Sunday, January 17, 2010

Government supported House of Cards The Fifth Estate, CBC

The whole thing can be summed up in a simple, locally connected comparison. The Government of the United States Allowed its citizens to be bilked out of their homes by the likes of Alliance and its criminal practices. Although 18,000 creditors hounded him he saw no jail. Only a few heads rolled a little bit for destroying the lives of millions after all of Wall Street fed at the fraud trough.

They paid a lot more attention to Marc Emery for selling seeds although not a single client complained. They actually wanted to jail him for life.

That is why we left the Criminal Organization, the Corporation of Canada, and butt f*ck for America.

The Canadian government has fewer controls and is way more corrupt even unto the Prime Minister's office. There is absolutely no accountability for the police or bureaucrats, even if they kill innocent citizens, let alone rip people off for their life savings. Yet the Government of Canada carries out a policy of tyranny on behalf of the US government's foreign drug war policy to the detriment of our communities, against the will of the our people.

This government would allow a citizen to be tried by another country all the while shouldering a fair share of the costs of American greed and corruption to the tune of tens of billions.

You can believe the lies, but I will never again comply with your idiocy.

My friend Rainbow John

Here is what he is all about. I'll let him speak for himself