Friday, September 19, 2008

Jews for a just peace demonstrate Mon 22 September

A vigil in Black (bring light/candles) 5:00 to 6:00 pm Vancouver Art Gallery (near Robson and Hornby.

What struck me was that they invite anyone out who hasn't done this before. It is a life changing experience to take a stand for something, very empowering! So come out, it will be a real stand for you!

I've stood alone and it still felt extremely powerful, yet paradoxically serene. This will reward you more than you might dream. I've gained so much inner strength from taking worthwhile stands such as this. The world needs sane people who give a crap to do something now, so please join them. I'll try to make it for the first half, but I have to be home close to six.

If they succeed humanity might have a chance at a future without Armageddon looming over it constantly, so it is kind of important.

Also note that this group is sponsoring a film for the Vancouver Film Festival.

September 25th "Waltz with Bashir" check out the schedule.


One Lady and I stood, while the godly walked by unconcerned about foreign injustices. There is absolutely no hope for the future.

The numbers of materialistic consumers addicted to trinkets from china is overwhelming and speaks of a shallow future enslaved to the marketers for our society