Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Snails" or "Snail" are new words for "snail mail(s)"

This was first posted on Cannabis Culture Forums as a movie review. I believe that the audio Link contains the first spontaneous use of the word "snails" to replace "snail mail"

Wow! I just saw "The last ride on the Magic Dragon, Albert Hoffman's Potion" a documentary by the CBC for the first time!

I can see why it is banned for sure.

The best thing about it is that I saw a whole plethora of old geezers, acids heads talking like me...

They used the same words to describe the same deeply touching experiences and were very scientifically precise, while relating these spiritual encounters of a profound kind.

The best thing is that in their old age and wisdom, I saw myself not so far forward and liked it!

The fact is I belong with them spiritually and am a special amalgamation of my own, not at all dissimilar, yet totally unique. A product of my "set" in this sliver of time and setting.

The wonder of it is that I can still gain so much fresh knowledge on subjects that I have been researching for decades.

That's probably why I don't fit so well in this venue. I'm a true psychic traveler. Cannabis use is a pleasant therapeutic diversion giving me a stability of my psyche and keeping at bay the mal petite epilepsy. My heart lies with the truth and insights gained through the enlightenment of both spirit and mind from psychedelic trips.

I love the reason that the USA shut down doing its LSD experiments with soldiers: They began to quit the army. How revealing is that?

I loved the hugeness of Aldous Huxley, and saw in his story, twists and turns of mine, as if we might have fun some day soaring, climbing and wheeling in aerobatics.

I'll have to watch that one again.

There are few of any any age that could watch this video, who would turn down a hit of LSD 25 if it were offered to them within a year of seeing it.

It would make any normal person curious and likely to try it without fear. And I can see why the government would fear that. We couldn't have the soldiers quitting, the average citizen turning from consumerism to spiritualism, the city dweller weaning themselves from personal transportation to transit, or even bicycles. It would destroy our present day monopolies. Change might take root or even take a route, and new, kinder attitudes might flourish.

What about our addictions to booze, clothes, watching sporting event, wwf and craving penis enlargements.

Holy crap the sky might cave in, heavenly turds would drown us and the economy would come to a grinding halt.

Wait a minute! that's already happening without the use of LSD. Oh Oh! we do need an Oracle

Please support my campaign for position of Oracle and send it on to your MP, the PM, and even Obama if you like. I truly need this job and Canada surely needs me!

Send it on please


Audio Campaign for the Office of Oracular Wisdom

I think this is the first time anyone has recorded the use of the word "snails" as a shortened term for "Snail mail," if I am not mistaken. As in: "send your elected representatives emails, faxes, telephone calls and "snails."

I know it's a small slimy kind of thing, but since there is such a value on this forum for copyright and such, I thought that I'd mention it. Maybe its got "legs," and will become commonly used one day. You heard it here first. I mean, it sure beats the heck out of using two words, and is too far out of context, in this use to be confused, don't you think.

Also, I remember that when I first called my dog Aloofus, there was nothing on the web and now there are a few. That's great!

Also these are mine: "A waggle of dogs" and "phonicating." I wish that I had CR them, too.

Oh well, the fountain still works fine!