Monday, September 29, 2008

I enjoyed the Writers Festival at the library yesterday.

Click the Title of this article to read some of my latest arguments on Prohibition in the Western Standard Shotgun Blog. There are some interesting posts from the pro and con, and you can meet some of the lesser know candidates who stand for grassroots freedom.

The other point I wished to make this morning was to thank the many nice people who stopped and talked to me at the Writer's Festival Sept 28th, 2008, and the many, intelligent and bold men and women who commented on my hat! You are the spice of my life, Thanks.

I'm trying for under $50.00 campaign, because I think that is all this process is worth. For sure the upper limit will be $100.00 because that's all she wrote for the campaign chest of Bud Oracle. And I am not going to spend more, even if someone contributes to my campaign. I prefer that people get involved and spread my links and the word.

It's fun to campaign, I am only interested in it if it remains fun, rather than worry about not having enough money to compete.