Sunday, August 31, 2008

A bike rack encounter with a young political man

To the young politically contentious guy I met at the bike rack today at Buylow, Kingsgate Plaza, here is my point.

I was turned off by your assumption that to run for city council that I should know through "studying my opponents" how to get along with them.

Just click on the link in the title and see how well I have been able to communicate with a wild animal, my White Wolf. I'm extremely perceptive and patient. Why you would assume that I am not, is not a problem of my making and not one I wish to join. That's your focus, not mine! Neither I nor any other politician should be forced to go with your or anyone else's perspective. If you feel that it is important that the rest of council be studied, study them, and run yourself!

I can communicate and successfully work with anyone who is willing to communicate in reciprocation as I pointed out that you would find out if you read this blog. People like you are arrogant and expect me to Kow Tow to your quirky wishes. To assume that I couldn't communicate with the elected council is arrogant of you! And yes that was what I reacted to, your arrogance!

And as you saw, even you weren't able to get my goat after trying to, so you have proof of my communications skills right there!

That is not going to be my area of focus; my opponents and my ability to communicate with them. We'll cross that bridge once I get elected. They'll have to study me as well then, because communication is a two-way street.

It is not my duty to study my opponents now! I'm here to change things, not play political chess games as of old! That's your view of city politics, not mine! Run, yourself, if you wish to play in that pig pen!

Thanks for the return Kindness, Duane!

The link to the title is my White Wolf Blog.

When I picked up your notebook on the bench at China Creek park I never thought that an act of such return generosity would befall me. Coming from a person whose heritage I respect, those two huge salmon tasted extra special. Still got a few pounds left after eating fish in new ways-even for breakfast-since Wednesday. Not letting any go to waste and I am getting creative.

Thanks to the Karma exchange, another beautiful person has entered my life. Wow, I am blessed!

Sad about your loss though! I can see why if you were on your way to a funeral you might have been absent minded and forgot to pick it up. The only dilemma I had, was that someone might be coming back for it right away, but when I saw the numbers-home and cell-I thought that contact would be imminent and be able to reach someone.