Friday, May 1, 2009

The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society informs Canada

On April 30th 2009 by the efforts of the society's esteemed Registrar, Robin Wroe, the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society was invited to be a witness in the Arbutus room of the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, before the House of Commons Justice Committee: crime and human rights. It was meeting number 17 and is recorded on the Parliamentary record in both official languages simultaneously translated.

In my opinion this was a political dog and pony show. Some MPs spoke to American interests as being an excuse to burden Canadians with lawlessness over a harmless plant. Some MPs didn't know that marijuana is ranked by informed medical practitioners as being as dangerous as coffee. These people need to read some science, open their myopic, politically clouded, self serving eyes.

The entire text of what was read by the Registrar and the Chief justice will be up on the Government record and hopefully the registrar will post it on the website as well when he gets a chance. Here is the summary read be me:

"Peace to this Hotel and to the House of Commons Justice and Human Rights Committee. In summary, our Society's judgment is that prohibition and your controlled drugs and substances act are failed policy that tresspas upon the peaceful possessory right that ought be enjoyed by everyone. Your society's policy does not respect this right; you violently oppress otherwise law abiding members of your own society. Your corporation's own policy is the organized crime, and in respect of drugs your government's own policy is what enables the black market to flourish. Absent your corporate policy regulated companies would supply drugs on a demand-oriented basis similar to any other product. Your policy has alienated and will continue to alienate men and women from your society and its government."

They asked no questions and I got the impression they were trying to duck any engagement with the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society. Robin said it best “We hope to keep harm from befalling harmless people for performing a harmless act” and “Since membership in the Canadian society is not compulsory, we may choose for the safety of our members from the harm of the Criminal Justice system, to regulate and control of the distribution of these harmless substances which were not banned by god in the Bible. This we must do to reduce the dangers surrounding the non control now practice by Canada.”

since there were no Questions I deduce that the members of Parliament who are Lawyers mostly understood us. Also, there were no objections as to our intentions. Therefore, I am of the opinion in my professional capacity as Chief Justice, that we will draft a notice of our intentions to provide these substances safely to our members. This we do out of compassion for our members so that they need not be harmed by either the criminal elements or the Justice system of Canada for a harmless act done to oneself in peace.

As Chief Justice I suggest a time limit of 60 to 100 days for the Government of Canada to act to changes its laws for the safety of all humans and persons. I am currently suggesting that people join our society for these god given rights and protection.