Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Government encourages conflict through its dissemination of drug propaganda

The framer next door has been emailing his customers slandering the customers who walk into my store. The plastic laminator guy has been arrogantly complaining about what I smoke out the back to the landlord and blocking my back door with his large gasoline addiction truck. I guess if he owns a big hunk of iron he can park it anywhere where lowlife marijuana smokers might need access to their shop.

The Frame Commercial gallery guy seems limited to right angles and rectangular shapes in his thinking and has sent emails out to his clients telling them about the dumb marijuana lowlifes next door and complained to the Landlord. It seems both these anal orifices think they can control who does what next door based on their personal prejudices (installed by the government).

These guys are likely jealous of the steady stream of customers I have.

anyways should this landlord prove to be a short sighted businessman who would rather have vacant properties for a few more years, there are plenty of good locations to be had. and I have a feeling there will be even more after the Olympics.

I certainly will not beg this fool to let me stay he can have his moron tenants. the framer doesn't look to be long for future business world. Lots of days closed and few customers coming through the doors. Maybe his lines are too straight?

The property manager/landlord must have notified the city. She was nice and so was I. I invited her to my website and also pointed out our recognition by Parliament. We have already inquired about a license. I told her that we would get one for our business should they allow our menu. Cooperation might even garner the city some tax revenue, who knows? Let's discuss it peacefully!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Marijuana/Psychedelic Sales Vancouver feed community

To me it is a wonder that people still doubt the security of our Society's legal structure. People who have been close to me, since before I embarked on this mission to make our community safe, are even now worried about the cops coming in and hurting me. I thank them for their heartfelt concern but don't believe in the validity of it for a minute.

I have been doing this openly on the internet, the airwaves, since June the 1st 2008, as Bud the Oracle. I have had uninterrupted sales for almost a year from my place, while openly advertising, before even creating the claim of right under which I now lawfully operate. There is no way they can come all of the sudden now, and arrest me, as I have invited dialog with the Government of Canada at every step of the way.

The following was recorded on 28 October 2008, before any claim of right was in effect. I now have what is considered the color of a claim of right at the very least, even if they wished to break the rule of law again and suggest that our claim of right is of no force of law. By the government's inaction, at the very least, I am entitled to perceive that my claim of right is valid.

You have to be aware of the fact that when I emailed Wally Opal with my then religious freedom / scientific argument. on June 1st 2008 "Institutionalized Idiocy," based on the rights afforded the polygamists in Bountiful, he immediately ordered a search for a new crown council willing to charge Winston Blackmore with polygamy. History will show that these events are what happened. Lately the BC Supreme Court dismissed those charges, in effect saying that the AG couldn't shop around for a sympathetic prosecutor to have his personal brand of Justice enacted. This former arrogant Judge tried to pervert the rule of law to his personal measure of moral outrage. Well Wally Opal, I guess the voters told you where to get off, eh!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Georgian Luger is killed by incompetent design

To anyone understanding the fundamentals of centrifugal, and "G" forces and the simple grade 10 equation F=MA this would not have passed design stage, let alone be implemented.

Is this another of Canada's best Engineering performances, inspection performances?

Or is this another example of how those who claim to always know what is best for us, never having been held to account, having their heads up their collective asses?

I find our collective myopia and focus on Olympic Hockey/gold medals absurd, as if nothing else matters.

I find Rick Cluff's and CBC's promotion of alcohol events nauseating/the police state.

The protesters in East Vancouver saying "Fuck Canada" are the Vanguard of lawlessness spawned by our idiotic laws and the failure to uphold the Rule of Law.

Give them another 5 years and they will be chucking lead at the cops as is happening in Mexico as we speak.

I was carrying a sign in peace as a demonstration for remedy of Justice saying "Canada is a criminal organization," which it is. We, the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, are the last chance Canada has to prevent it spiraling into terminal lawlessness as a direct result of the Prohibition laws.

Friday, February 12, 2010

On Freedom, democracy and good governance

For me it is hard to get over how conformity bound people are, even those that claim to be free. I am getting berated by freemen for my angry outbursts, as if they impact on other freemen. This speaks of a confined mental outlook to me, not freedom. I have met so called leadership Freemen who were not free enough mentally to sit with me while I was wearing my crown of buds at their favorite watering hole. As if they were worried about what others might think of them by the company they keep. These people are not liberated in the mind. This is the only place true freedom exists. If you can't even think freely, how free can you be? If you don't have the courage to let others' opinions wash over you, you will never be free, no matter what quirk of law you operate under.

I see more control in these freeman movements under the guise of being free.

To me it's the same fraud that people subscribe to: that democracy somehow is the same as being free. Only if one chooses to opt out of a democracy are they exercising their freedom. Our systems of Democracy entrench dictatorships of political parties. Today people have less freedom than 150years ago and less input into their governments.

The USA is a dictatorship of the powerful corporations who finance the fraud that stands in for free elections. The people never get any real input, they are cannon fodder and tax slaves controlled by the marketers.

Free elections give one the illusion of "Democracy."

The sheeple are conned into making the decisions that their rulers want them to make by marketing bullshit.

In this country the bill of rights means nothing, the government always uses its notwithstanding clause. There is no rule of law where police and government officials are treated the same under the law. Police regularly get away with murder. Ministers of the government can break the laws with impunity while natives and tokers are held strictly to account

When I get angry in my videos and swear, it might not be to your liking, but your calm indifference and sweet talking may not be to mine. Free people never demand conformity of others. They revel in the diversity of humanity, understanding their perception is only a personal thing.

Freedom is not understood by many because few ever get to experience it. Freedom exists in the mind first. From there it flows into one's life and hopefully into others. Removing oneself from a society does not necessarily make one free.

I envision a real monarchy with power and a parliament determined by direct democracy as being a better form of government than we have now. The important part is that people be free and that their rights are held sacrosanct not to be snatched from them by social experiments. Freedom of choice is a natural state of being for humans, all life. It is a sacred function of evolution. There is no reason for it ever to be restricted. The whole role of a government is to provide a safe/just parameter for everyone to be free in peace, imo. Anything else is Tyranny!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It is true: I yell and scream at idiots! I don't suffer fools well

I never climbed on board here claiming to be perfect. I never solicited funds or support, I don't have patience for people who have not the ability to form coherent mental thoughts. I really don't suffer fools well. Sorry. That is a flaw I have ingrained in my behavior pattern. I posture and yell and scream logic at these fucking idiots.

No one is clear on what the real issue is. The crux is that under our laws, the law of God, freedom of choice is a sacred gift meant to be exercised by individuals as a direct form of experience/consequential exercise which strengthens each person to their ability in the practice of it.

As both a scientist and as a follower of the laws of God, I see there is no other mechanism which both tempers the chooser and mutates the results of their choices while intricately woven into the laws of natural selection.

To screw with something so sacred would skew the results of social progress to an ever more STAGNANT, MYOPIC DESTINATION.


For the strength of my conviction I rely on the word of God.

It is written that I restore His Majesty and rule of law in Creation.

Sorry if my rudeness and short comings offend you. Please forgive me as I forgive those who trespass against me.

The point is not my lack of perfection. My efforts are all to assert this freedom of choice into practice so that we can live in peace, safety and liberty once more. Without this serenity we will surely perish of terminal lawlessness.

Don't focus on me, or any other man or woman, look to God for your strength individually. Search your souls, allow a new era of tolerant perception to begin with peacefully exercising your liberty to choose freely.

Forgive others their human faults and celebrate the positive liberty that you all should crave. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It is the easiest guaranteed method of ensuring your personal safety and happiness. Don't worry about what others are doing. The price of freedom is that all must share in it, equally, no matter what their personal choices as long as they don't impact others, directly.

Beyond that, we would have to prohibit, drinking, driving, smoking tobacco, prescription drugs, hang gliding, horseback riding, selling aspiring, allowing doctors to prescribe medicines long before prohibiting drugs on a statistical order of danger basis.

That leaves only a moral choice imposed on others by force of law for no logical reason. This then is an example of The Government of Canada Claiming to be about the business of "Justice" while practicing injustice upon individuals and harming the community at large. The pretext of being about "Justice" is the same claim Hitler used to seize property from the Jews and he made laws to the same effect. Like the Jews, Canadian citizens who practice different social habits based on, relatively less harmful than alcohol products, are targeted by the government for these choices.

The absurdity of perception of those who instituted these socially harmful laws is still carried forth by the defacto tyrants of today. Simply put, tyranny seeks to always entrench itself. The method is often through laws which limit personal freedoms on arbitrary grounds. To jail people who are designated to be jailed by the laws intended for the purpose of targeting them, is the classical venue for persecution.

Rob Nicholson, Stephen Harper need to have their mental faculties checked to figure out why they don't use reason and facts as a basis for laws and social policy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The reason we have prohibition is because people CAN'T FOCUS ON THE GOAL!

Someone tried very hard to hijack the agenda this morning at the court of Justice meeting. They figured that they could set the time frame of repeal of prohibition of the Psychedelics. Although this person was repeatedly invited to join the Guild they never put in the effort to even understand us. All this person wants to do is conflict with the cops, the courts, the world. He is right, and everyone must march to his tune. One thing you definitely can't label him as, is a team player.

How dare he come in here and spew his agenda forward using his legal assumptions under the Marijuana Party banner and unilaterally try to make us conform to his perceptions.

He never took the time to even study our legal constructs, rather he tried to assert his own thinking, claiming he had right to vote on anything without becoming a member of the Marijuana Guild. The format was that the Judge would decide, no one had said anything about a vote. Why do these assholes keep sabotaging people's attempts to do something unless it conforms to their agenda. Control your own friggen lives and leave others to control theirs, you friggen dingbats. Why always try to steer other people's ships?

This move of legalizing Psychedelics is not for the benefit of me making money on them. They are being sold by everyone, anyways, including myself. It's not about establishing a business and making lots of money while flying right on the edge of the radar scope. For me it is about repealing the crime causing idiocy of prohibition!

I don't need six months of of graduated challenges for my self confidence to build up to the point where the courage to repeal idiocy finally comes. This man clings to the concept that it is a medicine and sick people should use it primarily and Psychedelics are socially less acceptable. Don' do them them!

Total idiocy to let them entrench prohibition further, by degree of supposed harmfulness of the substances. It's giving validity to the argument that there is a need for the state to control your diet if it deems it necessary or politically correct. Its the same as Marc Emery selling out and pleading guilty, now the precedent is set Americans can come in to our country and pluck out whomever they want. What victory is that? It's called appeasement, what Caimberlin did with Hitler.



Let me repeat, so even the really stupid ones can understand: There will be no criminal law controlling anyone's diet in my world. No classifications of substances to give weight to the argument that what we are doing is for your own good.

How dare anyone try to impose their agenda on ours without a word of consultation. As if the world revolves around their political ideas, and theirs alone. I didn't create this legal thing, but I sure know what it's all about and I can fly this aircraft.

Right now I am pushing the envelope to see if the wings will stay on! Go fly your own aircraft and smash it up if you will, this one is in my hands until the goal is reached.

The goal is not primarily to sell as much dope as you can get away with. The primary goal is to repeal the CDSA as we said in the record of parliament. How frigging hard is that to understand?

I don't care what kind of laws Marc Boyer wishes to operate under. I have no real cause to be upset with what Mr. Harper wishes to impose on those of his citizens who will accept the control for their benefit. But my right to be left in peace to make my own choices is sacrosanct, in reciprocation for letting others make their choices in peace.

Of those who seek to be free of tyranny practiced for dietary control, our claim of right gives them the liberty to be left in peace for the personal choices. They have the right in creation to be free to choose to ingest whatever substances they wish. If their behavior impacts anyone in an unlawful/harmful way there are laws to deal with that. Beyond it is not anyone elses right to make a value judgment and call another person's behavior bad and make it a criminal act if it does not directly impact them.

The state practices injustice harming people, encourages others to discriminate against people who prefer a different experience than that of being drunk!

Get a fucking grip you idiots on the bench. You wouldn't know justice, or the rule of law if it slapped you in the face.

We have seen the depraved Judge who forced native girls into sex, and quite a few others. Most stay hidden because they are never held to any accounting.

Rule of law in Canada? Where? Accountability? where?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome everyone to our historic Psychedelic schedule confirmation court session Feb 9th

Click the title above to link up to the court of Justice proposed Psychedelic schedule. Please peruse it carefully and plan to attend our court session at (tentatively) 11 am. There will be a documentary crew attending this historic moment.

We also wish to have constructive input if possible. Why not enter the discussion at the forum in the title link?

Not many people get the chance to see history in the making. Psychedelics will be lawfully for sale after the schedule is passed to people over 18 for the first time in North America as a straight forward commercial transaction.

There will be no charade involving sacraments and shamanism, only an honest exchange of pelf for product. I know we will have Cubensis mushrooms, DMT and hopefully MDMA and LSD as well. Come see what's shaking if you can make it.

564 East Broadway. One block west of Fraser, south side.

Some of you may think that we are trying to sneak in under the radar screen. Every authority that should be notified of our existence has been, imo. Here is the Province of BC on this blog right now.

Province Of British Columbia ( [Label IP Address]

Canada Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, 4 returning visits

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another day at Bud Oracle's pot shop

This is a nice light filled place that will spruce up with some simple furnishings. The customers enjoy the open concept, no furtive glances (except at the camera). Mostly my old clients. the white wolf is happy on the floor out front. It all seems so normal.

Earlier this morning we were walking to Trout lake, and on the rise at 6th and Clark, the Wolf and I encountered the Police officer whom you see on Pot Bust 1 video who is the non confrontational one, and his partner (a different one). We talked for a good 10 minutes and I told them of this store. They remarked that it was good I sold to people over 18. I introduced them to LEAP and invited them to take an interest in making our society safe, rather than just apply unjust laws.

Had two new customers so far today. Checked for age on one of them.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Very good, rewarding, vibes today, although ill from a cold!

This morning involves the contradictory states of having a serious cold and some terminal lack of physical energy, while still being spiritually "high." I have been cruising on sheer positive energy and fighting pathogens. There seems to be a counterattack happening now. Confidence that I will be able to work today is strong.

I did do a full dose of MDMA, yesterday. This is explained on camera and all interviews were done while I was on a pleasant energetic trip. What is the problem in my behavior that I must be criminalized for wanting to feel this way? It helped me put in an 18 hour day after 4 hours of sleep, without becoming "hectic" once. Every time I hear these killer cops spout the bullshit of "excited delirium" I know that the news item will go on to say that the victim was killed because of their actions. Guaranteed there was some escalation by the cops, like you see the cop in the Cambie Street Station touching me without cause, or in the pot bust videos.

Think about the insanity of giving these low level operators weapons that can kill and torture, to enforce people's diets. To top that, these killers are never held to account and have on occasion been left to perpetrate murder again, as in the case of Benjamin Monty Robinson. Orion Hutchison was the second victim of this rogue cop. What about Ian Bush, shot in the back of the head? They can come for me anytime. I would like to relate my true stories via the documentary while I am in jail on a hunger strike.

Some of my featured stories, on camera, include "I trusted the RCMP" (sorry about the quality, it was one of my first) where I relate how the RCMP used the good deed I did for our community against me. They outed me for having given recorded testimony which convicted a double murderer. This was done on behalf of a cop who left me crying for help and ran into the night after her Rottweiler mauled me and my dog 13 years later in Surrey. Also, I related the story of my involvement in the government hate crime perpetrated after the Mayerthorpe tragedy.


Everyone knows what I am doing, where I am doing it, and my hours.




Make my day, you facken goons! Come and get me Rob Nicholson!

As I said to the supervisor while cuffed by Blain Christian's camo clad partner, "I will never back down, as long as I have breath in my body, from taking down this life destroying idiocy that the government of Canada is foisting on peaceful, harmless people who live in my community."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Marijuana Guild open for business 564 East Broadway

Sorry about the live stream not being available. Maybe tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Marijuana Guild Opens its doors to the Public February 4, 2010

Doors open at the crack of Noon. Normal hours of operation 12 pm to 8 pm Monday through Saturday.

You must be 18 years of age and be able to prove it with adequate ID. You must also be of sound mind.

The front Foyer will be on high definition surveillance camera and streamed live on the internet. Our customers will be the proof to the world that we are not criminals, rather otherwise law abiding, harmless people, who have nothing to hide. There will be some people making a documentary as well, so if you don't like the limelight, be forewarned.

Opening menu

Purple Kush $35/65 I

Nebula $35/65 IX

Hawiian $30/55 SX

Early Girl $30/55 SX

Jam $30/60 SX

Foxi Lady $25/50 SX

Afghani Gold seal Black hash

Items subject to change without notice

5% retail sales tax to be charged on all transactions to all non Status Natives.

$20.00 minimum purchase.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010