Tuesday, September 2, 2008

These are photos off the internet of White Wolves

Wow I have actually never looked closely at photos of a White Wolf but when I met a pilot who said he had seen them up close in the arctic and told me my Aloofus was a spitting image I had to look them up.

He is right. To me the little guy was a curly tailed Samoyed from the looks of his tail from my vantage point walking behind him all these years. From the front he has always looked the Wolf.

He has followed me everywhere that nature would have never introduced him to. It amazes me how far he has come and even the daily progress now.

As long as the first reaction of someone isn't to reach for him, he allows himself to be petted by strangers, mostly women. that is amazing to me. I stated before that it took 4 months for him to let me touch him the first time. He is doing better than I ever imagined in cityscapes. It his willingness to be by my side which makes him put up with my journeys. And he is getting more hits on his blog than this one! It just goes to show you what kind of draw beauty and wolves have for humans.

Here are some newer pictures of the White Wolf in the City