Monday, September 8, 2008

Cannabis sales in Vancouver, today!

Yes you guessed it! Another advertisement. There is a huge competitive market in Vancouver.

This is to remind you that I am pro actively servicing clients over 19 years of age who wish to purchase Cannabis from me.

I am aware of all the legal ramifications but this is also the end of my line with this insanity.

The events spurring me on to this stand are one, two, three and the final straw.

This is a total outrage to me that we are tormented today by the religion of myopic zealots a century ago known for their blatant racism. It is making our society unsafe, causing police and government corruption and has put a tool of oppression into the hands of tyrannical governments, which they are only too willing to use to excess.

I am providing a safe choice at a reasonable price ($10.00/gram, 3.5grams/$30.00) to people who wish to purchase their cannabis from me.

Some good Indica "Grape" on tap today 778 329 6043 Evenings 6-9

Click on the title and plug China Creek Park Vancouver into it. When you have the one up by Great Northern Way I am a block away--give me a call and I'll tell you where. No need to do risky street deals.

We have the right to change this crime causing legislation and keep our children safe from uncontrolled sales in the playgrounds.

Until the governments get real, I will do what I can to change this for the safety of Canadians.

Support my activism. Help me change things. Buy your herbal products from me!

Every cop, crown attorney, and judge is making a good living keeping this unsafe insanity in place. I will try to earn the same to help make Canadians safe.



Just was talking about this open policy of mine with an intelligent client (aren't all pot smokers intelligent?). I can't be sure who might be a police officer or not, and so rather then let suspicion ruin my encounters with these nice people who come to support my campaign, I take this attitude:

I take it for granted that one or more of my customers are probably undercover cops verifying that I am actually doing as I say I am here. At least they are sending nice people, polite, not creepy seedy undercover vice cops. These people must be fresh new recruits. Hopefully they will get to practice policing in a landscape where drug laws don't exist to make their jobs exponentially more difficult.