Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why do you believe the lies?

This will be on the back of my sign: "Why do you believe the lies?"

A monarch rules through Justice, not Injustice. By harming harmless people through the CDSA, the Government practices tyranny. It is the duty of every citizen to come against tyranny even at great personal cost, because our freedom will cease to exist if we let them do it.

Why would anyone believe the same bullshit that has been spouted for 4 decades now (see CBC propaganda video by clicking title link?) As if Kash Heed has done something extraordinary and new, not the same idiocy that has been spouted a thousand times before. I just had another person try to sell my a thousand hits of MDMA. Good Price too. Guess they have to make up the market share opening which this bust left. Perhaps friends of the Minister's needed a little help to get their product into a better position. Get tough on drugs? This is the same boring shit paranoid Richard Nixon was peddling 4 1/2 decades ago. These dumb fucks can't even invent a new spin and yet the citizen morons forever feed off this nonsense, because the government media is stuffing it to them by the shovel full.

To me it is totally insane what the RCMP have done to Rick Simpson, busting him again. These flat footed cowards don't come near me because as they have found out I am not to be trifled with. With all their resources and training, they still find me a bit difficult. That's because I have caught these criminals several times, including their boss committing crimes and have documented this. All their technical crap and the whole shebang can't touch an honest, ethical, man who isn't afraid of them. They are just another violent gang with colors and guns at heart, yet practically the most sophisticated of them all with your resources. No oversight, not accountable to the laws, and can murder with impunity, are the operational parameters of the RCMP. The drugs and substances act is perfect for their purposes, a gang of thugs well armed applying tyranny.

Lying fucks like Kash Heed continue to make our society unsafe to help make a police state for their control purposes, all lackies of the USA. More idiotic control laws so that more cops and politicians can get a larger share of the Tax revenue from the sheep.

The picture at the top of the post of the monument to the missing and murdered women says it all. These are incompetent spin artists perpetuating the same lies which got us into this lawless state to begin with. Couldn't even get it straight at investigating the murders while they continued unabated. Didn't Willi Picton live in Mapleridge, policed by the RCMP?

The VPD wouldn't even admit there was a problem, inventing plausible "vacation" scenarios for the missing women. These incompetent assholes are going to do now what they have been unable to do for a half century? That stupid, I am not. Fuck right off Kash Heed, I couldn't give a shit what a criminal political spin monkey like you says. You are giving me a renewed vigor. The sheep quickly forget and munch down on even more bullshit as quick as the fraudsters can shovel it out. The fucking government couldn't get the Air India bombers, spending hundreds of millions, even though they were recorded on audio tape and now this loudmouthed liar Kash Heed is going to fix the drug problem in one fell swoop with the help of the Feds, because they caught 15 kilos of coke and a couple of hundred thousand hits of ecstasy. I have heard this kind of bullshit now for a half century. Fuck right off Kash Heed, stick your crime causing policies where the sun don't shine. You are one of the ones we owe this crime and lawlessness, too!

That is why I have no apologies for this harangue of a liar who betrays his duty to the safety of the community and blatantly lies for purely political purposes. Yeah, there is blood on this cowardly liar's hands.