Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Prohibition: A fatal error Path (audio rant to my PM)

I would like to know on what FUCKING GROUNDS the government is making me a criminal? I am not impaired on Cannabis, I am not impaired on Mushrooms, and I am not impaired on LSD.


Why do we have to have drunk, TASER happy mounties risking my safety, my liberty, to make a FUCKING CRIMINAL OUT OF ME?

If I ever get hassled again by this government for my safe choices I will take further actions. While the police and politicians, including Prime Ministers get to break the laws at every turn, rip us off, the government is happy to enforce a century old racist legislation, installed by the very people for whose other legislation we are apologizing and paying for today.

If I don't get free man status, then the prohibition laws will have to go.

Billions spent to demonize and make peace loving people like me, criminals. WHY?

The hard drug addicts are allowed to be preyed upon by flourishing organized crime without any real concern for the devastation.

All so that we can goose step behind the goon squad in Serge which gets its marching orders from Washington. No more will this out of control gang of murderers set the policy which destroys our society. They don't have the FUCKING MANDATE!

The Spiral Dive: an analogy of Fatal Error Paths (Utube flight video of Tibor's jet powered Michell Wing)

The Kasperwing Motor glider (Top pic---owned one in Wetaskewin in 1984 1985)


The Mitchell Wing B10 was a lot of aircraft to learn to fly 3 axis on without instruction. (Bottom 3 pics---Flown first in Hinton 1988 and then in Ontario 1989 through 1993

The Kasperwing was not full 3 axis, rather it was a weird weight-shift for pitch via a "swing seat" and a yoke column which could deploy the tip rudders for yaw control. this then "induced" roll. It would not spin, but had this super-fast, controlled, almost vertical, decent mode. I never liked it low, so tried not to loose altitude quickly.

Anyways, the lesson learned when I managed to pull out of an unexpected spin that I aggravated into a terminal Spiral dive, is in my opinion something to reflect on when considering solutions to our present economic crisis,

The lessons from the Mitchell Wing started from the first flight on. And were always costly. I was really only learning about how stupid being stubborn is. This one cost upwards of $2000.00.