Saturday, February 28, 2009

BC AG Wally Oppal makes me hot! (click for audio version)

A more considered critique of the Wally Oppal interview on “the House” CBC Radio One: by bud oracle

The Attorney General of BC, of whom I have often written, has again affronted me personally by coming out with such obvious bull crap. Does he take me for an idiot? On the one hand he states that no crime experts think that harsh laws, tougher penalties alone will deter criminals. Then Wally seems to speak hopefully to those few criminals who might be listening. I have seldom heard such equivocating crap come from someone in charge of public safety, before. Admittedly he is speaking to a limited small number of criminals yet he expects these laws to make our society safer? Is he drunk? Make up your mind, or even a point that is relevant, Wally. Don't try to spin pipe dream doobies from thin air.

The best thing in the way of outrageous, IMO, is when he comes out with a theory about the American Canadian border being shut down the moment we repealed prohibition. First off this is a diversion. It is Wally's jurisdiction and expertise to be concerned with how the law makes our society safer or unsafe, not foreign policy. Second the idea that this Obama administration would shut down trade with Canada over us asserting our own sovereignty is absurd. There is not a shred of evidence for it. Rather this is one instance where instead of Canada taking on Trudeau's old role of the mouse to the elephant, we should try to take up my new position as Elephant driver and guide the Dumb American beast to a safer social path, do our neighbor a good deed. This is the time for leadership, not Wally Oppal's retreat to social injustice through bad laws to appease an oppressor Nation. This proves to me that he has no ethical foundation, if compassion for a safer society is outweighed by trade concerns.

When Wally mentions “the cops got to catch more criminals” HE IS PARROTING AMERICAN PRISON INDUSTRY/Justice system rhetoric. This about making crime an industry, not social safety.

The man is a fraud when he claims to be a product of the sixties, not about to “reveal” his association with pot. To pretend that he understands the other side of the spectrum by implying that he might have toked, is a lie. Wally never had a toke and couldn't prove it to save his life. He is not honest enough to exhibit the compassion a toker has naturally for others made into criminals over something so safe and benign.

I react strongly to this dishonest man's blatant political spin, so poorly disguised and delivered in a con man's pitch. In the original interview off the radio my comments are spontaneously spawned by visceral reactions to the bullshit and my language is a tad colorful, but at least I am honest.

This is the last day of February 2009 thanks for listening, bud oracle saying “stay healthy and aware, make your own choices”

Thursday, February 26, 2009

PM Harper Peddles Political crime bill Vancouver

THIS MORNING ON THE Early Edition a young “reformed” (read conforming with government position) gang member was getting his theories aired. Rick asked this punk, as if he were an Oracle, for his opinion on the repeal of prohibition, decrim rather than legalization.

The guy replied “That's an interesting theory! But I think these guys would just find something else to do like right now they have a 24 hr booze delivery service, or undercutting legal cigarette prices by importing cheaper/stolen smokes.

Yeah, this punk still wet behind the ears gets to say this bullshit, because that is the government line. CBC is working as a bullhorn for the government again.

Think about it. A 5 billion dollar per year business is going reorganize around booze and perhaps midnight delivery services. Why not just allow legal delivery 24 hrs service? Or the absurdity to think that these huge drug empires are going to take up the slack flogging black market smokes.

This is the government fraud on which Harper and the elected members keep trying to deny the validity of repeal/decriminalization, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME USING THE CRISIS AS A POLITICAL FOOTBALL.

This tweaking of the laws , might appear tough on crime to the gullible, but it won't make a spit of difference to the actual violent crime rate. It is an arbitrary linear political solution to bad publicity primarily with a shaky foundation in reality.

This is what we are facing if we continue down this absurd path: 5000 deaths in Mexican drug wars.

The real solutions come from people such as this, not the victim dupes our Daft van Dongen is dragging around to promoter his bullshit: Howard Wooldridge, a former Texas Ranger, Jack Cole of LEAP, Dr. Richard Mathias of UBC, Milton Friedman Economist,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Gunslinger, Steve "cat killer" Harper, comin' to town shootin' the shit, soon!

Harper to implement more violent crime causing laws in Vancouver on Thursday Feb 26, 2009

Too bad he hasn't got the guts to announce his schedule before he arrives like a thief in the night to lay some more crime causing legislation on us. Here is what the people think as to the real solutions, Mr. Harper:

"Solicitor General, John Van Dongen the Daft, is on BC Almanac Radio One today discussing this violence!" Noon till Two PM, today. The BC Almanac website

The call ins were awesome! I started to listen to the show at home and then had to go visit an employee of the Daft van Dongen's, my probation officer.

How good it was to listen to his BS being refuted on the way. I heard him reluctantly admit to repeal of prohibition as being one possible solution, "That remains the realm of lawmakers."

Purely political bullshit, Mr. Daft van Dongen, because why are the cops always allowed to support prohibition politically within their function as police officers if it is only "up to law makers?"

Are the police officers lawmakers, too?

I'm glad so many, some talented lawyers, took this bullshit artist to task! Thanks!

It was this Daft van Dongen's job to charge the 4 mounties who murdered Robert D at the airport and he had the power to do that. Rather than seeing to an equal rule of Law for everyone, he thinks that tweaking with the already unbalanced power of the state over the accused will work as a strategy for lowering the violence surrounding us.

Are people really that confused to believe something so obviously fraudulent as a solution to such a major deadly complex problem of gang violence, could be slimming of the evidence package and discontinuing the two for one time for awaiting trial? The cops operate illegally mostly already and still these self serving violent fools can't do much.

Why? The laws that these cops are forced to enforce as well as their attitude lead to disrespect. The person who mentioned that the RCMP are hired from a pool of people whose standards are not the normal values of society, was astute in his observation. These out of sync cops are using the prohibition laws to force their own standards on society in a personal way---because they can!

Also the Early Edition Radio One's morning show was alive with the same topic:

Great interview on the Early Edition Radio One with Dr. Richard Mathias of UBC Public Health. He stated a great case for repeal of prohibition of all drugs and reverting to a control/regulated model as a cure for this gang violence.

I don't see the podcast up yet but here is the web page. Get on the call in line and put your two cents worth in! website of Early Edition

Until I asked them to remove it a few months ago, because I was angry at their pro police coverage, the Early Edition used my voice as a promo leader throughout the day "Hi Rick, this is your buddy again......" or something like that.

I really got pissed off at Rick Cluff, due to his hockey addiction and conformist attitude. Always the same government propaganda.

Monday, February 23, 2009

On being an Oracle

How to think about science episode 24

Nicholas Maxwell.
From Knowledge to Wisdom, first published in 1984

A very interesting article which makes me sure of my place in creation, my reason for being. I crave this kind of stuff. Some people may think that I have done too many Psychedelics recently, or that I am smoking too much Kush. It is good to think, but not all thought is alike in value. I can do this under the influence of Marijuana and have safely, many times. Why are people being made criminals for it's use?

This moment is the occasion of my present euphoric state of being!

I feel as if I am soaring on a grand cross country adventure, in the grip cold high altitude air, the wind rush of the air stream past me/my glider, the sifting noise of lift being dynamically generated on the airfoil, the thrum of the rigging, the feel of the G's loading/shedding, the hard jolts of rough air, the panoramic view past the boot of your harness, the wheeling planet, the puffs of cloud forming at your level beginning to surround you, all of it comes to me full blown now, as I stroll: a Free-roaming Oracle. This feels to be my destiny.

I remember for a long time thinking that I had the same time line as Colonel Sanders for making a success out of my life. He didn't take off and become a recognized name until he was my age now. Therefor, I am expecting things to continue this year in the upward curve that has been apparent now, for some time.

Tomorrow I have a day off, which is fine by me. I will get some printing done so that I may continue to approach people with my activism and invite them to visit my blog. Meeting people is a natural part of me and lately I have had no fliers to leave off, not campaigning for anything. (thank god)

Nothing says I can't advocate for my cause to get violence off the streets, out of our neighborhoods. If people enjoy my writings and return to my blog, fine. Something tells me to do this from within. Soon I might be able to afford a little video camera to take along and do some Utube videos. My life is full, dynamic, awesomely real, now . I feel validated, invigorated: extremely sensuous. Being an Oracle is as grand a soaring flight I have ever had! It is visceral for me.

This is my destiny! I embrace it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tula and Aloofus by the Sea (for audio click)

While I work all day my White Wolf lounges with his girlfriend by the Sea. What a life for his Highness!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thoughts on the appeals for Cancer research

I know personally 3 Phd's in the cancer research racket here in Town. We have talked on occasion in the dog parks and I always ask probing questions of these highly trained people every chance I get.

Yes, of course they have made progress and the research does payback small dividends. I think it is a huge scam, though. IMO it is a major error path. They are in a complex way chasing a linear solution for a problem caused by our own lifestyles.

Another person I know, Trish, a pretty woman my age, has been treated for breast cancer recently. My friends and acquaintances are dropping like flies from cancer and these researchers have been at it extracting huge resources from us for decades with very little to show for it while the cancer rates keep growing.

I don't have a Phd, but I have my eyes wide open scanning the whole of my landscape. My humble education in the environmental field and what I continue to research, all provides a hint of where the problem really lies.

Most people don't really understand how much dangerous stuff we have flung indiscriminately about in our "living room" over the decades. We should be working/searching more to seek the cause of these cancers in terms of environmental contamination. Even cows milk can be hazardous, yet politically the lobby for this poison is so strong that we are forced to consume it.

Just as the government imposes the idiocy of the prohibition of Cannabis and even Psychedelics at a tragic cost to our society, we are working to cross purposes.

Why? Because there is no sane leadership, it is all political bullshit. Including cancer research

These are only a bunch of entrenched concepts with powerful lobbies pulling at our hearts strings in an uncoordinated, poor performing, chaos of appeal.

I read everything that hits the popular press about molecular biology and much else, it doesn't really impress me. Due to having been around for a half century, the wisdom of not putting too much store in these highly trumpeted advances has settled upon me. I see them collapse quietly, come to naught, in a few months/years. The truth is that most who are treated still die horrible deaths. I say don't worry so much about death, lets do something that counts while alive and go without fear in a pleasant, non resistant passing, with dignity

I say put you money in the hands of local food banks and shelter ventures. This will be much more beneficial in the long run than funding what turns out to be mostly profit directed research.

The government could make our society much healthier by repealing the prohibition of the natural medicine, Cannabis. Many of these cancer researchers are strongly against this, always on the side of government propaganda to serve their own purposes.

I am no longer buying into any scams marketed by the medical profession.

You are 970 times more likely to die at the hands of an error caused by your physician, than you are of gunshot wounds in North America. Did you know that?

The fact that the medical profession is against allowing us to choose euthanasia as a viable option instead of facing the regime of medical experimentation which we are now forced to do. troubles me. All are driven to fear death in today's world and grasp at every straw, as if death was something unnatural to fear.

The whole scam is mostly subscribed to by the religious old people, who contrary to what they claim about the joys of death and spiritually going to meet their maker, always choose to stave off death at extreme costs to the living.

I agree we are a sick society, but it is not cancer which is our main foe.

It is the idiocy we cling to, our refusal to be pragmatic, to use reason to find solutions, which is killing us in the droves, making our society unhealthy and dangerous to live in..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Local programs echo my words, also reflections on Mr. Hogg.

CBC Radio One News. (Edited & Reposted)

As a sidebar, the cost of security for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics has risen from the projected 175 million, only a year ago in Boom times, to in the billions in these sad times.

I don't think these guys who get huge salaries are very good at the job of understanding the true complexity of things. This Oracle is free-roaming for real, on the land once again, in full headgear!!! The great Karma is flowing back and forth once again.

CBC local shows are interviewing a good cross section, and our words about the linkage of crime to Prohibition are coming back to me from other people's mouths on my favorite shows. Things are great.

I did tell the Crown Attorney, Mr Hogg, the I had some degree of ability of my own and felt confident that it would suffice. It seems a little bit of a reinforcement of my rejecting the help of a Lawyer as being a very good thing to do. To first insinuate in his emails that it was improper to contact MS Merry in regards to the case (Because they were young females needing his protection, leaves me wondering what kind of mental layering goes on in there), then lying and saying she wasn't on the case, Next in the same email, trying to bully me into hiring a lawyer, because I was in "Dangerous Waters"

Yeah Right!!!!!!!!!! I would not take the help of someone so incompetent as Mr. Hogg. In fact I was sure that Jack Roe would have decimated him! He was prepared with a hefty binder and a cohesive, ultimately unassailable argument. I was very confident that should the Judge have allowed Jack to represent me against Mr. Hogg, I would have been extremely well represented, as a gift
from his kind heart. He was as insulted as I with Mr. Hoggs insinuations.

A person who is on a quest for Justice with the forces of good, who is doing what is right, has the Spirit of Gia behind them!

When it was show time, Mr. Hogg the sailor of DANGEROUS WATERS, WAS NOWHERE IN SIGHT!!!!!!!

AND LOW AND BEHOLD, THE PERSON DOING THE JOB OF THE CROWN IN AN EXEMPLARY Fashion, but with no enthusiasm, was the lovely MS Merry. I watched her methodically ask those questions she had written down and the script contained all the answers that she was eliciting from the witnesses. She ticked all off methodically, doing her job with no passion for it except in the doing. She could have been all over me but read the Judge right. Surprising THAT SHE WOULD BE THERE! Mr. Hogg had said in his email that she wasn't even on the case.(The evidence package contain only her name and that of another young female lawyer, not Mr.Hogg's name at all)

Now why would anyone innocent in a matter with evidence to that, need to hire a lawyer if this is how they behave? At least in a matter such as this.


To think that people here, anywhere might doubt that I am an Oracle.

How silly is that? They likely would crucify Jesus Christ, if he was panhandling on the Drive, I think.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bud Oracle's Secret: The Karma gods and Kush!

Of course I started my day out the same as any day! Don't want to change anything that's working, eh? I was questioned as to a certain "smell" as I was searched and passed through security. I remarked " A bad smell? or a good smell?" So the Judge got to communicate with me while I was under the full influence. We were doing well! I did not do this out of disrespect, this is just my day.

If I had tried going with the freeman status, I would not have done as well. I consider myself a Freeman now, but I did initiate these actions under the name of my person and it wouldn't be fair to expect to just walk away from responsibility. Also I did want to go before the Canadian Justice system and bring my cause forward when I began this escapade. So I was reluctant to just walk away from it.

This wish I was granted in the most unconventional of ways. It suites my nature. I believe thats what the judge did: go to my blog to get a feel for who I might be! There is nothing untoward doing that. Not every marijuana salesperson is a blogger and exhibitionist such as I and the cops could use my stuff to try to build a case, too.. I believe it was my ability to express myself directly to the Judge both in my work and his presence that made it happen. He saw: How genuine I was. How screwed up. what motivated me. He had the perfect opportunity to see what concerns I had on a wide variety of subjects. If he is a CBC Radio One listener he would get a sense in my writings of the rising and ebbing tide in real time connection with the news.

The fact that he reviewed R v Parker in anticipation of this trial tells me that he was seriously engaged in hearing my case. He might have even wished to have the input into this issue and caught on to my plans as I revealed them here. The way he was short with Jack, and so very helpful to me, twice commenting how easy a procedure was and by his words and behavior. I quickly felt he was sincerely reaching out to me. It took this soaring pilot about 1 second to begin to core this bit of joyful lift/respect. The kind Judge Rideout put me at ease immediately. I trusted him on his open considerate attitude towards me.

First off he immediately wished to know the correct pronunciation of my name and he actually welcomed me into his court. I felt welcome! Then he corrected the various players in the pronunciation until they got it right. I felt truly respected in the way he treated me and it still brings a tear to my eyes.

Judge Rideout got the Police witnesses to drop the "accused" and just refer to me as Mr. Kaczor. We actually discussed aspects of the law and questioning as equals. He was very helpful in the explanations of where I could go somewhere and why not in my line of questioning. In his summation of my motives for doing this crime he used words that exactly expressed my views on how this lawlessness and gang violence is directly caused by the prohibition laws themselves.

He gave me a feeling that for me in this instance the forces that be, heard me and agreed with me, and did their best to right a wrong. I believe that within the narrow constraints of his legal "template"/realm, he did the very best that he could. It amazes me how narrow the focus is in a courtroom. There seems little room for wide vistas of human life. To think that some people claim to be able to influence human chemistry, emotions and desires, with laws and drama that takes place in such a small room. It's insane!

The thing I get is that my writings were effective in having argued my case before a Judge in an unconventional way. The power of the written word has saved me the expense of a lawyer with a result that leaves me feeling blessed. Yes I did offer to sell marijuana to two police officers twice. Technically I was guilty of it and it was me that came up up that bright idea for the purpose of coming before the courts to try to change the laws. Yes I could have attempted a formal charter challenge, but I have no money and did the best I could for about the cost of the pot $600.00 or so and $35.00 for a letter to the AG.

For a poor man I felt that I got a good bang for the buck!

Personally, I received back from Judge Rideout a renewed respect for the law. As I mulled this over today I realized that the Karma gods gave me exactly what I needed as a just reward for my efforts.

I consider my Claim of right to be in effect, because it wasn't rejected and all I did was answer for what the person Klaus Kaczor did. I will keep the peace! I will not approach cops or anyone downtown to sell Cannabis. But I will also continue my activism and this time if any one comes for me on their initiative I will take the proper steps.

The insanity of the SG and the Police chiefs telling us that we are going to solve this with more gang focussed police initiatives is presently coming from the radio. I am sure Judge Rideout and many others are listening too, shaking their heads The SG is daft!

To Mr. Hogg I wish to state that I saw no waters of any kind, dangerous or not, in the court room!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sometimes Justice is just that. Judge Rideout heard me loud and clear

Now I hope someone hears him!

Here is what I have blogged about the trial today and what others who saw it said.

The Honorable Judge Rideout was presiding in a very intelligent manner. He was respectful to me and the law at the same time.

Basically I had the feeling that he was on my side and understood that this was a political action from the beginning!

He would not entertain Jack and we proceeded to trial. I was very honest and direct and he was very fair and proper to me. With the cop witnesses he was to the point questioning them and then asking if I had any questions.

I didn't try to dick around and was honest AND AS DIRECT AS I COULD BE. I got the sense from what he said that he was in agreement with my stand and put it into my words distinctly when he summed it up.

At the beginning of the trial he asked me flat out if I had any intention of quitting SMOKING or selling marijuana. I said "NO."

In the end because, I had questioned the cop as to the second bust and what he purported I said "If you want marijuana you can buy it from me" (I don't think I said that.) the Judge just threw out the second charge.

The crown, because of my breaching of condition had wanted 3 months and a condition for me to stay away from alcohol and "drugs". He suspended my sentence, said I must report to the probation officer at least once a month ( he was very sticky about that) and looking directly at the crown said that I must stay away from alcohol and that's it.

This man understood what I was doing from the conversation. I thought that he might have visited my blog. When I mentioned R v Parker he said that he had reviewed it in preparation for this trial. I had told him that I continue to this day to sell marijuana when I had a chance during the trial, that I had sold it from the stage of all candidates meetings. This gentleman was as compassionate as the parameters of his job allowed.

The promises I made to this man I will keep! He is a fellow dog owner!

I told you that I was confident and felt that my Karma was good!

He mostly encouraged me to take the proper measures for a charter challenge next time (hoping there wouldn't be one--I hope the laws fall before that too) and that he appreciated my activism and concern for the community.

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Jack Roe's point of view:


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And here is how it went,

Bud appeared in court at 9:30 am, room 303 at the Provincial Court of British Columbia, Vancouver District before The Honourable Judge G Rideout. First, the Crown, a Ms. Merry, dealt with the matter of the warrant for Bud's arrest. He said that he hadn't checked in with his supervisor as he had forgotten. Fair enough. When asked if he was to retain counsel, he said he had someone for that purpose, and the Judge summarily denied his application to have me act as his counsel.

A couple of other matters were dealt with, and then Bud went up again, this time for the first appearance on Information 193452-2-C. The Judge had at this point engaged Bud in friendly conversation; Bud explained some of how he feels about the situation and so forth, and the Judge was very amenable to letting him say his bit. Through that, the Judge was able to have Bud admit that his purpose in bringing me along would be merely to assist with a charter challenge, which would make me a rather poor help, as, of course, one must give proper notice to the Attorney General of such a challenge, and no such notice had been given. Of course, as I understood it, the goal was not a charter challenge, but to help except to jurisdiction and to the form of the indictment. Bud did not correct the Judge, so, of course, I was not in a position to contradict Bud's understanding of his own position. The Judge did ask me what legal training I had, and I replied that I sincerely hoped all of my training had been legal, none of it illegal. He clarified his meaning, and I told him I'd had no training by the bodies corporate tasked with educating lawyers within the province. After which, he told Bud that he was doing such a good job without me that there was really no reason for him not to simply represent himself.

So, seeing that Bud was taken in and going along with their script, I decided to watch. The two arresting officers were sworn on the bible, and they gave their testimony. A final officer was qualified as an expert in the distribution, etc. of marihuana in Vancouver, and he gave testimony about inferences that might be drawn from the weight and packaging of the marihuana.

The crown closed its case without making any further submissions after that witness. Bud made a final statement wherein he reminded the Judge that the Judge's power descends from the Queen who takes an oath to uphold the bible and suggested that he threw himself on the mercy of the court.

As to the charges, he was found guilty on two counts, acquitted on one. The sentence, a conditional sentence of six months during which he is to stay away from two places whereat he was arrested, is much lighter than the three months in prison asked by the Crown. Further, the Crown asked that Bud be given a condition such that he is prohibited from possessing drugs or alcohol. The judge said "so ordered, he is prohibited from possessing alcohol," to which he added, rather pointedly, "Hear the Or, Ms. Merry? So, I've given you what you asked for" or words to that effect.

To sum up, nothing was made of the form of the indictment nor of jurisdiction. Bud also did not bother mentioning the Writ that had been placed into the file as of Nov. 16 2008. Of course, Bud was given every opportunity, and he decided, for whatever reason, to go along with the Court this time when in past he had refused to plead, etc. Somewhat puzzling to me, but, then, there is no accounting for taste or its variations over time. All in all, pragmatically, things worked out personally for Bud rather better than they might have. However, due to the execution of the House's Script, the day was a wash in terms of novel legal arguments that might be generally applicable.

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vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas.

and the odd Barnacle's point of view!

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A good outcome for Klaus "Bud Oracle" Kaczor

I watched the first hour or so and left to toil in the cybernetic salt mines.

The courtroom experience, a harrowing mix of tedium, tension, and the need to urinate. Worse than the airport to get in.

I'm very glad that I attended though. The first fourty minutes or so of back and forth between the judge and Klaus was something to see. I hope that he'll stay out of trouble for a while.

As a neighbour he's fair dinkum. I thought that he'd be a pain in the ass when he moved in, but he's actually been ok.
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Originally Posted By: davidmalmolevine
I must admit the strategy worked better than expected.

It could be part of a pattern I've noticed, that Judges are willing to offer a lighter punishment in exchange for being able to avoid having to address complex legal arguments.

I still say that arguments that go to the core of the relative harmlessness of proper cannabis use/growing/dealing or the harmfulness of prohibition are as useful as the ones talking about jurisdiction or other technical issues for avoiding harsh punishments ... plus those harmless/harmful arguments also contain the extra benefit of educating the Judges and any media to the ethical problems of prohibition.

I would say that the judge was genuinely sympathetic to the ideas that Klaus was presenting. The damage caused by prohibition etc.

The argument that Klaus used was pretty much what you're outlining above. The judge put the kaibosh on Jack Roe's involvement, and derailed the strategy that they had planned. And was quite deft in doing so. He put words in Klaus' mouth. Stuff that Klaus hadn't even gotten around to yet. After he'd established, on Klaus' behalf, what Klaus meant, he went on to give Klaus suggestions about how to get going with a Charter appeal. Then he let him right off the hook. Considering that they had dead to rights it was quite something. Funny.

I had been quite curious to watch how the "novel legal arguments" went over. All said and done I feel that Klaus did right not to labour the point when the judge steered things away from that. Perhaps the outcome bears that out.

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It turns out the esteemed Mr.Hogg was not there, but one of the young Ms Merry (quite nice looking I must admit. At one point before she asked for 3 months she referred to me as "My friend" ), whom he said wasn't even on the case was there and functioning as the crown. She seemed like she didn't want to be there trying to jail this grandfather.

Ms Merry reefered to me as "My Friend" in a sincere way. I was curious especially after she asked for a 3 month sentence shortly after. I understood why she had to ask but the My Friend had me wondering. It wasn't until a blogger who knows something of the law who said it was a term of respect. Also early in the questioning the Judge asked the officers to drop the accused label when refering to me. He was very proper in setting an precedent of good pronunciation of my name of everyone. I got that he had seen my blog and gave me the respect that he felt appropriate. I told him that all the appropriate government departments had been getting auto email updates every time I posted here. Judge Rideout wouldn't let me get into "an email can change the world" but said something in dismissing my attempt to think that he read it. I did enter it after the first appearance.

The Judge is also a CBC radio One listener like me and suggested I listen to the Saturday afternoon program on marketing for good ideas. (I told him it was a favorite of mine) It seems he must have been listening to the mothers wailing on the news too. I felt that he was in agreement that the Prohibition laws must go. The only reason couldn't was that it just was not in his jurisdiction to do that!

I have a feeling that I wouldn't mind meeting him in the dog park and talking about life. He would be an interesting treasure to mine.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beren decision: The degrees held by members of Bar are important

I have to admit that I am wrong again! (This process is rejuvenating and a heck of a lot cheaper then holding an Inquiry)

Finally, I understand that the real value in the legal process is the degree. It gives one the network of all others who have paid heavily for this accreditation. All the required actors will dutifully agree on the “Value” of such a verdict and thereby give it credence. This Podcast is how I started off my morning after sleeping on the Beren waffling

Obviously this Regina vs Beren decision was a triumph of... of.... something. Here is my Psiloscybin solution which took less than 10 minutes to unravel 5 years of legal bullshit. The following was written after I had recorded this start of my day trip. Don't be trying to tell me that Psychedelics make me stupid.

It seems to make a mockery out of the Justice to me, but I can see how by giving Mathew a full discharge after finding him guilty, the hefty fees of his lawyers are made worthwhile. Yet we can allow the law itself to stand, to serve as a future income generator for fellows of the Law Society.

All of this 5 year long farce to allow fellows of the law society with degrees to support each other with more bullshit and not make one iota of difference to anyone, except the lawyers who earned a good living from it, at a great cost to society.

This is hilarious that these people feel that we can't see through this.

This is what justice has come to, in Canada 2009!

I am glad that I learned to fly hang gliders when I was young. All I need to do now is close my eyes and soar

Monday, February 2, 2009

222 Main Street Vancouver: Misery Mill

The entire blockade-like concrete edifice, all of its staff is wholly devoted to, supported by, the illegal drug Prohibition laws.

While these robed criminal lechers drone on and perpetrate a law designed just for such a primary self serving purpose, oppression (all the while wrapped in a Nobel notion of protecting the innocent from themselves), they ladle out heaping measures of crime and danger to Canadians at major cost to us. It's plain to see why lawyers want to perpetuate this misery: they live off it!

The side effects of Prohibition are costly in themselves, cost us much to produce, and pervade every facet of our society to keep this edifice of tyranny operating. They contribute to general lawlessness, poor policing, organized drug dealing, production of dangerous addictive drugs, drug dealing to ever younger children in our playgrounds, petty crime and the escalation of drug criminal population in our country for arbitrary reasons. Only the effects of the law itself are filling our prisons. The users are in themselves not as dangerous to themselves, or others, as are the laws dangerous to everyone.

No user of drugs burdens Canadians with such extreme abuse: flying lead in my neighborhood, murder of innocents who are in the wrong place, more drunken crime because more armed aggressive youth have drug money and drug turf to fight over. Not only that, but this law allows our politicians to perpetrate crimes on our citizens and never be held accountable, thereby destroying the rule of law and creating a police state ruled by closed societies such as those of the law.

Acts of social conscience are used against the citizens at the risk to their lives, while the misery mill continues its production.

The Gimli Karma and me....

Here is my honest strategy and approach for court. I may be a fool but this is how I will approach my case because I believe that I should not have anything to fear being on the side of Justice. It came as a response to joyful news and my celebration of it in a post. It follows my totally open honesty-is-the-best-strategy policy, so that someone can't paint some other reason on to what I am doing.

"Rescue of two teenagers on frozen Lake Winnipeg today reminds me of the lucky landing of the Gimli glider which saved many lives too.
I know that such areas and places exist as an Oracle experienced in Holotropic states.
Where I am living now is a super strong karma place for me. This month is also a very strong time for me."

All four of my children were conceived in February, including the one we lost at birth, It's a good time for me to go to court on February 9th.

Make my day Mr. Hogg, Constitutional lawyer supreme!

From the email trumped-up threat and some fear mongering "Dangerous waters in Court" "Even lawyers hire lawyers" I can tell that he is running scared.

At the moment that I am forced to defend myself as the person "KK" and not be allowed my free man on the land status, I will do my best to persuade the Judge of my honest sincere compassion for my fellow citizens and their children and my desire to have this crime/DEATH causing, law repealed.

I will make the Judge aware of the implied threat that Mr. Hogg perpetrated upon me and directly answer to the reason why I don't feel I need a lawyer.

I will throw myself upon the wisdom and mercy of the Judge and in a calm articulate fashion, detail why the law must go and why I don't feel the money spent on a lawyer would be a good idea.

THIS OF COURSE WOULD BE THE STORY of how I caught the top ministers of the government breaking the Hate Crimes act.

Besides being able to prove how corruption causing the Prohibition laws really are, I would also be able to float into evidence that this is the underlying reason why I feel that I need not hire a lawyer to represent me.

Anne McLellan is a lawyer and was the Minister of Public
when she committed her crimes. (breaking of the Hate Crimes Act and also the cover up and stepping away from her sworn oaths to see that Justice prevails)

Irwin Cotler is a lawyer and was Minister of Justice, no less, when he committed his crimes and subverted Justice.

I wanted the same kind of diligent pursuit of Justice as he did pursue David Ahenekew with. I wanted to, and tried to, charge Juliano Zaccardelli with the Hate Crime that he is still on many video archives committing. The fact that he is on record retracting his statements and apologizing shows me that they understood that they were breaking the law, but got off by going lightly on themselves.

Either these trained Lawyers (High priced no doubt) did this on purpose, which is evident to me, because they sure are afraid to let a charge come against them,


THESE HIGHLY PAID MONKEYS ARE TRULY INCOMPETENT, in my reasoned opinion as an intelligent lay person.

So I kind of think that I don't need to lower myself to the competency level of a high priced lawyer if all I want to do is tell the Judge the truth about why I wanted to confront these crime/mayhem causing Prohibition laws..

I say "Make my day, Mr.Hogg"

Let me tell the Judge exactly why I stuck my head into a police car Twice, to offer Cannabis for sale and risk my life in my bold honesty from all quarters, from criminals who have a lot to loose/cops who have a lot to loose. Let me also tell that Judge why I don't trust the honesty and competence of lawyers.

I feel real good! This is akin to standing on a hang gliding launch on a strong day. There is a tingle of anticipation within me with a subtle accompanying increase of pepsins.

You bet I am ready for this, otherwise I wouldn't be standing here.

You have to remember that I was the one who initiated this and tried my best to come before a reasonable Judge. Mr. Hogg is jumping to my tune, not the other way around.

I have given him a graceful way out, otherwise I will present my strong case to the Judge AND BE HAPPY TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO.


I am sure I can prove that to a reasonable Judge. The reason being is compassion for my fellow citizens and in the interests of Justice have always been the concern since I started this civil action. Unlike all the rest who could be said to use activism as a cover for illegal activities once caught, I started to sell drugs expressly to come before a Judge/Jury to challenge the laws

Yeah maybe I am one toke over the line! But I am proud of it, too!

Make my day Mr. Hogg! You will not coerce me into putting out good money for a poorly trained/poorly performing member of any law society

Update on the Regina Vs Berens case today.

Medical marijuana rules unconstitutional: B.C. judge

Beren, his voice cracking, said he was happy the five-year ordeal was over.

“I was facing 14 years or more in jail. Of course, I’m relieved,” he said.

He said he knew the risks, but couldn’t stand to see sick people suffer because they couldn’t get their medicine.

There is a brave man. I model myself upon him and have compassion for my neighbors who are downtrodden with the multiple fatal side effects of this law.