Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aglukkaq in back pockets of tobacco?

After hearing this "brilliant" star of the Harper Cabinet on the House CBC on an equal party spokes person basis, a Biblical saying came to mind. As she rambled on with details about paint and lead that a science spokesman might enjoy, very minor things, I understood why we got no answer from this minister as to our requisition. "Cast ye not your pearls before the swine." I don't think she would be able to have understood it.

Integrity commissioner's actions 'unacceptable': Fraser

Is this the best these porkers got? I mean with about 37% of the popular vote and about 25% of those eligible to vote, these scoundrels sure have Michael Ignatief and Jack Layton on the ropes, eh? Yet the whole country seems to be on a bought sorry ride into oblivion. Every commitment and every ideal is reneged on and there seems to be no limits to this depravity. Yet not too many Canadians seem too outraged by it.

Holy smokes! Am I ever glad the Registrar came up with this fantastic little bit of fun theater, which we got the Canadian Government to go along with, otherwise I might have gone off the deep end. He is wise beyond his years in that he stated clearly what the final outcome would be for us.

There does need to be a safety valve for relief from this insanity for those to whom being sane matters. If we would not be allowed to do this, in a lawful, peaceful, beneficial-to-the-community, way, then the only alternative for change would be armed conflict and explosive belts. We have done everything required for peaceful withdrawal from the insanity and offered our terms for harmonious coexistence. None of which interfere in any detrimental, unsafe way, with the Government of Canada.

If you think that the government is only in the pockets of the tobacco industry, you are far from the mark. Organized crime calls the shot here in Vancouver. The broadcast media seems to be in these guys pockets too. At least they make none of the obvious connections.
I am my own insurance. The Registrar and I have fought these evil forces surrounding us which are linked right back to office of the Prime Minister. They cannot touch us because we are under the protection of right, of God. They shall fail in every effort to come against us, because it is the will of God.

Think about it carefully. Would you want to live in a society that came after people like us and persecuted us? There would need to be an armed uprising if a state wished to handle peaceful harmless people who wish to benefit the community, in a violent way. They know this better than the sheep whom they have duped so badly that they are useless to entrust democracy to. We are playing their game to win! I am not afraid to make my stand! Nothing will make me back down. Should something happen to me, my words will ring out loud and clear. They will remain in the minds of those who seek liberty and justice a lot longer than the words of Ms. Leona Aglukkaq.

In chess this would be called checkmate