Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cannabis culture forums article "retired Winnipeg staff sergeant tells truth" (Click Title)

Thanks Bill VanderGraaf. A retired Police Sgt speaks out about Harper's bill C 15

What I saw inside the remand center is organized crime being strengthened by these laws. These criminal entrepreneurs have the financial where with all to play the legal games of the system -and win- no matter how violent the crimes. They learn to expand their networks in jail, there are always new recruits to be had from the young fresh petty criminals coming into contact with them.

These guys laughed when I told them what I was in for and how I was denied legal aid when I told them the truth about where my money was tied up: in the stock seized at the store with which I tried to come against this true crime causing idiocy the government seeks to perpetrate on its citizenry. The hard drug addicts and their suppliers are all part of the same created arbitrary prohibition crime based on a moral judgment of social thought a century ago.

What I can't understand is that although the cops know it, the judges know it, the people know it, the criminals know it, not many have the balls to do and say what is right throughout society.

Can these elected political morons not understand that now would be the time to climb on this band wagon of reason, get behind sanity and break the deadlock these myopic conservative dinosaurs, whose credibility is daily evaporating, seem to have.

They have no clothes and the rest of the party-hack-political-has-beens have no balls to lead. Now is the time to offer something different to the people who are tired of seeing the same old idiocy in thinking that is crippling the USA. Why in the frig can't our elected reps get together on the issues like in Britain and give us good government for a change, not the worst of the friggen worst?

And like this cop above says, why is our government spending time, effort and lots of money to make things worse with addictions, worse with organized crime, worse with violent crime, a template for lawlessness and gang recruitment which has Mexico's accomplishments in sight. All evidence around the world, like Portugal's 8 year experiment decriminalizing all drugs, show that prohibition is behind more drug addiction to harder drugs, more violence and petty crime and more general lawlessness and more powerful criminal organizations.

What is the reason we don't see good, brave men and women standing up throughout their professions, government and private to speak up for sanity against this mindless prohibition path shown to be a dangerous blind alley to the South of us and all over the world. Why this blind following into perdition when the writing is so clearly on the wall?

This frig-head Harper is an idiot according to his latest firings, policies and decisions of those whom he allows into the power fold. To follow this moron Bush-wannabe blindly into the lawlessness and havoc seen across the boarder takes some kind of brown shirt devotion and small mind, imo. Canada should then be ready to suffer the same consequences. OK, build more prison networking systems so that everyone can join the fun and partake in the profits to be made by prohibition idiocy. Bigger and bigger more ruthless criminal organizations will profit more and more to keep people from growing plants in their gardens. If Canadians choose to be this stupid with all they can witness around the world how can anyone stop them. Enjoy! have it your way.

I know whose side I will be cheering when I hear of Mexico's brand of justice arriving here. I will not be supporting state tyranny that makes a criminal out of me for my free state of mind. I have already taken advantage of my ability to network.

A society that seeks to Jail people like Marc Emery and others for trying to make it a better place is dangerous to the world and fosters its own resistance by sowing its own seeds of destruction. Before that eventual harvest of Armageddon like destruction succeeds, as it must, countless individuals will be harmed by the forces of tyranny as they are even today. Its time people stand up for what is right.

Whose friggen business is it anyways how one chooses to stimulate their own pleasure centers as modern science tells us we are doing, whether someone wishes to place a bet on a game of chance, whether one craves a big Mac with its attendant side effects, whether it is a personal addiction to fossil fuels and the open freedom of driving and its climate change side effects, or whether it be a personal fondness for something different in their diet?

If someone is not directly bothering you, or anyone else, why not get out of their face and help make this a better world by minding your own friggen business?

Whom has this cop harmed by growing and smoking his own pot? Perhaps he has been an enlightened cop who has done his community good, and because political dickheads like Harper haven't got enough imagination to get elected on a platform with real solutions to crime, we end up harming the best of our citizenry for their boldness in speaking out against the nonsense.