Thursday, January 28, 2010

CBC Radio news: Study to be released today concerning Dangers of Marijuana use to youth

OK, they seem to be saying that today's marijuana is so strong that the risk to users under 16 for developing mental illness later in life is 4 times greater than non users. Again these facts seem to be used to generate fear of Marijuana and to promote continued Prohibition, rather than employ the obvious solution: repeal of prohibition.

The fact is that the strength of today's pot is directly due to there being no regulation of the THC content. Growers have developed ever more powerful strains, because there were no regulations.

The other factor, that this potent pot is particularly dangerous to users under 16 is also directly due to the policy of prohibition. No one checks the age of the purchaser when this product is sold on the uncontrolled black market.

These are the same facts which actually helped to repeal alcohol prohibition. School aged children were addicted to booze and the stuff was deadly due to non regulation.

The only difference between then and now is that then the population used its collective power to end the government bullshit, because they saw it to be idiocy. Today the population is controlled by the mass media, fed government lies and propaganda and then regurgitate this indoctrinated nonsense for generations. Then the lie is permanently installed and self perpetuating. This is the basis for tyranny installed via police state propaganda generating unreasonable fear.

It corrupts those applying this tyranny and injures those who are oppressed by the harm the state does to them via the justice system. There are no drugs more dangerous than alcohol available to people today. There is no crime around alcohol distribution, production, because the industry is controlled and regulated. The problems with use are the responsibility of the user, not the government.

This is exactly why the Marijuana Guild sells to adults over eighteen: to keep it out of the hands of vulnerable children. Once we can influence the production by controlling the marketing then we can label the different strains as to their strength. Growers can then produce pot light or pot strong, according to market demand or regulation.