Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why not raise a stink over Vancouver's new proposed Bad Odor Bylaw?

Our secret source on Vancouver's city council has informed us of this smelly piece of proposed legislation. Apparently the city is in serious financial crisis due to the Olympic debt. Parking rates have been raised to extortionate levels and still there is a large shortfall. This bill is sponsored by a consortium of scent manufacturers who are lobbying for control and regulation in this area. Don't let them burden you with these new bylaws, take a stand, RAISE A STINK!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Why do people like Eileen Mohan continue to believe the lies?

I truly empathize with this woman and grieve for her loss. I find it heartless that the RCMP can use her as a spokeswoman to promote their "tough on crime" propaganda.

No one has clued her in to the facts that it is the Laws of Prohibition which caused the black market to flourish. If the law didn't exist, normal people would be allowed to exercise their freedom of choice peacefully and no harm would come to anyone. To govern the illegal trade, violence is indiscriminately employed because there are no courts. No one is shooting it out over the payment or delivery of a truck load of booze, because we left off with the idiocy of prohibition of alcohol a long time ago. Eileen Mohan's son would still be alive today if the drug trade were controlled and regulated like any other consumer items.

It's not the lying cheating con artist cops that will save other innocent people from falling victim to gang violence. They are likely to screw up the investigation because they are careless criminals who don't give a shit for the laws.

It will be the control and regulation of all substances, which the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society has created the Marijuana Guild for, that will make our communities safer, allow cops the dignity of not having to enforce crime causing laws which are the result of racist lies nearly a century ago.

The police and Judges should not be forced to go against the principal of Jus versus Injuria. The CDSA implements tyranny upon harmless people and is the root of general lawlessness/corruption everywhere in Canada. This crime causing tyranny must not exist in a society which claims to be free, has a bill of rights and be ruled by the rule of Law.

Charge today @ OPCC against Blaine Christian 2187 VPD and his unidentified camo pants clad goon partner

The cops had no business even touching us. We were proceeding peacefully on the sidewalk. In the confrontation 40 minutes previous we touched no one and called police when assaulted by security. The Concord Security guards failed to show their licenses to identify themselves properly, when requested. We left peacefully, as the video will show, after police failed to arrive in a reasonable time frame and we also left behind our card.

Why would we need to be physically assaulted in an ambush 45 minutes after leaving Robson Square peacefully? There is no evidence that either of us have ever had any violent confrontations with police, or anyone, at anytime previously. Why would we need to be taken down in an unprovoked assault without any indication that we might resist? Why is my camcorder stolen? Just what the fack in the way of criminal charges might be forthcoming for either, John, or myself?

Has the VPD no ethics. Why do violent goons wear the uniforms of police?

Why are these anal orifices allowed to break section 337 of the criminal code at will?

Public servant refusing to deliver property -- s. 337

337. Every one who, being or having been employed in the service of Her Majesty in right of Canada or a province, or in the service of a municipality, and entrusted by virtue of that employment with the receipt, custody, management or control of anything, refuses or fails to deliver it to a person who is authorized to demand it and does demand it is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years. R.S., c. C-34, s. 297.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

CBC Radio news: Study to be released today concerning Dangers of Marijuana use to youth

OK, they seem to be saying that today's marijuana is so strong that the risk to users under 16 for developing mental illness later in life is 4 times greater than non users. Again these facts seem to be used to generate fear of Marijuana and to promote continued Prohibition, rather than employ the obvious solution: repeal of prohibition.

The fact is that the strength of today's pot is directly due to there being no regulation of the THC content. Growers have developed ever more powerful strains, because there were no regulations.

The other factor, that this potent pot is particularly dangerous to users under 16 is also directly due to the policy of prohibition. No one checks the age of the purchaser when this product is sold on the uncontrolled black market.

These are the same facts which actually helped to repeal alcohol prohibition. School aged children were addicted to booze and the stuff was deadly due to non regulation.

The only difference between then and now is that then the population used its collective power to end the government bullshit, because they saw it to be idiocy. Today the population is controlled by the mass media, fed government lies and propaganda and then regurgitate this indoctrinated nonsense for generations. Then the lie is permanently installed and self perpetuating. This is the basis for tyranny installed via police state propaganda generating unreasonable fear.

It corrupts those applying this tyranny and injures those who are oppressed by the harm the state does to them via the justice system. There are no drugs more dangerous than alcohol available to people today. There is no crime around alcohol distribution, production, because the industry is controlled and regulated. The problems with use are the responsibility of the user, not the government.

This is exactly why the Marijuana Guild sells to adults over eighteen: to keep it out of the hands of vulnerable children. Once we can influence the production by controlling the marketing then we can label the different strains as to their strength. Growers can then produce pot light or pot strong, according to market demand or regulation.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bud the Oracle Live interveriew on TNS radio with Vincent: Byrne

It was a lot of fun being interviewed by Vincent. He says it will be up in a day or two. Nothing critical. It seems that my cell phone was not good at times and the quality was poor. Now I have skype installed it might be better. I'll try to let people know a little before hand, if possible.

I read the article by "12th & Cambie with Mike Howell" on the air. The Vancouver Courier is a well read respected local paper and treated us fairly.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rainbow John assaulted by VPD for reporting an assult by CONCORDE SECURITY


If the people in charge of tormenting me think that this will deter me, or the illegal confiscation of my camera. Or the theft of my 2 grams of hash and gram of pot, they are wrong.I was not charged

Where is that facking camera? I don't believe the police ever follow the laws they are tasked to enforce. As if we were some kind of problem for asserting our God given right. Blain Christian # 2187 assaulted Rainbow John when he asked to see his badge.

Concorde Security assault Rainbow John as if they could easily get away with it, were above the law. And as we see the VPD asserts their right to break the law in order to enforce a statute against smoking a medicine as deemed by health Canada. They will again hold it illegally because they are the goons with guns and TASERS.

It's all right to give the kids the message that violence is OK and smoking a carcinogen as deemed by Health Canada is fine, but smoke something deemed a medicine and all laws can be violated in right of tyranny.

I am seriously tired of seeing goons standing over me trying to convince me that the have jurisdiction over me, that they are on the side of Justice. Bullshit to all you idiots, you are the criminals, always unaccountable to the law you dish out harsh violence on others who are peaceful people, who seek protection under the law. They obviously don't have a clue about what law and order is.

I am free and there will be no charges pending against Bud the Oracle. Sooner or later, an enlightened Judge with a conscience and a bit of courage, with a feeling that they must stand on the side of right, because they believe in God, will do what is right, of that I am sure.

They will give them an order to either charge as Bud the Oracle, or, cease and desist.

A radio interview with Rainbow John on Coop Radio this morning

Email this morning garnering a response from the OPCC

----- Original Message -----
From: Bud the Oracle
Cc: Robin ; ; ; Jules Burt
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 7:33 AM
Subject: Re: incident 10-15059

Blain Christian # 2187,
I, as a human being, can not stand by and allow behavior such that your partner and you displayed to my friend and myself. You waited until there were no witnesses and then ambushed us without properly identifying yourselves. You laid hands on us although we were peacefully strolling along minding our own business.

You told me that you had been observing us when we were calling for 911 at Robson square. Therefore you must have watched us walk peacefully away. Your behavior as a police officer is criminal, and as a human being, dispicable. God will see to it that you will get your just reward, I am sure.

You have stolen my possesions and are required under section 337 of the Criminal Code of Canada to return them forthwith. All of my lawfull possessions.

My friend, a small man who was no threat to you, who had the legal right to require you to show identification, was seriously injured by you without cause. This I will never forget!

Seeing/recieving your criminal behavior on the street and the unlawful seizure of the evidence of the assult perpetrated on us by Concord Security shows me that you are unfit as a police officer.

The evidence on the video camera also includes the security guard's refusal to show proper identification, under the law upon request. Will you charge them as reqired under the law? If they showed no proper ID then by law they had no right to make demnds of us in the first place, were just plain thugs as their behavior shows on camera. Until they showed proper ID they can not identify themselves as security guards and have no authority to herd people around.

I demand these stolen items back forthwith. Within 24 hours, in order that I may lay criminal charges on those security guards who failed to identify themselves and assaulted us. We have every right to cal the police and seek lawful help against such criminal behavior..

These statements I make in truth under the authority of Jesus Christ.

I say again that you are guilty of assault under the laws of God and your criminal code and that you are guilty of theft under section 337 of the criminal code

Bud the Oracle
Chief Justice
Unicorporated Deuteronomical Society

Monday, January 25, 2010

CBC The National 25/01/2010: Heart Stroke Foundation a perfect storm

This little news item is so indicative of the folly of believing that the Government is looking out for our interests, that I had to write about it.

It seems like there is coming a huge crisis in health care due to a convergence of demographic and health factors. Young Canadians, old Canadians, female Canadians, those whose diets are under the benevolent care of "The Nanny State" are a burgeoning problem in the making. These non, EVER YOUNGER psychedelic using, beer swilling, Fast food addicts who are couch bound and non protesting, non thinking, complying drones are in for heart disease in a big way.

It turns out the government didn't have their best health AS A PRIORITY when they allowed these addictive deadly substances to be marketed from fast food outlets everywhere TO EVER YOUNGER CHILDREN WITHOUT RESTRICTION.

Thank God I have had the sense to follow my own diets and addictions and can still walk in Protest for 5 to 8 hours a day, six days per week at the age of 60.

Yeah, they sure think that I am dangerous and want to make a criminal out of me, because they don't like my choices and me promoting them. Can you imagine the change in government should there come hordes of active, healthy, consumerism rejecting, thinking people, happy to walk and not be addicted to gasoline, free of taxpaying mindless conformity, always believing the lies.

The results of not thinking for oneself are clear in the photo above. Then the government wants to charge ever more in taxes to cover their mistakes and "rectify" them. Fuck off elected members and control your own lives with your idiocy. Repeal the CDSA and help our communities have a safer, lawful future, you facking morons.

Harper is an idiot who shoots himself in the foot trying to thwart democracy. Not the Political master he was predicted to be, is he?

The Marijuana Guild solicits schedule for Psychedelics from the Court of Justice

The Marijuana Guild is about to schedule Psychedelic substances into its calender. We solicit any serious input. All people are welcome to contribute, for the benefit of humanity. Please seek out the forum in the title link and add your considered thoughts. We are amenable to all good creative ideas as this is part of the liberating process of intelligent thought that we seek.

Here is the forums index board: Aula Regia Electric See Forums

This is why:

We have created a legal sanctuary to express justice since the Canadian government was not willing to perform its duty to its citizens to control and regulate.

We told the Parliament of Canada in the parliamentary record that we would do this and they accepted our right to do so, by recognizing our legitimacy. Even when pressed the Government of Canada has never denied that we have the right to do so.

The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society was again given standing before the the Vancouver police Board at which time we explained how we implemented our promise to control and regulate to the Parliament, by creating the Court of Justice and the Marijuana Guild. We also had a chance to reiterate our points of founding law and that Canada or its agents had no jurisdiction over us. I did affirm our rights by demonstrating that I could roll a joint peacefully while in the meeting.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Pain and suffering in Haiti touches me this morning

There is a lot of pain over there and an opportunity for Canadians/the world to be able to give freely in an empathetic spirit of compassion.

The news coverage on yesterday's prorogue protests was slanted in the extreme. CTV repeated said "this did not resonate with the majority of Canadians although tens of thousands turned out across the country." I guess they think a majority consists of the barely half of the voters eligible turn out at elections. The politicians divide Canadians by ruling and conquering, imo, because Humans are born with a political gene.

I sent a comment to the news department at CTV pointing out that at every election the cadre of people protesting against the entire government by staying home is steadily increasing. Soon they may make up the majority and be looking for a REAL alternative. There in the wings will be some entity, like our society, to give them real options. We have been uninterested in soliciting others to join. The Society's whole strategy is first to pour the foundation on legal grounds, let it firm up, and then people will flock to us of their own accord. This is already happening.

When people ask me, "How do I join?" I reply with my card and advise them to fully immerse themselves in our Legal concepts and understand everything completely before making such a serious commitment.

We do not want the sheep to care and think for them as the Canadian government trains them to be. We are not looking for power in dull numbers, rather strength in the individuals who join us now. We want contributors, not wards.

We need people who are tired of tyranny, who are persecuted for their beneficial beliefs, because they don't conform to the oppressors views, although they harm no one. In reviewing Haiti's history a bit, I see that there is much to learn from their dilemma that could benefit the formation of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society.

I think that once resources allow for it, we could possible couple our plight with Haiti's. Perhaps contract for good marijuana to be grown there to be marketed by the Marijuana Guild. Our society is in the process of becoming the first in History to have an on line global registration system if we have our way. The claim of right to be free of government tyranny under the Marijuana Guild's clam of right should extend to every country Canada has a relationship with, automatically.

There are freemen and women in this country currently gearing up to meet the demand for good herbal product we are anticipating. The guild is looking into the leasing of a storefront at this very moment. There is no stopping our right to make our common communities safer by providing sanctuary from a rogue, non democratic government, for harmless people who are committing a harmless act upon themselves. We said in the video to the police board and as our words in the parliamentary record prove that if they did not repeal the controlled Drugs and Substances act forthwith and Control and regulate for the safety of society then we, the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society would take up this duty. We have!

Let me explain it once more as I did to Wally Opal June 1 2008, to which he replied with a witch hunt, recently dismissed, against Winston Blackmore.

If it is legal to circumvent/ignore the Polygamy laws of Canada meant to protect an innocent third person by claiming one's religious right to do so, then it is even more lawful and precedent founded to allow adult individuals to exercise their god given freedom of choice as proclaimed in the Bible by committing a harmless act upon themselves, controlling their own diet.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Canadians Proroguing Parliament Protest Vancouver informs Herr Harper

One thing I noticed when I boldly marketed my products including psychedelic substances by saying:"For those who are interested and over 18 I lawfully sell Marijuana, and various Psychedelic substances when in stock including, LSD, MDMA, Magic Mushrooms, DMT,"Not a single person objected. Many with children, including a grandmother in a wheelchair took my cards. Most said "it's about time someone tried to get rid of the crime."

Tonight I have several messages from the internet inquiring about my products. Soon we will be opening a convenient retail outlet along a major bus route and thereafter many will step up and become members of the Marijuana Guild and compete freely and safely in a business which will directly improve the quality of life for every member of the community.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Morning musings: VPD asault, CBC propaganda machine, and marketing, Kush, DMT, MDMA and magic mushrooms

I'm looking forward to another day of protesting, perhaps not so long. This is a plea to anyone willing to operate my camcorder while I smoke a joint in front of the "Mousetrap" Courthouse, sometime next week.

I will smoke cannabis wherever others can smoke tobacco, and, or where I am not bothering anyone else directly. Do you understand that Kash Heed, Micheal De Jong, Rob Nicholson, Peter Van Loan?

I am not under your jurisdiction.

There will be no security guards denying me my rights because your armed goons aren't up to it legally!

Next week, at a time of my choosing, we will film my rights being exercised for the world to see. The security guards can call whomever they choose. It will make for good footage.

I really don't think they fully understand whom they are dealing with yet, therefore I must continue to demonstrate exactly WHAT MY RIGHTS ARE UNTIL THEY GET IT AND LEAVE ME, AND THE MEMBERS OF OUR SOCIETY, PEACEFULLY ALONE.

I recount my day of hippie tripping yesterday in the video below.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

MDMA, Psyloscibin and peacefull protest my way

Hippie tripping is on the Agenda today. The white Wolf and I will stroll pleasantly amongst God's children today spreading love and joy and perhaps a little perception change for a few. I am looking forward to the "Canadians against Proroguing Parliament" demonstration on Jan 23, even though I am no longer a Canadian. As we said at the Police Board meeting, we share the common ground and are concerned for everyone's well being.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chief Justice will appear before the Vancouver Police Board Jan 20, 2010

1 pm # 1 Kingsway room 3. Open to the public

Here is the meeting. Because of tight space and our position in the back of the room the cameraman wasn't able to directly record my rolling of the joint which I said I would during my intro. You can see the reaction go up and down the chain of command from the officer beside me to the one on the board who clearly shakes his head. So it was noted that I was breaking their law but left to our right.

The Marijuana Guild and Court of justice have a Discussion Forum open to the public

There will be little censorship here

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Government supported House of Cards The Fifth Estate, CBC

The whole thing can be summed up in a simple, locally connected comparison. The Government of the United States Allowed its citizens to be bilked out of their homes by the likes of Alliance and its criminal practices. Although 18,000 creditors hounded him he saw no jail. Only a few heads rolled a little bit for destroying the lives of millions after all of Wall Street fed at the fraud trough.

They paid a lot more attention to Marc Emery for selling seeds although not a single client complained. They actually wanted to jail him for life.

That is why we left the Criminal Organization, the Corporation of Canada, and butt f*ck for America.

The Canadian government has fewer controls and is way more corrupt even unto the Prime Minister's office. There is absolutely no accountability for the police or bureaucrats, even if they kill innocent citizens, let alone rip people off for their life savings. Yet the Government of Canada carries out a policy of tyranny on behalf of the US government's foreign drug war policy to the detriment of our communities, against the will of the our people.

This government would allow a citizen to be tried by another country all the while shouldering a fair share of the costs of American greed and corruption to the tune of tens of billions.

You can believe the lies, but I will never again comply with your idiocy.

My friend Rainbow John

Here is what he is all about. I'll let him speak for himself

Friday, January 15, 2010

Haitian earthquake caused by Nuclear Detonation?

Is there a basis in fact to rumors of a nuclear detonation signature immediately prior to the Haitian earthquake in the global seismographic record?

Did I touch a nerve?
U.s. Department Of State ( [Label IP Address]

United States Falls Church, Virginia, United States, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
15th January 2010 13:28:20 Page View haiti earthquake caused by nuclear&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

Remember to give generously to help these, our poorest neighbors. Don't just sit back and get lost in irrelevant Conspiracy theories and your own concerns, give a little. If you can't give money, pray for them in your own fashion.

We all should feel this pain.

Ask yourself, "What is left of my humanity if all I am engaged in is titillating fantasy?"

Bud the Oracle may prorogue protest due inclement health

Thankfully this happens rarely. I feel totally fine, except my bowls are not functioning in the normals fashion. I am sure it is a flu of some kind. Probably swine (I love Pork). Just kidding. I don't feel generally bad but lack my usually morning luster and a bit of energy. I have been deteriorating FOR 3 DAYS NOW, yet this is the first time I am willing to admit that there is something wrong.

I will see what it feels like closer to noon. The rains are still falling, with a momentary breather.

Robert, my challenged neighbor has already knocked on my door seeking answers. I have needed help in answering my questions a few times before and was glad when aided with kindness. It felt good to receive the milk of human kindness.Here is my chance to give it back. The latest story from someone else, on him, is that he used to be a beneficent employer, but probably due to exposure to unmitigated toxic substances in the process of his manufacture, he became mentally deficient.

Today the BC Supreme court Decision on the Federal Government's challenge to the "In Site" safe injection sites right to operate was due and it is in favor of continuation. The Federal government has a chance to appeal this decision, though.

The Chinese Gate with the Terry fox Mural on it, welcoming people to BC Place, struck me as being odd yesterday, as I passed by it. The first impression I had was that it was an attempt to marry local Chinese heritage and Luck via the traditional Chinese Gate CONSTRUCTION and the Tradition of a great Canadian hero"Terry Fox" strictly for shallow marketing purposes. All bases are covered, aren't they? Or are they?

The realization I had as the white Wolf and I strolled by under our umbrella was that these two ideas clash tremendously. Here is how.

The arch is built according to Chinese Culture which is based only on luck. The qualities we all love Terry Fox for are, determination, courage, and honesty have nothing to do with luck in the Chinese Culture (Of which I don't know much). I do know that one quality that poor Terry sorely needed and never received was Luck. In fact didn't his luck run out?

As an Oracle who has the gift of the third eye, it is what I saw yesterday as I strolled by and saw the mural on the gate the first time. It seems that the whole thing was erected for marketing purposes without consideration for its deeper meaning and the forces involved in the tradition. This seems about as hypocritical as erecting a cross at the entrance to a casino, imo.

Can the Canucks ever win the Stanley Cup with such an albatross around their necks?

I think a traditional Chinese expert should be consulted and this matter researched diligently, because things like this matter more than many are aware of.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Olympic Torch Nazi gift to mankind, Vancouver weather very warm

The Crack addicted Crows are barking up a storm , yet the spring like birdsong nearly drowns them out. The weather is not even remotely winter like. Are they sure that they got their promo right? are these the Winter, or Summer Olympics?

The other Question is, "Will Hitler...I mean Harper give us another memorable PR Tradition?"

Perhaps he'll decree the Olympics Prorogued!

That's the Gift our dictator may be remembered for in history. Unlike the Third Reich's noble symbolism, Canada's contribution might be remembered as the non event, the no snow show. Maybe that is what God has in store for those who worship idolatry and war arts. That was the original, is the enduring and the future foundation of the Olympics, isn't it? That's why Germany went overboard, wasn't it? They wanted to show off their strength, their prowess in fierce competition. Why do we need always to cater to these arrogant gladiators who cheat at the least provocation? Why is this over the top marketing extravaganza foisted on a community which can't take CARE OF THE NEEDY AMONGST THEM? Why the media spin about the greatness of this BS event? To project the war spirit?

I am awaiting with amusement the revelation in store for all of us. At any rate, there seems to be bit of cloud in the face of the lovely Claire Martin weather person at the CBC. It is sad to see her take it so personally. She even looks like she thinks that she might be able to influence it. Perhaps that is possible for her. After all she is an award winning meteorologist.

Or, maybe god is being influenced by the will of others?

Or maybe there is no God, only Hitler, Harper and the fools who believe them?

Don't you find life interesting?

It is for me.

Holy crap, praise the Olympics! The neighbor who is mentally challenged and I haven't seen, others were concerned about, just showed up and said hello this moment! I was worried that something had happened to him and prayed for him! Awesome!

Now I am going to have to learn to deal with him in a better way than before. I am glad god gave me another chance to get it right.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Join the Demonstration-Canadians against Proroguing Parliament- 23 January 2010

The facebook page has evolved into a real protest in the flesh at 1PM Art Gallery Square Vancouver.

Yesterday Aloofus and I passed by Science World

There was a huge herd of Junior High students. Their energy was tangible. They immediately focused on the White Wolf and rumors of wolves rippled through the crowd. I got a real sense that we are a herd animal. The reaction to Aloofus was similar to any herd of predominately young gazelles. Their security became alert. There were several security guards and some supervisory staff.

At the leading edge of our encounter, first there came curiosity. The wolf was already lagging behind, being wary of this crowd. As soon as I called for him to follow and he approached, of course the curios wave of juveniles frightened him. He put up his bluff, warning them verbally. It worked like it had been rehearsed by all. The crowd jumped back and frightened twitter flowed back and forth becoming clamorous.

I told them that he wasn't going to hurt them, rather he was warning them to stay away.

The young crowd got it immediately, and Aloofus took his cue, not wasting a second. He made a dignified bee line through the crowd and the kids were in awe as he strolled quickly past them.

All, including Aloofus and I, learned a valuable lesson through experience in that moment. The kids, some excellent wolf/animal respect and a valuable understanding to replace a bit of irrational fear. They were taught by the White Wolf about giving another creature its space and respect.

I gained more trust and insight into the White Wolf by seeing that he wasn't really concerned over the children, he only took charge in his alpha way, and as he bee lined it through, I noticed a distinctly proud, amused waggle in his fully curled, arrogantly fluffy tail.

I heard the excited young crowd babbling like a brook until the sound faded out of earshot as we walked on.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a beautiful feeling to wake up to, I am who I am!

To those government agents who visit my blog regularly: You have no power over me. I am the one you will not be able to make comply to your idiocy, otherwise known as the CDSA. I have been tasked with the demise of this practice of injustice, you can not stand against what is right. You have no weapons or tools capable of perverting God's creation and gift to me.

I was born free, I will remain forever free no matter what you will do to my body. I know full well who I am, and have been endowed with the strength necessary to carry out this challenge properly. Whether you harm me or kill me with your injustice means nothing. I always will be.

The moment I see jail I will have the strength to remain free, whether I live or not is of no concern to me. I mean nothing and everything, in this equation. All that matters is that the tyrants be denied this tool of torture on my fellow practitioners of their freedom of choice.

I revel in the joy of victory daily. It will be fun today spreading my joy and knowledge. I am looking forward to the protest and smoking my herb in front of the courthouse as well as on the Art Gallery square. This is a powerful place for me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tonight I smoked DMT and the knowledge and self awareness will never fade.

I am who I am

I am within the water molecule and it is within me!

Meeting John, the Current, CBC, Aziz Sindhu's doc cuts through the stereotyping and lies to examine another problem created by moralist controllers

The whole illegality of prostitution hinges on perceived moral values and forcing others to comply with them. This is really the business of the two people involved for better or worse and the best that the government can do for the safety of all concerned is to regulate the industry.

The misconception is of violent men who can't get "regular" sex. Just what the fuck is regular sex? How is lying to someone whom you have been plying with alcohol to impair their judgment, drunk in a bar to get laid, any different than hiring someone on a strict contract to an agreed upon act for 20 minutes?

I am tired with the true idiocy that pervades every sector of our society. I had a chance to hear in person a busybody who thinks it her duty to promote untrue stereotypes and make moral judgments for everyone else on this subject, when I appeared before the justice committee. Her words appear just before ours in the Parliamentary record.

Mrs. Michelle Miller (Executive Director, Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity (REED)):
Good morning. My name is Michelle Miller and I have the privilege of being the executive director of Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity, or REED, a self-funded organization that works for long-term change for women who have been sexually exploited.

For the last 10 years I've been fighting to end sexual slavery of women and children, both in Vancouver's downtown east side and in the slums of Manila. I also live on the east side in solidarity with marginalized women.

Not once have I met a woman who is prostituting by choice. Prostitution is one of the simplest activities motivating organized crime, and it's one of the simplest to stop by ending the demand for sexual access to the bodies of women and children. Placing full responsibility on the johns, users, buyers, and consumers of women and children can and will stop the demand.

With the Olympics coming, we decided to study events in other countries to see how they would affect prostituted women. What we have seen is a spectacular rise in the demand for sexual access to women and children's bodies during large sporting events. In crass economic terms, this turns Metro Vancouver and Whistler into a market for which a product must be supplied. The market is the sex industry and the product is marginalized women and children, who are already vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

We already know that Vancouver has a gnawing problem with sex trafficking that reflects the larger global reality. It is estimated that 27 million people are living in slavery worldwide, largely in sexual exploitation, which makes about $32 billion for organized crime.

Human trafficking is the fastest growing industry worldwide and ranks only second to the drug trade in profit. Prostitution is one of the simplest activities motivating and supporting organized crime, and one of the simplest to stop through ending the demand. Women and children are recruited, deceived, coerced, and exploited, then controlled through rapes, beatings, addiction, and psychological torture to keep them from running away.

The average age of recruitment into prostitution is 14. A lot of this may sound shocking. It's an everyday reality in Metro Vancouver. We see gangs routinely coercing girls into the sex industry through posing as boyfriends. Women are brought by force or deception from other countries and forced into sexual slavery, and aboriginal women and girls are so-called “recruited” off reserves in extreme poverty and prostituted on the streets.

Of course, you know about prostituted women. They have been studied pretty much ad nauseam. But how often do you hear about the buyers, the ones who are driving the market? It was 8 a.m. on a rainy Vancouver morning, and I'm walking on the downtown east side to a friend's house for breakfast. Pulling down the alley, shrouded in secrecy, is a lone male in a maroon minivan, complete with a car seat in the back, dropping off a destitute young native girl who was paid to give him a blow job on his way to work. This so-called family man has simply put money into the pockets of a pimp.

I think of my friend Courtney, who was prostituted as a little girl in a Vancouver hotel. A gang made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling her to men eager to sexually abuse her. These perpetrators enjoy complete anonymity, all the while ruining the lives of women and children and making piles of money for organized crime.

Whether discussing international or domestic trafficking of women, the consumer driving the market is the same. Be it an immediate side street purchase, an escort, Internet pornography, it's all the same. It fuels trafficking and makes money for organized crime.

Why don't we create dialogue about bringing about solutions that would stop the demand? Why don't we ask, what's wrong with our society that the demand for exploited sex is growing? People are often paying for the women's misery. What's going on, that the demand for exploitive sexual experiences is ten times what it was five years ago? We're not counting the users and buyers of sex. We're not asking them--and believe me, they're visible if you look--why they buy sex. We don't study them to find out if it's poverty, boredom, or alcoholism. We don't seek answers that will tell us why a person would purchase a sex partner if he can beat her, rape her, and even kill her. Human trafficking operates as organized crime. It's silent, hidden, secretive, and controlled by the threat of death and the experiences of murder.

Drawing on the collective public guilt of the missing women of the downtown east side, some are seeking to legalize prostitution. That would be an absolute mistake. We're adamantly opposed to that, so please hear that. They are grossly misled in their logic, tactics, and solutions. So think about it.

First of all, in order to work in a brothel, a woman would have to be clean from drugs. It's not going to happen. Addiction is part and parcel of their situation; it's often how they're kept there.

+ -(0920)

Second, they would have to register with the government and pay taxes. No one wants a record of this time in their life.

Third, they would have to undergo health checks. Most I know wouldn't pass. And note that the health checks are put in place to protect the health and safety of the johns, not the women.

We've also seen that normalized violence such as prostitution jeopardizes the safety of all women.

So who would benefit? Organized crime. Operating with impunity, they would simply be businessmen--join the local business association, recruit your daughters at local college job fairs. It would also be a gift to johns. Any country that has legalized prostitution has seen a rise in demand, a diversification of the industry, and a proliferation of underground brothels.

Though some link the legalization of drugs with prostitution, it is important to realize that with drugs a person is asserting their agency over an inert substance, but in prostitution you're using an actual person who does not want to be there--forced slavery; it's a person.

I realize that I'm almost out of time.

What we would promote is the Swedish legislation, where they've decriminalized the selling of sex and criminalized the buying of sex. They've seen amazing results. It was recently adopted in Norway and Iceland, and Britain has adopted something similar.

We've changed attitudes around drunk driving, smoking, and domestic violence. We can do it. Prostitution is not the world's oldest profession, it's the world's oldest oppression.

'Not once have I met a woman who is prostituting by choice."
This can not be a true statement. It is outlandish to think that every woman has been forced against her will to enter this occupation, this is simply not true. that she has couched it with a resume claiming expansive experience in order to give it weight in the previous paragraph shows how outlandish a lie this really is.

"Prostitution is one of the simplest activities motivating organized crime"
Just what is being said here? That prostitution is behind organized crime because it is so simple? There has been prostitution long before organized crime. Sex is a mutual contract between individuals and does not require a distribution system, a production system and a retail outlet. Organized crime is involved because of the law.

"simplest to stop by ending the demand for sexual access to the bodies of women and children"
If it were so simple to stop it would have been stopped by now. How ridiculous can someone be in such an assessment. Does this person have any roots in reality or she all about hyperbole and stereotyping?

"What we have seen is a spectacular rise in the demand for sexual access to women and childrens' bodies during large sporting events."
Could this be the fault of larger concentration of men who regularly visit prostitutes? Isn't this just saying that business is good? Something that all self employed people are hoping for during the Olympics? Why the sinister connotations?

"We already know that Vancouver has a gnawing problem with sex trafficking that reflects the larger global reality. It is estimated that 27 million people are living in slavery worldwide, largely in sexual exploitation, which makes about $32 billion for organized crime."
Classic bait and switch! She starts out with a Vancouver "gnawing problem," fails to explain what it is and then tries to magnify it by linking it to the global "crisis" conceived in her mind. There is crime and slavery of children precisely because it is made illegal and it is not controlled and regulated.

"Human trafficking is the fastest growing industry worldwide and ranks only second to the drug trade in profit. Prostitution is one of the simplest activities motivating and supporting organized crime, and one of the simplest to stop through ending the demand. Women and children are recruited, deceived, coerced, and exploited, then controlled through rapes, beatings, addiction, and psychological torture to keep them from running away."
This is the same manufactured problem all throughout the world, because morally insecure persons like this do-good liar, stereotyper/ppropagandist, are behind keeping these women unprotected as they would be if it were a regular industry. It is a regular industry if these busy bodies would allow everyone their own value system under the law. This woman wants to blame it all on the Johns. She feels it is her view of things without evidence to support it that needs to be implemented on others. Isn't this the same idiocy behind prohibition?

"Of course, you know about prostituted women. They have been studied pretty much ad nauseam. But how often do you hear about the buyers, the ones who are driving the market? It was 8 a.m. on a rainy Vancouver morning, and I'm walking on the downtown east side to a friend's house for breakfast. Pulling down the alley, shrouded in secrecy, is a lone male in a maroon minivan, complete with a car seat in the back, dropping off a destitute young native girl who was paid to give him a blow job on his way to work. This so-called family man has simply put money into the pockets of a pimp."
This sounds like an above board business deal between three adults and the pimp wouldn't be necessary if the industry were controlled if People like Michelle Miller were not trying to inject their personal lies into the mix of other people's free choices.

"We don't study them to find out if it's poverty, boredom, or alcoholism. We don't seek answers that will tell us why a person would purchase a sex partner if he can beat her, rape her, and even kill her. Human trafficking operates as organized crime. It's silent, hidden, secretive, and controlled by the threat of death and the experiences of murder."
Compared with the real facts "only 2% are violent encounters" This woman, Michelle Miller, had the gall to outright lie to the government of Canada. I guess this is the type that government caters to, the liars. Birds of a feather flock together.

"Drawing on the collective public guilt of the missing women of the downtown east side, some are seeking to legalize prostitution. That would be an absolute mistake. We're adamantly opposed to that, so please hear that. They are grossly misled in their logic, tactics, and solutions. So think about it."
What is her reasoning behind drawing her "correct" conclusion? This woman obfuscates with absurd conclusions not logically reached with any coherent FACTUAL evidence. The reason for clamor of legalization was not "public guilt," but concern that this industry should be controlled and regulated for the safety of all. What a liar Michelle Miller is. It is these kind of lies that moralists have for drug users as well.

"First of all, in order to work in a brothel, a woman would have to be clean from drugs. It's not going to happen. Addiction is part and parcel of their situation; it's often how they're kept there"

Another blatant stereotypical lie. Many women are not addicted to anything and live coherent productive lifestyles. It is the less intelligent ones who need to be protected from exploitation through regulation. We all need to be protected from the likes of this liar Michelle Miller.

"Second, they would have to register with the government and pay taxes. No one wants a record of this time in their life."


"Third, they would have to undergo health checks. Most I know wouldn't pass. And note that the health checks are put in place to protect the health and safety of the johns, not the women."
She claims to know everything except she doesn't have a shred of evidence to support anything.

"So who would benefit? Organized crime. Operating with impunity, they would simply be businessmen--join the local business association, recruit your daughters at local college job fairs. It would also be a gift to johns. Any country that has legalized prostitution has seen a rise in demand, a diversification of the industry, and a proliferation of underground brothels."

It is precisely because of self fulfilling attitudes like hers that we have the problem.

Thanks to you, Aziz Sindhu, for some truth in this area. This is an exposure of the same catering to the controllers like Michelle Miller, because of political considerations, which plagues society in the area of drug law reform. People who blatantly promote propaganda and lies to achieve the imposition of their moral standards are the real danger to prostitutes and society at large.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I will not be protesting Jan 11th, Vancouver

A notice to would be protesters that I am committed to a prior engagement. I will try to go out on Saturday to see what the weekends are like. Had a great weekend, hope you did too. Met some great people and dogs... very nice!

I don't get how Rob Nicholson can say with any degree of honesty that Canadians want prohibition kept intact and even stronger punishment in Bill C-15, when I can not seem to run across any. Could he be lying?

Why not visit the ganja gourmet

I wonder why some people can consider themselves mentally balanced yet torture people like us with criminal sanctions? I am going to demand a mental assessment of the court should it try to prosecute me, or else a reasonable proof that this law conforms with the standard of freedom a citizen is allowed in a democracy to control one's own diet.

Unless the government can prove this type of behavior harms anyone, it will never be able to proceed against me. The law must be within the reasonable grounds of producing no harm to people who are harmless, especially if their behavior does not directly impact on others in any harmful way. There is no impact as comparable to the use of alcohol here with marijuana ecstasy LSD, DMT, Magic mushrooms, or even heroin, crack cocaine, and crystal meth. None of these substances cause harm comparable to the prohibitions laws to individuals and society.

That is the end of it within what the government can do legally under a charter of rights which is supposed to guaranty everyone an equal standard of living and freedom from unnecessary harassment.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ashley Smith: Out of control?

The man who gave the order for all this torture and finally to "Not go in to her cell unless she has stopped breathing" is head of corrections. Isn't that where the buck stops? Why the fuck is there never anyone held to account so that others pick up the slack and do their jobs with due diligence?

This girl was tortured in the federal and juvenile prison systems! How could Canada not be guilty of aiding in war crimes in Afghanistan? The agents and guards don't seem to have any real training that can solve a mental health issue. They can't even diagnose an obvious mental problem, rather they themselves aggravate this girl's disturbed REACTION TO THEIR DISTURBING ACTION.

What kind of a citizenry is good with the Prime Minister ducking and running from answering to democracy and proroguing parliament to shut down accountability?

You Canadians seem to be a despicable, lazy bunch of cowardly bovines to allow such goings on as standard fare, unimpeded. Canadians uncaring response to these issues disgusts me. I am glad we have formed our own Society. I will never belong to the criminal organization known as Canada again. My ethical bottom line to my community is much better than that. You can have your glory in Olympic hockey gold, it is meaningless in the real world and comes at a lowering of concentration effect and loss of liberty.

Get off your facking fat asses and do something, you mindless minions. Sheeple who deserve to be ruled by police state dictators is what Canadians are.

Speek of the devil

Correctional Services Canada (net-cdagovn-c110) ( [Label IP Address]

Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
12th January 2010 13:29:46 Page View smith out of control&as_q=video&btnG=Search%C2%A0within%C2%A0results

Friday, January 8, 2010

Claire Martin of CBC smiled at Aloofus and I, today

I can't tell whether her pretty, demur, smile is anything but what it appears to be. I could ramble on with her about some of intimate knowledge of micro meteorology that we might have in common, like Adiabatic Lapse Rate, wave lift, lenticular clouds, dust devils, cumulonimbus, cumulus, strato cumulus clouds, and cold fronts wind sheer, thermals, orographic lift and much else about air that moves.

Later, I thought perhaps her smile was that of the standard CBC attitude of me as a life long toker. Then I met Dennis in the park by the Pacific Central Station. A true representative of the class I wish to help raise awareness of. He had quite a bit to say as did another lady by the Olympic Clock. She was from Montreal.

Who really cares what the employees of CBC think of people like myself. They are part of the problem sticking their noses up at people who might enjoy whatever substance, other than beer, hockey and pharmaceuticals, including rebelling at having our raw milk consumption criminalized.

All in all, the response is very good from the public to my strolling protest. People are supportive with thumbs up and verbal compliments. This makes me feel good about what I am doing. Thanks so much! I know that I am speaking for many. I am proud to do this and I will try to make the Art Gallery Square at the fountain at around Noon, weekdays.

Shania Twain on the Current CBC

Although I have always thought Shania was hot, it wasn't until her appearance on the current this morning that I think that she is truly beautiful. Now that I have heard the echoes of her soul, I'll be a fan forever!

Could this lovely lady replace Randy as a full time or even part time radio show host? In Shania's case we don't even need to have her in view, her voice and mind are sweet enough!

Doesn't she owe Canadians this? (Just kidding)

I guess I have just become a senior groupie!

Canada: the land of zero accountability?

From the ugly truth of what happened to a child who threw crab apples at a postman, Ashley Smith, to cops who commit murder on video, to the prime minister who doesn't want to answer valid questions that Canadians might have concerning possible war crimes that might have been committed in their name. Watch for Ashley Smith's story of jail guard brutality, system failure, on the Fifth Estate tonight!

Watch for Canada's story in the results of poor government that you are exposed to: More policing costs, more poor management of government, higher taxes, poorer performance for all institutions. More lawlessness and violent crime will indicate something is wrong. You will feel it in your pocket books. You will feel it in the loss of respect that the world has for Canada. Poor government is the direct responsibility of the citizenry. The reason we have this is because Canadians don't hold anyone to ACCOUNT!

For the prime minister's story watch the polls and his ratings plummet. Unlike last year, I have no sympathy for his bad move, today. This is the wake up call to Canadians that I will soon be reiterating today on my protest. I'll be out every day protesting this blatant attack on democracy/freedom because the government of Canada still terrorizes me personally and many other innocent, law abiding, Canadians through the application of the CDSA, never holding cops accountable, always supporting police no matter what their crimes/mistakes.

For instance, by trying to prosecute my former person even after it has recognized me at the parliamentary level as Chief Justice Bud the Oracle, the Government of Canada allows rogue police and agents of the crown to commit crimes and make mistakes in identification of me, to allow it Jailers to assault me. Much like you will see on the Fifth Estate tonight in the case of Ashley Smith, there never is accountability on the government's part. Why is that?

Are government employees above the law. Where is the rule of Law?

Is Canada Guilty of having closed it's eye to war crimes while this Harper, as well as the former Liberal, governments were in charge?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Esoteric Agenda Prorogue parliament?

This is the probably the fourth time I have seen this video. I find it very interesting in light of my own experiences and revelations.

I believe that I am driven from within to do what I am doing in my attempt to give back, without full realization of why, or even how I am to do it. All I can say is that the route which has come to me and which I have gladly embarked upon, feels right within my soul. When I think of the network of humanity which I have touched, small as it is, through this media and the way people have touched me, I see a miracle in the making. A personal miracle.

The latest example of the sharing of love and knowledge still is fresh in my mind. On my latest video "Happy New Year" I recount the robbery and how I knew the thief. I said that I was strangely at peace with it. Someone replied in the comments about how this person would suffer heavily in life for it. I am sad for him.

There is an understanding that whatever is behind my motivation, I am given a fearless assurance that I am doing what I need to be doing.

Last week I called Rob Nicholson's riding office in Niagara Falls wanting a return call. On Tuesday, a Rick Johnson returned my call and gave me the number of a Shirley Molloy in the Department of Justice. She answered the telephone and invited me to send her an email stating my problem and she would direct it to someone who could answer it.

Shirley Molloy,

As to our conversation on the telephone, January 5, 2010, I am putting my request for an explanation into writing.

On January 18, 2009, my claim of right came into effect. It was served in person, a notice of intent to my parliamentary rep at the time, Libby Davies

On April 30th, 2009, the parliament of Canada recognized my official capacity as Chief Justice Bud the Oracle from the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society as well as my free man on the land status as Bud the Oracle

I wonder why the police in Vancouver were allowed to harass me endanger me by exposing me to an assault by the Vancouver Jail guards, by mistake? The Federal Crown attorney Adrianna Swittzer, is allowed to break section 337 of criminal code of Canada and withhold the camcorder from the person it was seized in an attempt to lure me to be captured, to harm me once more.

Can you explain why a policeman in the field is capable of denying me the formal status of recognition granted by parliament? It is for this very reason of there being no rule of law in Canada, that I withdrew my consent to be governed in the first place. Can you explain why you don’t correct this mistake of the Vancouver police and the Federal Crown attorney, a criminal herself, and leave off practicing your tyranny on me?

The Department of Justice is documented as being on my blogsite many times. I am sure that you know my exact position on all aspects of our interactions.

Can you explain why I am being harassed under the name of my former person which no longer exists? Is torture a normal part of the foreign policy of Canada?

I am Bud the Oracle, Chief Justice from the Unincorporated Society, your agents do not have any jurisdiction over me.

I have been harmed by Canada’s failed drug policies and the corruption they caused for 45 years. This will be the end of it.

Bud the Oracle

Chief Justice

Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society

Clerk of the Marijuana Guild

Free Man on the Land

(Not AKA Kaczor, Klaus)

This morning I also found this article on The Current, "Pt 2: Homicide Stats," very interesting. The professor claims that he can correlate the spikes of murder rate per hundred thousand to times of government tyranny and that he has been compiling the trends since 1640.

Isn't that what I have been saying: when the role model for our society is tyranny, oppression and lawlessness via police unaccountability this is reflected in the citizenry.

My fight is against tyranny, the root of our society's dysfunction.

On the same CBC Radio show "the Current" Jan 6, 2009, there was another interesting article on E publishing "Pt 3: e-Books" which gives me hope that one day I might get back to writing fiction and eventually be published.

Monday, January 4, 2010

No prorogue ies here, in Vancouver 2010

It was a bit damp but very warm for this time of the year. A great day to protest!

The second video starts off with a maniac who has camera phobia. Maybe he will hurt a tourist during the Olympics if they are taking a picture in his vicinity?

Con-servative spelled "Nazi," listener comment on radio about parliament prorogued

When I used to hang glide, I took on the challenge of staying high DURING A CROSS COUNTRY FLIGHT as much as possible. It seems that Harper would not be able to compete in this sport, if he prorogues his flight before reaching the goal. Does no one notice that the word rogue is contained within prorogue?

Join the Facebook page "Canadians against proroguing parliament"




This video and my past memories will be what I am thinking of during today's protest walk around town. I'll need to bone up on my "Soaring and the art of Umbrella flight." The weather outside is raining and windy. I'll need to secure the sandwich board sign properly or risk getting pummeled to death. Thankfully, I have high wind airtime and don't often prorogue my flights

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Harper too incompetent to govern, only able to prorogue parliament?

Different year, same horse crap?

There is no doubt that I am out there on the internet in the pot for sale index. I am averaging 3 new calls daily from mostly tourists coming up to take in the winter Olympics or going skiing/visiting.

There is little chance that Rob Nicholson, Peter Van loan, Michael de Jong and Kash Heed and their goon squads wouldn’t know about what I do, as is claimed by some so called pot activists.

Here is Peter van Loan's office perusing my site right now DESPITE REJECTING MY AUTO EMAIL NOTIFICATION UPDATE:
Solicitor General Canada ( [Label IP Address]

Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
2nd January 2010 16:27:18 Page View No referring link

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, January 02, 2010 1:03 PM
Subject: Undeliverable: [Sunshine Soup] Harper too incompetent to govern, only prorogue

Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:

I am all over the internet under pot sales Vancouver. My number is up on bulletin boards on the walls of vapor lounges all over the city. In the last 2 days I have had 5 new clients come from all corners of North America. They chuckle when I tell them that I must charge tax or take the chance of being busted by the Marijuana Guild, yet the government of Canada can’t touch me under its laws because of the recognition of our Society, its charter and me as its Chief Justice. I see that plenty of people take the link to the record of Parliament to confirm my words. That’s all the crown attorney needs to do to confirm my declaration that I am not the thing, Klaus Kaczor, rather as recognized by the highest court in the land, the one that makes the laws (not the job of cops on the beat), as Chief Justice from the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, Bud the Oracle.

I invite these tyrants in power, once more, sincerely, to leave off with the century old drug war persecutions, climb on board the Marijuana Guild's regulatory concept, share in the tax revenues while making our society much safer and free.

We are hoping to present our plan to local law enforcement officials within the month. I truly believe that a safely regulated distribution of all substances will not only make our society law abiding under the rule of law again, but our model of control and regulation will lead the world to a new paradigm better for all humanity. This will reward us with tourism, draw open minded, gifted free spirits who will create new ideas in our liberated atmosphere. We can be the magnet for future world developers/entrepreneurs to experiment in, setting us ahead of the rest of the planet in every area, ignited by liberty of thought.

To trade the benefits from an open society for the police state that we now promote is lunacy, and surely will lead to loss of sovereignty with final absorption into the USA. It’s their Failed policy which is a tool of hegemony for the USA.

Let me once more list some of the benefits of repeal of prohibition: no more lucrative payoff for drug smugglers, producers, and distributors, no more powerful violent drug cartels that can’t be controlled by law, one less tool of corruption for cops, or politicians, less lawlessness as our youth will not grow up with this prize to experiment with, much better control of the age at which youth is exposed to drugs, much safer substances than the dangerous poison of Alcohol, marijuana does not impair people or make them violent and irrational like alcohol, police will be free to concentrate on real crime and can gain respect in the community again, the benefit of freedom of choice on the diversity of natural selection. This is the vital mechanism of nature which provides the future both genetically and ideologically for humans. Without these benefits provided by free thought as well as psychedelics, new ideas do not originate from left field and we stagnate politically in tyranny. The evidence for this is that you are suffering a dearth of new thought THAT WE SEE PREVAILING IN YOUR PRESENT GOVERNMENTS.

Your Canadian Government is so bankrupt of new thought that the best the Prime Minister can do is prorogue parliament. In these pressing times he is saying that the country can run without its government, because basically the legislation that he promoted as being vital anti crime legislation was nothing but political pandering.

Why do Canadians so readily believe the lies?

The major ministers could not even answer a request sent in via registered mail by concerned citizens about whether participation in the Marijuana Guild would make one a criminal. These elected people are incompetent at the best and mostly, as I often repeat, part of a larger criminal organization. They fail at every level to implement their primary duties to their own citizens. The cops feel they can run the show and commit crime without accountability and have first say on which legislation the government enacts or discards. This is the very definition of a police state dictatorship.

Well let me once more proclaim that business is booming for me doing what the government should be doing and of course the criminal organizations. THE LOSS TO CANADA, CAUSED DIRECTLY BY POOR GOVERNMENT, IS ALMOST IMMEASURABLE, IMO.

I can only shake my head at the idiocy required to give over this great opportunity of power and wealth to criminals so that Canadians can have crime as a result, instead of lawfulness and liberty. This is the scam perpetrated on behalf of the Government of Canada by the CBC and all national media promoting the fraud and propaganda which destroys our freedoms and makes us unsafe under poor government.

Why believe lies? How would that benefit anything?

It occurs to me now, after I posted the video, why I was immediately aware of someone in the room, then instantly awake enough to catch a good glimpse of the intruder, was because I was only lightly asleep still high on ecstasy, most likely.I was naked behind him leaving my door, with my crowbar in hand, as he escaped out the fire door, but he knew this place well.
In this video we can see that the British Government, like Canada, has a non rational agenda behind their drug decisions based on moral judgments. For this reason we have chaos in our society, because politicians believe it is their right to press their moral values on others. This is tyranny of course. In a free society no one gets to criminalize innocent people who do not conform to a perceived "normal" moral standard. If no one is being harmed by my behavior then the government doesn't get to persecute me for my choices. How fucking daft does one have to be to not get this reasoning, Mr. Rob Nicholson, Stephen Harper, Michael de Jong, Kash Heed, Peter van Loan?????