Sunday, October 18, 2009

The mark of a Prophet?

Who are you to doubt God's Will?

These are my tributes to the Firesign Theater

Bud's timely advice on the dangers of LSD

1_False Creek News Flash: Tall Tuna Turns Tail

2_News Update: Tall Tuna's Tale Takes a Turn

A few esoteric moments to balance my political passions

Boobie Chew Hormone Gum

Below is embedded the audio mp3 "I trusted the RCMP." Every word is true. The mounties only caught this double murderer, because I recorded my accurate recollections of what he told me as was my duty to my community. I will not shirk from this duty to make my society safer, either.

Almost a quarter of a century later, though, I was not competent enough mentally, according to the Vancouver police board, to lay charges against Jim Chu, Chief of the Vancouver Police.