nonsense is nonsense no matter how well put it is or nice the speaker's tones. the evidence that it is nonsense is that it will not stand on its own, rather the spouters of nonsense try to resort to unfair tactics, muzzling their opponent through restrictions of freedom of speech, or like thewoman representing CBC on the telephone (and others), using their control of mass media to achieve their goals. These tactics are then used to replace having a valid argument.

this results in social fraud and rampant propaganda ruling the day: exactly the symptoms we see around us.
This was posted after reinstatement of my priviledge of Free Speech on Cannabis Culture. I had been censored and banned from posting for a few days. What is interesting, imo, are Robin's posts on freedom of speech and censorship as a philosopher. He gets to the core of people's
prohibitionist mindset which is the fundamental barrier to repeal of these insane laws..

Monday, June 15, 2009

The third Parliament of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society is demised. (click for Utube Vid)

What happened?

History happened!

With appropriate pomp and ceremony the proceedings were recorded. The record will show that there were no objections to the fact that The Corporation of Canada was adjudged to be a criminal organization. The three readings of the act which established the Marijuana Guild were agreed to by all present and those whose presence was voluntarily withdrawn after proper notification. History was made in that this is the first actual legislation which attempts to control the legal and safe distribution of Cannabis and its derivative products. With the formation of the Guild, during which no Biblical theory and laws were referred to, the issue of the promise made to the representatives of the Canadian government at our second parliament was reiterated. We read into our record the correct reading of the record.

As promised during that common parliament, due to Canada not repealing its CDSA and not regulating and controlling this safe substance, rather practicing tyranny on harmless people to their detriment and harm, we have established this vital to our social safety, control mecahanism in the Guild. The government of Canada had been forewarned, properly notified and chose not to argue with objections our judgment of it as a criminal entity, in a peaceful beneficial to all, way.

In his court room Judge Rideout required records of the fact that proper notification had been given by the person Klaus Kaczor to establish his claims. This has been done by the society as to the government of Canada, the court's registrar in British Columbia, and the Right Honorable Stockwell Day a minister of the Federal Government whom we actually see reading the writ of summons as he stands by the elevator in the Vancouver Police station Utube video. At every step the proper process has been followed. The Kind Judge Rideout pointed the person KK and the registrar who was present at the trial to the CBC Radio One show “The Age of Persuasion” as a viable source of new creative input on marketing this cause for the benefit of Society. In my estimation that show trumpets innovation the most. If this approach of proceeding as a Social entity is not innovative I don't know what is.

Once the video of our Parliament is examined by the Registrar it will be released as the evidence of the Third Parliament.

As Clerk/Registrar of the Guild, Bud the Oracle, invites those who wish to be, or are members temporal of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society to become members of the Guild. There are other roles requiring filling as judges and puny judges which we hope members will share duties in. The requirements, initial rules and the acts themselves will be available on the Society's website as soon as the Registrar posts them.

This act officially divorces the marijuana prohibition issue from the Society's main concern, which at the moment seems primarily foundational and formative in a social sense. The first item, deferred for the next parliament, was the registry of names, birth dates, and places. A standing committee was formed to take information, investigations and submissions to the point of Direct Democracy for the members of the Society.

As Chief Justice of the Society I, Bud the Oracle, do solemnly invite men and women of courage and conviction to become true honorable members of this Guild and holden to all of the requirements and conditions set out therein. This will be a historic front line act for people of convictions who wish to benefit society at large. Direct past experience in the marijuana trade may, or may not, be an asset to membership. Anyone who promises to follow the rules set out by the guild has equal standing. Being a great grand parent with no prior record of marijuana involvement might be a great resume for Guild membership and our historic first public sales event.

Those people who keep the rules and understand the ethical foundation upon which they are based will set the standards for the future.

Have no fear lest you be swayed from doing the work of the righteous.

A member temporal has just brought up the issue of “cutting criminal turf” and the conflict this might engender. I say there are no criminals in the eyes of the society rather brave people who have allowed the freedom of choice to continue at the risk to their own freedom. The criminals are the agents of the government of Canada as witnessed by the recorded bust of Bud the Oracle. Therefore people who wish to join our society and declare their gains from before the legalization of the trade, we will for a nominal tax revenue grant their debts paid for their beneficial to society actions contravening Canada's CDSA.

Some members Temporal say that we should welcome those intelligent and brave entrepreneurs who fought this insanity in anyway by providing distribution of the Marijuana plant to those who enjoy using it. Direct democracy and input through the internet might bring forth novel solutions for these challenges that satisfy the basic requirements of personal liberty without compromising social safety. Our Society seeks to unify and move forward for every one's human rights, as well as social safety, rather than perpetrate political propaganda for the benefit of the few.

This has been a thrilling experience for me, to be part of such a novel and fresh approach to the tyranny practiced by every tentacle of the government of Canada. This very tyranny was practiced on myself on June 10th 2009 ( live audio part 1 &2 plus synopsis of the bust ), as it is at every moment across this entire country by armed agents of the crown on peaceful harmless people. To be able to judge the Criminal organization such as Canada as it is and brush aside the asinine politics that endanger all Canadians for the benefit of human kind was sovereign in its feeling.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Audio recordings of Bud oracle being busted by the VPD (click)

Almost 45 minutes of 8 cops accosting a peaceful old man.It captures how absurd this law is in its essence. Not only were the cops deceitful in the reason they contrived for why they came over in the first place "The camera," the one admits to seeing me "having a toke" only a minute later, but that the fact is my behavior is superior to that of the cops at all times not impaired or a threat to anyone.You will see that under the influence of this plant that I have at all times control: rational non deceitful speech, the complete awareness of my rights and the peaceful way I behaved myself that as compared to what 8 servants of the crown did to me."The cops again try to escalate the encounter to an incident where they an use force, if I had been on alcohol the reaction would have been different. My reaction was coherent and controlled being aware of the law and their transgressions.The fact is they don't want people to be sensible in control and non violent. They are afraid of a substance which gives someone the abilities I displayed on this video.

All through this evidence revealing video we can see the 8 cops wasting taxpayer funds with their hands in their pockets. The Odd Barnacle remarked that his family always said that employees who have their hands in their pockets were not good workers. that's exactly what my family always said. anyways after all this standing around violently arrestinf a peaceful man who was not endangering anyone these 8 armed goons allow a radio controlled vehicle powered by a gas engine to blatantantly disturb the peace and illegally become a threat on a public roadway. The guy lets his little projectile zip by these dunderheaded cops on a public roadway a threat to any driver. This is a pilot less powered unlicensed vehicle on a public roadway less then 2 meters from these 8 cops! Anyone can see this is illegal and dangerous behavior. Just call in to the cop shop and tell them that you see kids playing on a public roadway with such a thing and see if they tell you that nothing can be done!This whole video shows you who is incompetent, irrational and out of control, violently expressing the will of your government.This things captures blatant tyranny and oppression at work with your taxpayer's approval squandering vast amounts of money.
It is a wonder that you would even consider arming men of such low caliber of performance and violent nature who would so blatantly break the law to pursue, torture, and to try to harm an intelligent peaceful man minding his own business.Their is no way any rational person would say these cops were not out to get me, only humor me. No, they were gathering evidence. They wanted to nail my as to the wall for what I was smoking that was sure and truly displayed in this video. They were seriously focussed to the extent of ignoring illegal/dangerous behavior in front of them

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Arrested last Evening for sitting peacefully and smoking hash on a park bench...No Charges

Aloofus was not jailed this time but stayed a free Wolf on the land

Two posts on Cannabis Culture where the politics are nasty sometimes. No, I don't claim innocence! rather I try to get better shots in: I claim victory by taking my detractors to task. Some people are of the mind that I am too divisive. They are closed minded people who have taken the same route their closed minded parents took. Toker, or not, or perhaps due to mental fuzziness, fail to take a look at the facts. The goal of prohibition has been camouflaged by other side issues such as the rendition of the BC3 now plea bargained down to a fixed sentence of 5 years for Marc. I think he is hoping to serve it in a Canadian prison. Having spent one night in jail recently I couldn't imagine 5 years of basically illegal incarceration.
Thanks for your support. I spent the night in jail test flying my suppositions. No charges, and at no time did I admit to any other id except Bud the Oracle, on the land, birthday unknown.

Although I was not charged the jailers took it upon themselves to try to coerce me into my former Person's identification. I was illegally incarcerated for a further 5 hours, because I refused to admit to any other ID. Funny the jailers taunted me with some of the same slang and derisions which we see here. Are you on the same side as the jailers?

No charges, although I boldly fired up my pipe with the cops looking on. They stole 1 gm of hash AND ABOUT 2 GRAMS OF POT from me, which I am bound and determined to be compensated for. As well I have a fee schedule for false arrest to which the government had no trouble agreeing to.

One thing that I hope Robin, who continued to video the whole crime against me got while I sat cuffed in the van, was the annoying noise of a model radio controlled car being run in the park at that time. It made me realize how absurd the law really is. While I was physically accosted by armed agents of the government of Canada while sitting peacefully on the bench discussing the Bible on Robin's lap and our next parliament for what was in my pipe, someone with a noisy intrusive toy can disturb the neighborhood to their heart's content.

Whatever you naysayers wish to conjure up to denigrate me, it doesn't matter, because the truth is they can't charge Bud the Oracle with the CDSA. I'll do this at any time these police goons wish to stand around and threaten me with their statutes and bylaws. This has been a been another nail in the coffin of Prohibition in my battle, no matter what you think, Chris.

Cost me 3 grams at wholesale prices. They would dearly have liked to charge me but couldn't. I still don't have a government fraud slip declaring I'm sick, never even saw court did I?

So this is a point for our team and easily earned! You'll see on the video the government resources necessary to take down a peaceful old man who is smoking the wrong substance while reading the Bible. You'll plainly see the cops attacking me before even saying that I was under arrest on suspicion of what might have been in the pipe.

How facken absurd that you comply to this idiocy and beg in their courts? This is absolute tyranny, a real police state, and still you giants of activism beg for pot to become legal, because you need it. They have and will continue to ignore you as they have. You have had little success in any endeavors and if you set yourself up as "leaders," expect the criticism of your poor results. I do because you have taught me this is your way. I am only playing it as you play it.

You think that after Ellis had the gall to publicly out me for point two grams, I should just lie back and hide. I know who Ellis owes his entire existence to. The same people who set up the weighing and determination of a gram sold off the stage at an all candidates meeting. Sounds like a set-up to me on the face of it. Orchestrated by some of those who orchestrate what's in Elli's mind. So who is being divisive Chris. I don't need anyone from your movement, and without an expensive lawyer won this round.

and this one is more about how it feels:

Originally Posted By: junior_grower

I guess it time to test the freeman approach.

You hit the nail on the head! That was exactly what went through my Cannabis enhance head!

Another string of the same thought went like this after Robin told that we were being observed by 2 cops on a bike. It went something like this, "We are peaceful people. At least 6 people have walked by and greeted me in fond neighborly fashion. the park is full of friends and good Karma. I hadn't done much toking that could in any way be considered intrusive to others. There was a bit of hash in my pie and every few minutes I stoked it up when no one who was being bothered by someone smoking was near. My video camera was in the bag fully charged. I took it out and without discussion with Robin made my decision much like I have done running off a mountainside into a good thermal cycle on my hang glider. This was a "tingly in the gut" decision for me!

This was the moment!"

I lifted my pipe in one smooth, determined, peaceful motion and put flame to it. After inhaling deeply I turned towards the two cops on bikes whom I had not directly looked at before. I picked up the camera and turned it on. Then I exhaled with a smile and they began to question me as to what I was smoking. One came over and I felt very confident.

That struck me as particularly absurd. That I was to be arrested over what was in my pipe and that it even should be a question of interest to a police officer. I am peacefully sitting there, not as intrusive as the guy with the model car making noise later on. Why would the government need to know what I am smoking?

At one time it was legal for aman to beat his wife into submission. It meant that he could actually physically force his wife not to eat certain foods. Then the Judges said "Oh we were wrong it has always been that husbands shouldn't beat their wives for any reason."

Today the government still assumes that it can force its deadly diet of alcohol and tobacco on me to the exclusion of Cannabis which is deemed a medicine. Like the Husbands thought they could do decades ago before the Judges became "enlightened" today the government still feels that it can punish its citizens into submission to a restricted diet of its choosing.

This is so absurd to me that to go to court and continue to loose on absurd reason is even more hilarious. To even try to prop up such a rational and law is beyond reason when the medical experts stated in the Justice committee meeting to a quest byu Comartin, "Cannabis is somewhere between coffee and chocolate on the danger scale."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More thoughts on Freedom and Societies

This Sunshine Soup post is a pasting of the last 2 posts on the Cannabis Culture forum on 05/30/09 and 06/01/09 respectively.

I sure hope that people will be interested in joining our peaceful rebellion. This fight that I have taken on continues to cost me personally. I seek no enrichment/benefit except the glow of victory. I had to cancel out on overtime today, as well as disappoint my employer. Everyday that the society has a function is a financial loss for me since I started working full time.

This Freeman status as Bud the Oracle is something that I have done for myself, a personal avenue to liberty. The Society was the Registrar's concept. When he explained it to me I grasped the idea immediately. The Canadian Justice System has become, has always been, a tool of oppression. There is no rhyme or reason to the decisions being rendered at the Supreme Court level.

Take for instance the recent Supreme court decisions on the seizure of properties for the in home cultivation of Cannabis. I haven't read them, or the synopses, yet there seems to be no rationale behind them in a Rule of Law sense, to me. Apparently the State is allowed to practice selective Tyranny, imo.

Can someone of trained legal sensibilities explain the range of diversity? Isn't it a valid thought to ask why some of these people would be punished more than others for growing plants that have been used by humans since prehistoric times? Why, all of the sudden (on an evolutionary time scale), are the opinions of self inflated dunderheads like Wally Opal more important than the biological record showing human association with this plant for 500,000 years at least? Why, in the face of the lack of any real scientific evidence are we still applying racist, quasi religious, legislation after nearly a century when all the evidence shows that we are increasing lawlessness at an exponential rate?

If you think that your Canadian society is being led by the daft and wish to change things in a peaceful way, starting with the repeal of this insanity called prohibition, check us out and join. If you don't think it is ethical for your government to send its citizens to appease another nation's tyranny, join us.

This is about much more than pot. This is the reason I never ran for any marijuana parties. The change that I see necessary for a peaceful, safe, future for civilization, is much deeper then pot legalization. If that is all you see as the cure needed, then you haven't got a grip on the real problems facing us, imo.

IMO, the reason that we are being allowed to build our Society, and will remain unmolested by the courts, no matter what the Government does, is that there must be a safe/peaceful way for societal change to occur, otherwise armed revolt might by the only avenue left to channel off the reactionary (to tyranny) energy. The intelligent chess players know that the harsher they resist us, paradoxically, the more credibility and marketing they give us.

Good chess is not really about taking the opponents pieces, it is about threat and counter threat, several layers deep. IMO, if you are a one issue cause, the power of diversity of a several pronged attack is lost. This seems akin to me as those awful moronic charges over the trenches into machine gun fire during WW1. The generals were true idiots, as were their political masters, whose rigid thinking wasted many of our ancestors lives. Some things remain the same. Poor decision makers with poor plans based mainly on self interest, continue to plague most countries. The evidence for this assertion is overwhelming if one takes a good look around the world today. Things are deadly asinine the world over..


Ha ha Ha! Good chess!

All I know is this is what I FEEL to be right. I BELIEVE the reason why no one is bothering me, is because we are doing this right and for the benefit of others without a hint of personal gain in the balance through the political process by way of corporate concession/monopoly through prior established corporate presence, either implied or actual.

This was also started not primarily as a legalization of pot campaign by me , but a repeal of prohibition because it is fostering violence, organized crime and general lawlessness raising danger to the average citizen for nothing.

The fact is that these policies are strangling our social peace and safety, causing ever younger children to be diverted into the drug using crowd, giving control to those people who see an opportunity and who also are motivated by self interest like the cops and the politicians, and finally causing a general disrespect of the law.

Yes, I believe that a major cause of our current plethora of social problems are a reaction to poor laws, stimulated by the disintegration of respect for our judicial system as a tool of tyranny. This lawlessness is a natural reaction to tyranny, seen repeatedly throughout history.

These symptoms we see around us in every niche were accurately predicted by some social scientists and even the LeDain Commission during the early 70's.

To think that the work of John Weston and the Justice committee, in regards to bill C-15, depends on the feedback from the Law enforcement crowd. This is the definition of a Police State: a society controlled by what the police think, isn't it.