Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Former CSIS head slams Canadian courts: WikiLeaks

Jim Judd, another American cur in high government position who is apologetic for lack of terrorism mania in Canada, sorry for the concern for civil liberties by Canadian Supreme court. Why not go south to fucking work asshole? Why be a traitor to this country? Is this a requirement on the resume for the job of head of any government agency? What a bunch of yokels Canadians are to pay wages to American puppets.

CSIS sees itself as being "up against" Canadian civil liberty sensibilities, is apologetic for findings that Omar Khadr was tortured and that information glean through torture would not be allowed under pain of criminal indictment. The attitudes of the top levels of CSIS were the same as those of the Prime Minister's office, and were ILLEGAL. WILL THE MORONS WHO VOTE UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS? NOT BLOODY LIKELY!

No! What will likely happen is that think tanks, talking heads, will spin this to the Prime Moron's benefit: We will need more protection from oversight for CSIS to operate more confidently outside the law. This was a candid operational discussion and it means nothing.

Canadians are pretty dumb and don't understand the Biblical phrase, "ye are snared by the words of your mouth." That's only CSIS playing the game, it means nothing.

The fucking "game" is deception, and lawbreaking, torture and world domination through tyranny! This is the reason there is so much disharmony in the world: because the USA practices hegemony and empire building through pressure on "friendly" governments by breaking every law under God and nature.

The cur-like behavior is evidence of this power play in action. This is why Wiki Leaks exposed all these words.
They are snared by the words of their mouths
Now the Harper spin artists are trying to release the snared.

Juliano Fantino won in a bi election. These voters are sure dumb and didn't take the time to research this silent fart's(he did not participate in any debates or discussions) incredible stink. Did no one from any press have the guts to speak the truth? What a friggen police state Canada is becoming. Soon the decisions of the Supreme courts won't matter at all. The whole thing will be run by ex police crooks disguised as bureaucrats and politicians.

These are the methods of interrogation that Jim Judd was apologetic for the Supreme Court's decision strongly denouncing

Problems with the video which showed actual CIA torture training clips and how these methods were derived at from studies by funding civilian electroshock therapy research


Cattle need to be tactically contained and this is what the police forces are training at across the street from me. Thinking people would not tolerate this kind of police state creep. A large herd of cattle are easily contained with good training and tactics.

Rolling... rollin.... rollin... Phitt Yaw...... Rawhide!

"Hands up! you are surrounded! Show me you your papers! or we will shoot to kill! State your purpose here? What contraband vegetables are in your possession?"

Up against the wall Bud Oracle! You so much as twitch we are gonna open up! You are not entitled to cognitive liberty!

Guess what? The former Adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Tom Flanagan, (perhaps this is where the PM gets his arrogance from?) called for an assassination of Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder on TV.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wiki Leaks confirm that there is no moral leadership in the world

About the USA spying on Canada
He's anticipating the standard stereotypes of Canadians' sense of inferiority and self-deprecation.

As I have been saying for decades Canadian leadership in the world is non existent and one of the major reasons is the perception of a former Prime Minister. Canadians are so stupid that they actually revered this expression of inferiority.
Canada's relationship with the USA can be compared to that of a mouse sleeping with an elephant
What a fucking crock that a Prime Minister would state our relationship is (a) defined by "sleeping." (b) Set the Country's mindset to look at ourselves as a mouse.

The worst thing about this is that all the news media and CBC trumpets this for decades as being the mark of an intelligent man holding forth with wisdom. His son is riding on his famous coattails.
Ye are snared by the words of your mouth
I look at this as an example of Treetop marketing of propaganda. This self deprecating expression is now entrenched in Canada's leadership mindset. Why would the USA need to take us over to get everything they want? We are immediately ready to knuckle under to their every whim, no matter if it hurts Canadians or not. As a neighbor we are a reed in the wind storm of American farts, where it would be our duty to stand up, like someone who has a backbone, and give them some guidance. It is because our "leadership" is non existent scrambling to keep from getting squashed by the elephant.

I've always wondered why the vision Canadians hold of themselves shouldn't be more along the Lines of what I have seen in very old Tarzan movies and know to be a fact. What is wrong with imagining ourselves as the 50 Kilo Elephant driver, as do Indians sitting astride the beasts' ears and making it do as much work as a bulldozer. Why the friggen mouse image? Why does that self deprecating projection stir so much pride of evidence of intellectual prowess in Trudeau? It is dysfunctional on its face.

Some people can not grasp that words are the most powerful tools a human being can use. All power is projected via words. The words one speaks reveals their inner psyche. All change in this world is conveyed through words. Nothing good or bad happens without it being transmitted through words. Words define our individual universe, our common experience and how we feel about it.

People usually project them without consideration, and so it defines them as inconsiderate morons.
Only recently the Prime Minister was heard to remark that "drug use is bad." Does no one see that this is an invalid statement to build a policy of repression and harm to your society on? How can such a man who is supposed to look out for an entire nation, base a crime causing policy which is killing Canadians daily on a simple subjective opinion which happens to be a lie? No one in any media points out this bullshit which stands in for "leadership!"
Words are therefore at the root of all misery in this world as well as good. Words are the life blood of an intelligent species. If a society's words are primitive and self deprecating it is a symptom of malady.

Why would the American administration be so worried about the leak of words if they were not important?

that is the problem here. The propaganda coming from every media enforces government lies and the dumbest of cattle close their eyes to the facts all around them and contrary to the facts evident all around them believe the lies. "Democracy" as it is functioning now in North America is a fiction. In effect we are ruled by Corporate Propaganda controlling the masses of dumb cattle with lies against their own best interests. As Jack Layton is marginalized by the lies and propaganda of big business, contrary to the best interests of those being fleeced by the corporations, so is every alternative for change marginalized with lies from the establishment press: Like my shop on 564 East Broadway being the cause of an international security incident at the Olympics. It is amazing how people are so stupid as to be distracted from the evidence of failure of these policies surrounding them, while at the same time being told to support more of the same, because what they see is actually a "model of success."

Well, a press that reveres a statement of dysfunctional deprecation "The mouse sleeping with the elephant" as "Prime Ministerial wisdom," is pretty stupid, imo. That statement has hurt my spirit since it was made and helped me distance myself from accepting anything as being important from the establishment news sources unless it is well considered first.

Even the effects of these Wiki Leaks will soon be numbed as well lubricated lies bought by Big Business through think tanks and a generous sprinkling of former political hacks posing as talking heads who know something, does it's magic. All of them trying desperately to quickly dilute the impact of the true words leaked by someone who is concerned about the truth being known, before the bovines wake up.

Mostly I wish this venture well, but have little confidence in it. These surveys are only proof that the population has been systematically dumbed down for generations. If you read the Lincoln debates and compare that to the political rhetoric which is churned out today, most will find them hard to understand. Most find our argument "LAD-00023" hard to understand.

Does this jive with my study on Human political genes? The last genetic principle I see reflected in the voting results of the USA is genetic drift to lower intelligence, as the overall figures for the "turnout" drops from 61.93% to 51.87% since I connect intelligence with a dominant allele as in
It is a well known fact that intelligence is a genetic, inherited trait. That it is a dominant allele, I am inferring, because as the turn-out of eligible voters approaches and surpasses 80% , the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (HWE) of p^2, 2pq, q^2, where p is the frequency of the major allele, comes to mind. The optimum ratio of a dominant desirable trait (allele) in a free breeding population is 80%
Does no one else recognize that this time period also represents the exponential growth of media influence and polarized politics in North America?
These further results, pertaining to the American Presidential elections, indicate a decline of voter participation since the earliest (average of 1960, 1964, 1968= 61.93%) for which figures (the “Turnout”) were kept, until the last (average 1996, 2000, 2004= 51.87%). This is a (10.06%) (very) dramatic decline in less than 50 years... Do the letters "GWB" figure into it anywhere?

An example of this has occurred in the here and now. While listening tor Jian Ghomeshi's program Q this morning at Japan's latest pop star is a hologram. The guy being interviewed, an editor from an industry magazine, said something to the effect
Artists should be worried about this new phenomenon
in response Gian's prompt. Thankfully they played a cut of this phenomenon's performance in front of a large Japanese audience. The response gave credit to something I thought was a remake of the Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Yeah right! people like Leonard Cohen have to worry about this mickey mouse stuff? Fuck off with this bullshit marketing, even if it only an indirect marketing of electronic wizardry. Yet, many shallow impressionable people with money and control will now make decisions based on this crap becoming the next mass marketed in thing, which is self inflating like the universe. A small lie promoted into a huge pile of crap.

Words aren't important? Only to morons. From which platform they are flung is also vitally important. Bud the Oracle shouting them un amplified from the sidewalk is doing alright compared to what he is up against. Think about the crap being constantly fed into the pollution absorbing sponges from every media, and then compare that to what I do from my dirty little hovel and my ruined feet, and you can see I have reason to be confident and proud of my use of language.

Thanks for mocking this "next great phenomenon" Amy Sedaris! Yeah right! a Japanese "Hologram artist." I'm not worried about a Japanese invasion of hologram sensations destroying our creative artists.

Just now heard a radio "news" report claiming that more than 50% of British Columbians think that Marijuana should be legalized, but very few think that "harder" drugs such as ecstasy ect, should not. What would you expect as answers from a population who have been fed propaganda for several generations about ecstasy being a hard drug.

Listen to Dr. David Nutt on the question of ecstasy. Why would the opinions of cattle who have been munching on bullshit for generations matter in this instance, and, the "experts" on economics on another? The science of harm reduction is honesty and reasonable comparisons based on facts, not regurgitated opinion based on fiction in the first place.

Fact is that MDMA is less harmful than horseback riding as proven by statistics. But no, the opinions of the morons in the Canadian survey is important because it supports the propaganda WHICH FORMED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.



Look at who sponsored the poll and who benefits from this bullshit. legalizing only marijuana would leave all the criminal empires intact to plague us some more with cops still playing this bullshit cat and mouse game, being directly corrupted by it. Yeah right leave the hard stuff, the addictive stuff for the gangsters to control? Fuck off with your opinion polls!

As if the model of good leadership is the acceptance of the opinions of those who have been dumbed down for decades, as creative solutions to form good public policy.

This is exactly why you need a monarch who is wise and concerned about what is good for the public and unconcerned about getting elected in the future. Anyone without a zucchini stuck (words on the cbc right now) up their rectum, would see that this rule by public opinion, or "democracy," as some reefer to it, is not living up to its billing.

That's because as Alex Carey says, Democracy is governed by Corporate propaganda

So tell me? Even though my feet are sore and I can't demonstrate, I am still connected and expressing myself with powerful words which are being read by people all around the world by foreign state and federal governments and many different Universities, do you think that I am a useless loser drug user? I can write, as well as vocalize, unlike some University graduates who are activists. I really don't need a university degree to determine my own destiny, or, mount an effective campaign by forming networks and alliances with other powerful intelligent people.

Fuck off with your government's harm producing policies based on an opinion "drugs are bad," Mr. Harper! Do what you will to those dumb sheep of yours Canada, if they wish it, but leave off with us! Thanks!

The irony of the moment which I am grooving on is that in the empty industrial complex across Great Northern Way, a hundred, or two, meters from where I sit near the patio door typing at the moment is where the VPD tactical squad is doing a training exercise.

I am sharpening my word skills and they their muscle. I wonder who might win out in the future?

What I see with the reliance on opinion poles and voting systems is that the same figures often give false indications and can be used to shore up many contradictory political themes. Whomever controls the media controls "democracy."

That is why the continuing independence of the internet is vital. Wiki leaks is dangerous to Americans?

American leadership is much more dangerous to the stupid Americans.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Willie Nelson my heart goes out to you!

And people ask me why I do this. This is insanity that some border twit gets to call such a great man a criminal and steal his Cannabis. I truly hope someone will nuke the living shit out of the cancer living next door to me. I would thank God if I could see a nuclear dawn envelop this insanity that we have become as a species. What a malevolent growth of evil has gripped our fellow north Americans and no one on this continent has the guts to stand up for what is right. Morons claim that I am the drug world and people should stay away for their own future good. This of course what they do to my fellow toker friend Willie at 77 is OK, though. This is what is "good and normal." Fuck right off morons! You can stick your drugs and substances act and bill S-10 where the sun don't shine! And should the idiots in power here not cease and desist harming harmless people soon, I will jail them if I ever get a chance. My God can work miracles. Just watch us.

DMT is a schedule one drug and is supposed to be much more dangerous than Marijuana. Why I expose myself is because it is the only way to expose the lie. Self conscious fear is the barrier to achieving your full potential as a human being. Because 99.9% of the people are afraid to expose themselves and the truth the rest must pretend the lies are the truth. The most evil lie is that this asshole state trooper who busted Willie is doing something for the good of humanity/society.

Nuke that cancer, oh Lord, please if it is your will. Burn this American hatred-of-others plague from this peaceful planet and restore Your will, Lord God! I would gladly die knowing this evil will be sterilized so that peaceful life may once again be given a chance to thrive.

How dare anyone say that I am the problem in this society? It is you dumb dimwits who are too out of touch with the empathy and compassion necessary for a happy community. This judgmental bullshit based on substances, skin color, cultural differences and religious differences, socioeconomic differences and the thinking that it is OK to control others for their own good to get mass conformity is what is plaguing the world. The fucking do gooders who believe they have the right to dictate, by working with the greedy, what others do are the cause of worldwide conflict.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A change in Strategy-flying by the seat of my pants

To keep on with this "assertion" game plan would be a loosing proposition for us, imo. Here is my way of looking at what We have achieved from the perspective I am at now.

In every encounter with the VPD or the BC Sheriffs services I have been treated with respect, exactly as I claim my rights to be. Let me spell that out for you: I feel as I am being treated as Chief Justice Bud the Oracle with all my claimed rights intact...The fact that someone claiming to be from the Government of Canada sent an email to someone (no salutation) at bud.oracle at shaw dot ca a roundabout email, saying basically that the CDSA applies to persons of Canada, actually entrenches my assertion by saying that this doesn't apply to us because we are not persons of Canada. Therefor since I am not being treated as if I am a "Person of Canada," for all practical purposes, my best poker play is to accept this recognition by default and enjoy the benefits conferred on members of our society and myself, thereby. The best, safest move for me is to act as if my rights have been accepted by the Canadian Government, and, that now according to good governance, the agents, sheriffs, or, if you prefer, bailiffs of the King have been informed of my standing and will respect my rights as recognized by the Federal government.

Besides, my heels are worn raw and I can't actually walk very far. It is time to become adaptive and conjure up a new venue for another thrust, an adventure in liberty, a unique, destination unknown soaring flight. Stimulated/powered by what????? Spiritual Fusion.......?

So while the Live DMT video uploads I am going for a hobble with the Wolf and then come home and make some hot chocolate. I truly believe that it was a real connection with some aspect of God. So as I walk I will listen to the reading of LAD-00023 and wonder in the awe of God that I am able to touch using psychedelics. Am I more acceptable if I was screaming and shouting in a bar watching a hockey game while high on alcohol?

Anyone who chooses to paint me as a useless idiot, because of what I do such as the moron in the checkout line today with his loud judgment, they might get more than they bargained for. I think to those around us after I handed him my card, after he remarked about my nice hat, were his comments made. "No thanks I don't do looser drugs like marijuana!" Of course not being shy and rarely at a loss for words, I said even more loudly something apropos about losers who believe government propaganda. He actually guessed my hat to be "a bunch of feathers, safety pins, duct tape yarn and wool," when I told him it was interpretive art, and asked him to guess. OK asshole I thought and pulled his chain loudly a bit until he actually said "I am entitled to my opinion" as a fallback. I replied "Yeah, but so am I, and, if you feel that you can give yours out loudly, so can I exclaim mine." There is no standing up to the facts of Alcohol compared to all other drugs. alcohol is the real loser, was my well rehearsed theme, which I proudly proceeded to expound factually upon. If you wish to make a statement at someone elses expense, then be prepared for the consequences!

Here is what a loser on loser drugs does, between selling psychedelic substances. A fifteen minute DMT break so to speak.

It was too long! I will cut some of the stoned gawking out.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Polygamy trial, Psychedelic sales, Street theater, great Fun!

The world is full of doubting Thomases who think that "they" are leaving me alone because (a) I am a small fish, (b) I am crazy and they don't deal with crazies in my position, (c) the cops are too busy for me, (d) I am lucky for the moment.

These people call me from across the country to tell me they don't "believe" the videos I put up on Utube are evidence of anything and that I am doomed. My brother is amongst them.

These are people of fearful, small minds who have lost all real perspective and live in a hovel created for them by propaganda. This much I know for sure, the people in charge are not so stupid that they don't see the writing on the wall. A woman, the mother of a jailed gang member, was targeted with arson in Prince George while she was inside helpless, a paraplegic. His shop was burned a day before. Last night another murder in Surrey. The world as we see it now is always evolving and these people only see it as stagnant. No imagination.

I keep hearing about Marc Emery from people who pass me by. I want to ask them "Who in the fuck is Marc Emery and what has he ever done to repeal prohibition in this Country?"

People are like sheep, can't even process what they see accurately. They see what they believe and leave the facts off the table. So far I have not asked for a friggen cent, where Marc's organizers are proudly exclaiming how much over the goal they raised for him. These are the friggen morons who lost sight of the goal of repeal of prohibition years ago when they became the personal flock of Marc Emery being fleeced by his money grubbing enterprises. Now they don't care about the harm being done to them and their friends by prohibition, because it's all about Marc, who really is only in jail because of his arrogance tormenting the DEA leadership. He lost sight of the friggen goal of prohibition a long time ago when he was looking in the mirror, figuring that he was a big shot, a prince or something.

Well I got tired of their disorganized, rudderless, self centered bullshit and am carrying on with the goal. Long before Marc walks the streets again, many people will no longer be tormented by a government out of control, applying this criminal statute on harmless people because the Registrar and I donate our time and effort for the cause. Long after Marc's supporters are finished being fleeced by this arrogant fool, our society will have succeeded in creating a safe alternative for the non sheep of this world. Watch me! I am not stopping, because for me it's not about personal glory, wealth. It is all about community safety and our rights as human beings and not allowing this government to apply tyranny unchallenged. The rest of you lame brain doubters with no vision can fuck right off and do as you please, because as you can see: we don't need you!

I am soon going out to demonstrate again because I enjoy it, and someone needs to do it. for me the sales, the courthouse demonstrations are all part of the same activism. Everything is harnessed to the effort.

Having had great fun today I still wonder why I am doing it. The doubting Thomases will never believe, the rest are hollow automatons not capable of cracking a smile. Do they ever need psychedelics in their diets. They are terminally boring and bored to death at the same time. There are few that can just take it and smile casually at the audacity of someone marketing anything vocally on the sidewalk, let alone the shock of the message. People giggle, they shy away, they act weirded out, as if they might get off just smiling or if they touched my card. Many of them in marketing but totally confused if the concept is not in their computer program, requires skill and talent. They only think printed ads and posters or airtime, only on the dotted line.

I think that I am going to take next week off and try marketing the normal drug dealer way:
Psst Wanna score some Drugs. SSSSh! Take the card, follow the directions. Are you over eighteen? Be careful and keep your mouth shut! sssh....

People like this hurt my spirit. They are spectators and armchair critics who sometimes are deeply jealous of others because they seldom achieve much themselves. Fear riddled and comfort zone tweaked they tend to play it safe for themselves. They go on vacations to have a good time in Tourist Hot spots and have a real good time. How could I want to trade all that for acting the clown in front of courthouses, on busy sidewalks? All the while i act like a fool I strut and sing out my "drug" menu. What a tenuous future. How could I not be either super crazy, or completely solid in what I believe. Would they let anyone just do what I do without a lawful excuse? Not bloody likely. I have all of the store customers, my former ones and now all the new ones. They certainly know what I do when I do it, where I do it and what is on the menu. I openly market "all Psychedelic Drugs" on the streets of Vancouver, yet no authorities claim any jurisdiction over me.

As long as I remain here in Vancouver it seems like I can behave as I believe I have a right, to be Bud the Oracle Chief Justice from the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society.

That leaves me a lot of room to maneuver. My life can be rich with many worthy challenges to test my metal. Bring it on!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This guy reminds me of someone

This guy looks like he is either the pied piper of creation, or, Pan, imo. Has someone I know learned new talents? Wow, he even looks happy!

Would this picture be a good cover pic for an album/disk?
Songs of Psychedelic Sex

That was a good LSD trip last Friday, imo. Feel like doing one today but better not. I like being outdoors and walking for a few hours and my feet hurt from my new boots. When I remember what my father told me of survival as a POW after Stalingrad and the forced marches to pare down the numbers. Wow! compared to that I am a real wuss, eh? The Wolf and I will give it a whirl today but if I don't make it all the way, then I will show up tomorrow. He now has organized walks 3 days per week and someone is productively employed because I have lawful drug sales money to spend.

I look around and see the need OF BRITISH COLUMBIANS and compare that with the idiocy of CANADIAN LEADERS AND THEIR BOOT LICKING COMPLIANCE TO AMERICAN HEGEMONY. I can't see the logic of this idiocy, drug prohibition, even the fiduciary responsibility of the leadership to those whom they tax is not being addressed.
Therefore, the inclusion of psychedelic drugs, to wit marihuana, psilocybin, lysergic acid diethylamide, dimethyltryptamine and analogues, salts and isomers thereof, is contrary to s. 2(b) of the Charter as it infringes upon freedom of thought, but is such infringement within “reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society,” thus saving the scheduling by s. 1? The purpose of law is to promote justice, judgment and peace. The aforesaid academic, corporate study concludes that a likely natural consequence of your prohibition is homicide and gun violence. Therefore, this infringement of cognitive liberty is not reasonable, for it promotes gun violence, and violence is the opposite of peace and is the act of the unjust: it is injurious, and it is unreasonable for people to be injured by the acts of a purportedly free and democratic society.

I know for a fact that the government has injured my friends through its prohibition law.

And here is how the Germans do it:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Police training, pot, RCMP grow op Bears, civil behavior (click for back story)

Is this bear a victim of pot overdosing? Too much pot wipes out years of rigorous RCMP training and turns a valuable police asset into a docile civil "circus bear." Years of advanced training have been destroyed, rendered useless, by bear lovin' pot growers. More charges are pending.

There is an update for the RCMP trained grow buster bears story. Apparently it is illegal to feed the bears any dog food as they are considered constables first class. The Marijuana grower who fed these RCMP highly trained grow busting bears has been charged under the wildlife act. Rumors claim that the bears would not testify against him concerning the marijuana charges, which left the cops with only the charges under the wildlife act to proceed with. Did someone take the fall for a Christina Lake mountain woman? Perhaps we will never know the full extent of the misconduct.

The RCMP are taking offers from circuses for these bears to recoup some of their losses. Dingling Brothers Con Clowns Incorporated, a worldwide entertainment group which has ties to RCMP fund raising events, is rumored to have made an offer. It is subject to the RCMP supplying them with a ten year supply of confiscated marijuana per bear as they are now addicted to this drug and need it to comply with the trainers' wishes. The trainers like it too, for pain relief(working with bears takes its toll), but must supply their own pot, according to a company spokesman.

Bud Oracle does supply marijuana to adult bear trainers who wish to enhance their primary lessons (check out the menu and location above). For advanced training purposes only, Bud will supply LSD, allowing a 10% discount for law enfarcement. After all he is concerned about contributing to community programs.

Advanced Wild Bear training Guide
*comes free with every 10 doses of LSD, please read legal contract first...

Another special this week only:
Pocket Psychedelic Sex Guide only $10.00

*does not include batteries!

and here it is acted out

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Countless communities of polygamy, human trafficking possible?

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Have these disgruntled former women of Bountiful not wreaked enough havoc on a society? Why don't they move the frig on? They are free. Get on with life! There are many more Catholic priests, and other clergy, people in positions of trust, still out there committing real crimes. This sure looks like a justice system/community hijacked in a dishonest way, harnessed to the fears of a couple of disillusioned, former polygamist women. I have lived near Creston BC, growing pot, and witnessed these people interact with the community. I am a very observant Chief Justice, and as far as I noticed, these people were happy and as normal as anyone else. Certainly as normal as any spoiled little kids I see in these environs screaming they want this and that like they see on TV. Why are they being hassled? If there were abuse, then it would have appeared regularly, and, consistently. It is nowhere evident. Except maybe to Wally Oppal's Judgmental political eye. Quirky and different, yes, but dangerous? I severely doubt anyone is getting hurt beyond the normal tensions of living in a tiny isolated community free of the constraints and propaganda of others.

The drama in the video below began when I was growing pot west Creston and admitted to it in a bold stupid move to the Creston RCMP, Officer Jason Panio, during a landlord tenant dispute as the Sgt. wished to portray it at first. Upon first hearing it he commented
I foolishly shot back
if you can raise young women for sexual purposes contrary to the polygamy laws, only ten kilometers from here, I can certainly raise plants to make a living
So on it went until just before the trial in Creston in the summer of 2005, the sad event of Mayerthorpe happened, which my influence on has garnered me a get of jail free ticket, along with, it was also only a first offense.

It would be very wrong to say that I have ever dropped out of things when I needed to face them. It's all good! But I always seem to be very turned on!

Holy crap they have been a long time coming to a decision on this question.

The mountain in the top picture behind the little girls of Bountiful is situated perfectly for the prevailing winds and is an extreme thermal generator.

Tough time for the homeless

I believe that somehow this human suffering that I see on my streets, "homelessness," is very similar in nature to the Prohibitions crisis: there seems to be something artificial, contrived, to it. Every time I give some poor person who is begging a few coins,(not much in the big scheme of things,) I feel the guilt of participation in the manufacture of this common "crisis." I don't know exactly how, but I AM SURE THAT I MUST SHOULDER SOME OF THIS BLAME.

I know that we have not come close, in any meaningful way, to solving this growing dilemma, a symptom really, of our deeper social malaise. I don't think it is a simple linear problem, rather a complex pragmatic solution would likely be a better fit.

So you guessed it, I am staying home and spending the day writing speculating, searching for different perspectives. My heart is connected to their plight, but what to do beyond dumping money into the mix for a temporary relief of the symptoms and preventing a mass die off, like you see on the streets of poorer countries?

I notice many people on this blog from the middle east today. I hope your daily struggles are relieved by God, as well as your governments/communities. The whole planet is hurting and it is directly due to the lack of honest, empathetic, compassionate world leadership, imo. I am sure that the stories that have come up on our news of benevolent leaders/monarchs from the middle east who help their people, are only a tiny part of what is really happening, because we are propagandized by our media, as well. We are "terrorism threat" saturated and that does not allow a compassionate view towards others, rather it promotes hatred, so we are extremely biased when we view all aspects of middle eastern culture. Few of our sheep realize this. What to do? What to do?

I wish that more people would cast off from the old dysfunctional ways of doing things, and launch into a new wave of enlightenment, perhaps led by some of the other regions of the world. Maybe our own activism here in Vancouver Canada can point others to a way of more peaceful interaction, to diffuse the view/perspective that has been painted of our "enemies" or, other cultures. My Registrar has had his work cut out to convince me that the path of "putting flowers in gun barrels" might be the best way to go. My first inclination is not to turn the other cheek, usually. Yet if I take my role as chief Justice seriously, I must at all times be aware that I am only holding the temporal throne for my boss, same as queen Elizabeth swore to, Jesus Christ. I know what He would do: turn the other cheek! Alas, dreams of sitting astride a vibrating loud hog, deep in a throng of Angels rumbling to the evidence locker to retrieve my stolen items, would be better expressed as short fiction, rather than an act of real bloody terrorism. Some human emotions should be repressed, especially by those who hold power, imo.

I do believe in Monarchies today for the previously stated reasons, not only because I is one. The way that many other peoples believe in their monarchies intrigues me, more than it repulses me. Obviously to be a benevolent Monarch who desires the best for his subjects they must be exceptional people. How do you keep that going over the long term because nations outlast their leaders? Perhaps some of the reason for the passing of the sovereign's title through family trees was a belief that intelligence and empathy would be passed down as well. Mostly though, I see consolidation of wealth and power behind the family lineage thing. Once you get high on a hang glider it is much easier to stay there, so it is in power. Wealth and power has traditionally been passed down to the most capable/ruthless to wield it.

Most of you have caught on that I am a quirky writer, not completing the editing until the day is done. I slam it down and then toke and correct. I don't give a shite if you don't like it. That's the way I am and I LIKE IT!

I truly get the feeling that "democracy" as practiced today in western countries is a tower of babble. I believe it is also a failed experiment like prohibition. Take a good look around and then try honestly tell me that you feel that you are empowered by your government to achieve your destiny in freedom and peace. Is your government really looking out for your best interests, and, guaranteeing your liberty? Or do you feel plundered, jacked up by strong men, and forced to pay "insurance" which really is a worthless promise? Ask Omar Kdhar, Maher Arar, what protection Canada gives its citizens, although supposedly it has obligations under Canadian law. What a fucking crock. There is nothing for seniors, for wounded soldiers, only USA war initiatives.And the morons stand drooling over war death like sheep before the slaughter.

Can you imagine how much good we could do at home? why does anyone think that you can install our "democracy" which is largely an illusion, in a primitive land at the point of weapons. Can no one else see the absurdity of such a plan? Not many I suppose. What fucking dumb sheep! This is exactly why we need benevolent Monarchs: because the sheep can not rule themselves. Democracy is controlled by corporate propaganda in our world by Alex Carey. Click to download

I truly believe that people are not built to rule themselves. We are seeing the effect of controlled mass herds of industrious people concentrating unbelievable wealth and power into the hands of relatively few greedy, corrupt, insane corporations and people. How does this type of democracy benefit those who actually support it with the sweat off their brows? Not much flows back to the grunts by what I see. Yet they are too helpless to protect themselves as individuals. Therein lies the role of a benevolent Monarch.

Just heard a promo for the BC Almanac show. It will feature the supposed corruption of Indian Chiefs, some of whom are "making more (money?) than Premiers," whatever that means. I actually listened to it on the headphones while hobbling along in my hurting feet. To some extent the way it is set up is the problem in my opinion. Hereditary chiefs and monarchs have no special talents for the job and may not be the best suitable choices for the demanding role. To be effective though, the position must be one of long term security for reasons of continuity and development of expertise. Therefor the parameters of choosing and then grooming such people to form a readily available pool of possible empathetic wise intelligent leadership from which we could draw men and women who will be able to fulfill the stringent requirements of Legnem Regni, should be undertaken as a long term project. Each new generation should be able to add its wisdom, to consider, define and defend the rule of law," for itself.

Just thinking on the wings of creative thought. We must think outside the box to come up with something that will work today, though. All facets of a spinning/dynamic, infinitely variable situation must be slowed down, compared to each other using altered mental perspectives for best results. I sell the media for accessing psychedelic thoughts, check out my menu above.

If coupled with a direct democracy, in an elected parliament it might actually work much better than what we have now. A Monarchy would be a more natural for our species historically than what we "claim" to have now. As a monarch, I would do something right now for the homeless, perhaps coupled with the Olympic housing elephant sitting like a monolith to extravagance and Hitlerism, almost entirely empty. That's where the money went that might have helped some of these people. Why not put it to their use now?

Just heard a report of an elderly man struck by a bicyclist, who died in a Surrey hospital last night. It is the same type of asshole you used to see in muscle cars, now trying to set speed records while intermingling with pedestrian traffic on the seawall here in Vancouver. They ring their bell and shout threats because my Wolf is unleashed. I am actually risking his life as an obstacle so these arrogant lumps of aggressive, speeding flesh, slow down and don't hit an elderly person or anyone.

The wolf and I went for a walk to the drive and stopped in at the lovely Eastern European bread and pastry bakers, as well as the Ukrainian sausage makers. What a nice taste of foreign culture. I like the fresh Sushi shop, which was featured in a video a while back. I like the smells of the open air shops in China town and get my hair cut there. I fit right in to most cultures, as I seem to have "foreign old guy" features.

The mountains were freshly brilliant under a new covering of snow in the bright sunlight. They said it was minus four degrees. Here is a movie clip taken on the 21st at the beginning of the cold snap.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Did some MDMA yesterday, feel refreshed this morning

First Clown

Cannot you tell that? every fool can tell that: it
was the very day that young Hamlet was born; he that
is mad, and sent into England.


Ay, marry, why was he sent into England?

First Clown

Why, because he was mad: he shall recover his wits
there; or, if he do not, it's no great matter there.



First Clown

'Twill, a not be seen in him there; there the men are as mad as he.

It's good that they leave me alone, because I am crazy, at least I won't need to worry about the Canada pension plan(what a fucking crock that is!) Crazy people don't trust the government. They look after their own future, themselves(the crazies are not so stupid to believe lies.)

Soon we will be able to give respectable long term employment to other crazies who don't like the lies of the Canadian Government, employing them in the lawful businesses we carry on. Morons have been trained by propaganda to call this "criminal activity," but we changed that for us, and for those who think prohibition increases gangland violence and causes much more crime than the harm it claims that it saves society from.

Now, if you could turn around the facts to fit your idiocy, pretend that the crime and violence is good for Canadians, then maybe your cops/courts could imprison me. I am willing to bet the millions that soon our society will be making for the good of its membership, my freedom and future, against your claims and laugh all the way to the bank, while you idiots suffer through the recession caused by the lies of your governments and call me crazy. Sounds fair to me!

It is you morons who are so stupid as to allow this lawlessness to perpetuate based on pure bullshit in order to suffer the pay off in a tidal wave of social harm and violent lawlessness. It is you idiots who are quiet sheep, fearful to take the righteous path because you might stand out from the rest of the bovines, which support this violence by doing nothing. Daily, people die, because you and your lame leaders are liars in foreign corporate pockets trading justice for trinkets.

You will see that we will remain free, as Chief Justice of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, the doubting Thomases not withstanding.

This week's special:
10 doses of MDMA for $60.00

You know why I like working for myself, free of the rule of idiots? A good reason is that because my feet hurt today(breaking in some good Italian hiking boots) and it is very cold outside, I am going to stay home and enjoy lying around the shack until the freight train comes back! The Wolf seems curled up and ready for only a short jaunt or two today, as well. No one to make excuses for and a pleasant evening interacting with my psychedelic customers while making a very good income. Oh, yeah! I also have the time to sit here stinging those assholes (becoming an excellent well read writer in the process) I choose to target, while smoking the very finest pot, hash and doing any fine psychedelic I choose.

So, yeah, you can call me crazy all you want. This wonderful rewarding adventurous life is something that I enjoy living more than anything the Canadian economy has ever offered me (and so far longer term than any shit job I have ever done), as well as the spiritual reward of doing something for the good of my community, at the same time acting under the authority of God. How much better can it get? For sure my conservative brother thinks I am nuts. Who really gives a shite?

But, yes, on having read this post several times now, it does sound kind of crazy if you don't have the mental machinery to transcend the bullshit that you have absorbed throughout your life.

This an excellent way to understand Wu Li Dancing. I hope that I am giving those of you who do posses the neural machinery, an entertaining lesson in waltzing to "the Last Chance" for CHANGE.

Whether I spend my time writing, or "Street Barking", We are secure in the knowledge that the impact is great and the ripples are touching far shores, according to the feedback from my Statscounter, as well as the reaction from the local constabulary and authorities, and not the least, an internal feeling of calm righteousness, an assurance in God's authority that I have never before felt in my entire life. I am convinced by my internal communications with my spirit that I will never again go to prison, or even be jailed, for anything that I do in this vein. It seems to be filled with the life blood of Christ, being pumped through it for the safety of humanity via our humble efforts.

If this is wrong, and I am arrested, I don't care to live in this world any longer, anyways. I will never be a tool of the Devil and will die with a smile on my face like the early true Christian martyrs if needs be. Yes, I said that but have no specific concern that others might choose a different path to reach the same goal. As I said before, it is not so important as to the form of a religion, only a true personal adherence to God's will is necessary for your own life. The law though, is based on the Vulgate Bible as is the English Law. We are using this way because we truly believe it works, as you can see, and also because this is the very foundation of English law, declared on November 19 1858 by Governor James Douglas, as prevailing in these lands of British Columbia. This is the same law which as we state in LAD-00023 is based on the Magna Carta which is written in conjunction with the Vulgate Bible. This is our law, too. Too bad most of you are ignorant of the facts which would liberate you as well and go a long way toward correcting our common problems.

We, the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, have withdrawn from the Corporation of Canada and founded our Society, as we clearly state we would absent repeal of the CDSA
Absent repeal, we declare that men and women may constitute their own governments respectful of their right and good custom and be done with you, and that would be a shame, for Canada is a decent idea. It is not, however, a mandatory idea.
Thursday, April 30, 2009, Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society: Bud the Oracle, Chief Justice; Robin Wroe, Registrar.
.There were no objections and our articles and law was clearly recogniized as we were given official status in the minutes Our "Corporate" head is Jesus Christ, just as your Queen has sworn allegiance to Him, as in
The law of God, of nature and of nations created Kings: which law is not alterable by any creature,
so I have done. This would not mean much if I were a crazy and spouting this fact all alone. But, low and behold, so is the Corporation of Canada (crazy too?) calling me thusly;
We also have two individuals representing the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, Mr. Robin Wroe and Chief Justice Bud the Oracle.
"Time will tell," as that civilian in the video below says.

What a life! I had forgotten that Mondays the Wolf goes on a 3 hour group walk at 11 am, which he enjoys very much. Yesterday the dog walker spoke to me of losing some steady customers who had moved. The solution is for me to step in and buy up more group walking time, which gives her some steady employment, thus giving myself more shack time pecking away at this keyboard, waiting for that freight train. Thank you Lord!

On the radio this morning news of the question of whether the polygamy law is constitutional or not, being before the Supreme court. Finally the Justice system is getting off its collective ass and making some progress making sure the laws on the books are worth the powder to blow them to hell! No wonder there are hundreds of views on my Polygamy articles in the last few days. I hope I am having an impact!

How do I feel about Polygamy? I don't think it should be for the collective to decide the moral values of others. There is plenty of protection already established to protect any victims of abuse. If people are concerned about many young people of both sexes being abused in huge numbers, then why not do something easy and very doable: repeal prohibition, because many marginalized poor people especially youth are co opted into a life of crime and violence through gang membership and criminal isolation. There is no other funding for these criminal organizations which promote violence, so profitable and initiating other perverse behaviors, as is drug dealing!

Fuck off Canada, and leave a group of 60 happy people, none of whom are currently complaining, alone. If you wish to help people, there are tens of thousands of young people of all cultural backgrounds at risk of a life of crime and lawlessness due to your prohibitions act, which gives Criminals fortunes and power. We claim this power for Christ in the name of God. You can continue to give it to the Devil if you please, Canada.

Thank you to the off duty police officer who caught the life long often convicted child sexual abuser in our mount Pleasant school park breaching his parole conditions. I love you for this! Perhaps the Registrar can create an award to the charity of the officer's choice for any off duty cop, emergency worker, fireman or even security guard, who goes beyond his duty to help make the community a safer place.

Let's say $1000.00 once a year in perpetuity to a local charity. Each year, a new perpetual award of $1000.00 could be awarded if things go the way we expect. Surely a sizable investment can generate such an income, and this way we could have a say in where we invest our funds predicated on ethical choices in business which have good, respectful relations with their labor forces. For me it wouldn't be how much I could amass in the way of a fortune, other than to be able to project some better community values, as many who have been blessed have done everywhere, in every time, as is expected of human empathy and compassion on occasion. This is a new experiment in government for the people in an old way, a monarchy tweaked for today's world, inspired by pragmatic solutions to some of our deepest social problems. We are a work in progress.

We could ask the cop who did this wonderful deed for the community if he would lend his name to it, as he inspired it.

Yeah, I am pretty high on pot but I am dreaming pleasant dreams which I have every intention of implementing. No I am not impaired dreaming of vacations in Club Hedonism on the French Riviera. So come and bust me anytime, Mr. Rob Nicholson, or whom ever would like to. Until then I will be doing all the dreaming and earning to achieve those delightful dreams that I can, without a moment's regret.

if you think that you could play this hand better, why not do it? Why would I need to be "reserved?" It would only be my own fears, my own insecurity if I didn't believe one hundred percent that this is the will of God. From my point of view I'm in it for a pound or three, if I am in it for a gram. There is no difference in the amounts, or, the types of substances now as we have claimed the right to market these substances on the menu for the safety of our community, as well as the convenience of my customers. Only a true coward would limit the will of God, thinking that by limiting his personal greed to a size the authorities would let go by, it would allow him to avoid being busted.

No so! Either you trust God and put his will out there, as your real cover, because that is what it is, not some corrupt cop's discretion, or you scurry like a scared squirrel for cover every time a cruiser turns around down in the driveway.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A valuable lesson in human nature is a side effect of my activism

It is beginning to dawn on me that I am exceptional, not at all like Peter, Paul, or John whom my father always wanted me to be more like. The amount of impact words like that have on someone who is exceptional but doesn't know it yet is immense. These words are reflected back at me constantly in the dysfunctional responses to me from others. There is a lot of hurt out there, in here, still.

They may be leaving me alone because I am a nut, but I don't it see it that way. And I don't base it on a vague supposition framed in my own baseless over confidence as compared to some else's lack of confidence.

When someone fails to even put in an effort to understand what we are doing, yet are confidently ready to assert that they know what the cops/politicians think: that I am "nuts," contrary to the obvious it stuns me and hurts my spirit. This accordingly is the reason that I am being presently left alone. I can't believe that level of negativity unless that person is deeply dysfunctional themselves. That's sad to see.

If it were this easy, just acting crazy, wouldn't there be a huge supply of would-be drug dealers who could capitalize on their natural abilities? No, this is a fearful man's projection of their own lack of confidence by way of saying "They think you are nuts." I hope that I will eventually get to elevate everyone's courage a bit from the example of my nutty activism. Everyone who has ever accomplished something that was difficult has had to deal with their own doubts, but the most disheartening thing for me to see is the level poor self awareness coupled with fear, pessimism and mostly self loathing, in others. It really is sad some are so limited by their own attitude as to project on someone else. Perhaps they might yet learn as I did what is important and have a happy time without fear.

I think that he would do well with a lesson in Wu Li Dancing. There is still plenty of time, because I didn't learn this until only recently.

Might LSD change social behavior which causes changes in the brain?

Watch it on Academic Earth

That question is rattling around in my psychedelic enhanced mind. Due to a combination of a comment on Utube last week, of high tolerance and of repetitive over use, I had quit for about 5 days, and yes, upon review I can see my behavior becoming increasingly assertive displaying a frustration, I suppose, as a reaction to my puny efforts to change things and the governments seeming intransigence. When the Registrar recommended I do some LAD to relieve the tension, it actually did reset my psyche and adjust my attitude to a more peaceful nature. I get very social and happy when I do psychedelics, very conversational (some would accurately describe me as pedantic, unless the Registrar is around). They can also attest to my heightened emotionally empathetic state when sharing experiences of others. 3 doses of today's street LSD is really only a therapeutic dose, probably well under 400 micrograms. That's the problem, the dose is unknown in a black market. Thus far we are forced to procure these sacraments from the black market.

By my own feedback, which I am learning to trust while increasingly fine tuning my understanding and perceptions, a clearer picture of the effects of mind altering substances on my body, mind and soul is evolving. I notice very few detrimental side effects. When I watched TV regularly I was much heavier. I ran the Wolf while I coasted the bike to get him exercised. I love to walk on psychedelics now, because of many reasons which "may be of a wide variety: interpersonal, aesthetic, religious, spiritual, kinaesthetic, synaesthetic, etc."
We are a tribe of philosophers, theologians, magicians, scientists, artists, clowns, and similar maniacs who are intrigued with ERIS GODDESS OF CONFUSION and with Her Doings
The Principia Discordia

LAD allows me to socialize more with other people on the sidewalks, the Wolf and I can bond better and develop our non leashed partnership, I am getting more exercise, I love listening to music of all kinds and translating that rhythm into my gate (I often jive while walking). This type of movement is much more beneficial to my physical and spiritual health than traveling in a low effort coasting mode on my bicycle beside my trotting Wolf. The other thing is that I am empathetic to his age and his need to slow down. We have more fun and he does not need to have a huge draining of energy like he did as a young Wolf. Man, could he run and jog, it seemed like forever sometimes. That's why he looks so healthy now. This personal talent of malleability suits me well, and I am thankful for the mental expansion to become self aware on some deep and interesting levels. Adaptation is a valuable talent and I do feel we can influence the DNA molecule as much as it influences us.

All in all, I truly believe that rather than causing me to become a stupid looser, as some believe these substances make their users after repeated use, they effect me beneficially and it is readily evident in my behavior as recorded on video and also in my writings. The only thing I see in my view is that my life is a rich adventure, a soaring flight of epic sensations filled with exiting experiences of great joy, since I adjusted my goals to less hedonistic pursuits. My "drug use" is a fun way to commune with my creator, and I am engaged, busy actually, doing His bidding. In doing this, He provides for all my needs without restriction. God surely knows that I need hefty doses of mental stimulation in a fun way, everything flows from there for me. No one can accuse me of having "dropped out," although there is no doubt that I have "turned on!" That is my right in our society. Too bad, Persons of Canada are not this free.

Certainly, I am entitled to my peace, safe choices without harassment from armed goons stealing, assaulting and imprisoning me to restrict my cognitive liberty at the expense of community safety. As my friend, the esteemed Registrar puts it so succinctly in his gift to our society in the name of God, LAD-00023
Therefore, the inclusion of psychedelic drugs, to wit marihuana, psilocybin, lysergic acid diethylamide, dimethyltryptamine and analogues, salts and isomers thereof, is contrary to s. 2(b) of the Charter as it infringes upon freedom of thought, but is such infringement within “reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society,” thus saving the scheduling by s. 1? The purpose of law is to promote justice, judgement and peace. The aforesaid academic, corporate study concludes that a likely natural consequence of your prohibition is homicide and gun violence. Therefore, this infringement of cognitive liberty is not reasonable, for it promotes gun violence, and violence is the opposite of peace and is the act of the unjust: it is injurious, and it is unreasonable for people to be injured by the acts of a purportedly free and democratic society.
Every friggen cop gets paid to harm innocent people, as well as the entire society enforcing prohibition, there is not a single shred of guilt in the fact that I am making "drug money" while doing the work of God for the benefit of my community. The Canadian economy runs on drug money of some kind. I don't care if 99% of the citizens are duped sheep and don't realize it. My efforts are guaranteed to bear fruit by my boss, and I will not be dissuaded because the propaganda spewed by the government for a century causes people to hate/shun me as a "drug user/criminal." I will learn to turn the other cheek without a moment's hesitation or doubt, eventually if I keep LSD in my diet, imo.

I am hard wired for life.
Also I find this interesting today:
Robin Dunbar: How Many Friends Does One Person Need?
At this very moment, I noticed something Robin talks about in the video. Every once in a while a subscriber drops off my Utube channel. At first it bothered me because I felt personally slighted by the subscribers turn of loyalty. I never check out whether the other person is aligned with my politics, it's only a networking system to expand ones exposure to the larger public. I believe that others should make up their own minds so I usually return the subscription even if I think they are weird. I might appear weird to some so I don't have a problem with that. But if they are boring and lack any ability to hold my interest I don't burden those who follow me with an intro. "Friendship" through common politics is not part of my perception of this Utube function. it's always nice to meet real people behind their cyber handles and it is a stimulating part of internet connectivity for me.

Here is a little news about the land of the free.

Friday, November 19, 2010

I52 anniversary of the proclamation of English Law in British Columbia by James Douglas governor

This morning's anger, November 19th, was assuaged by a visit from the Registrar. We started with the Lord's prayer and I came to a conclusion that we won't need the Hells Angels when we have Jesus Christ. Then he asked me how long it had been since I last did the LAD sacrament. I had told him it had been a few days. He prescribed some LAD for today and all worked out fine.

No answer from the Criminal Government of Canada (click)

Who really gives a shit. This government is a hoax, so dysfunctional it can't wake up. My website is almost done. I am moving on. Fuck Canada with it dithering lumps of wimpy protoplasm standing in for leadership. Not often has a group of such talentless morons come together to destroy a society, but it is possible, as we can see. Fuck off ministers of "health" you stupid lowlifes. I will be doing exactly as I please as Chief Justice and should you try to jail me again I will declare war on your agents AND DEFEND MYSELF TOO THE LAST. YOU ARE AN IGNORANT PEOPLE DESTINED TO BE SLAVES OF ANOTHER, CANADA.

Another day of Jerking around any moron cops and sheriffs I see in front of their respective bunkers. I will continue to degrade them in public every chance I get in front of the courts bunkers and cop bunkers, anywhere they are stopped in public I will go up to them and advertise my wares and hours of operation and hand out my cards to all standing about. Soon all that concrete won't be able to stop the tide of pissed off people which will come to string you assholes up.

A new sound bite that works well and will become more effective in fact is:

"The regular use of LSD makes one lose their fear!" "You can see I am a regular user!" "Want some? Only Ten dollars per dose 10 for $70.00" Just google "Psychedelics for sale Vancouver!" This type of advertising is unstoppable and very effective, especially at construction sites!

Once I market several hundred million doses of LSD across Canada via mail order, the liberated fearless will begin to march to string up these criminal lumps of flesh or jail them for their crimes against humanity.

the truth of it is that the only way a cur like, Ms. Leona Aglukkaq, could make it in politics, is to forget the abuse and enslavement that Canada dumped on her people and kiss the abuser's the conservative's asses. she represents the wishes of Stephen Harper not any of her people or the people of Canada.

The registrar has just informed me that he has received no official response from the Government of Canada. so we will take further action as warranted, at our leisure

Oh great! that arrogant moron, Sgt Kaiser is on my blog this morning with the more 70 others from across the planet, including some from Ottawa. This is the same stupid fuck that said to me, while interviewing me on the scam they call an OPCC investigation into the assault on Rainbow John, while I was being tortured in the remand center for trying to make my community safe, exercising my claimed rights as Chief Justice Bud the Oracle at 564 East Broadway, in a uniform so waxed, that his leather belt squeaked, he claimed that the lawlessness of Mexico could never happen here. If the moron could only open his eyes, maybe took a dose of LSD, he would see things clearly. Since the sixties, during which him and I were present, the murder and violence has increased exponentially in Canada to the point where there is a killing due to prohibition almost daily.

What burns me the most is that intelligent young officers know this as well as I, but because Canada is the land of corruption, patronage, and dumb union seniority these intelligent people are never given a chance to have input in a timely fashion. It is the absurd "expertise" of the senior idiots, who have caused these problems with their insistence on the right to harm and thieve from innocent Canadians through the drugs and substances act, that is always trumping reason. Therefor, there can never be solution to this lawlessness until the old morons leave for retirement. Murders must happen daily unil then.

City Of Vancouver ( Sgt Kaiser VPD [Edit Label]

Canada Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 0 returning visits

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19th November 2010 08:53:12 Page View www.google.ca/search?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&channel=s&hl=en&source=hp&q=bud the oracle&meta=&btnG=Google Search

Order any hits from the Hells Angels lately? Contracting one out on me this very moment? Make my day, asshole!

Why do I dislike this man so much? He treated me with disdain and was so arrogant and mouthed pure bullshit to me. I have told you often that I don't suffer fools well. This man is a fool as stated to me by his words and demeanor.

He was so bereft of imagination and understanding that he failed to see and take me for the powerful sincere honest and determined human being that I am. He doesn't understand how powerful or wimpy words can be. His were decidedly lame, imo.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great night last night! LAD-00023

Purchasing shoes for my street walking job today. It is amazing how quick I go through shoes. I am looking forward to that nice new shoe feeling. By the looks of my jeans on the video I could probably use another pair of pants. Although I have stashed enough of the funny colored paper for most people to get off on a substantial shopping spree, I have not yet had time to embark on a journey of consumerism. I don't give a shit about how I look to the sheep. Fighting a war is tiring dirty work and I don't have anyone to help change my diapers. I can't imagine how it would feel not to be engaged in this battle.

Hopefully I am malleable enough to reinvent myself once we are finally free of this insane lawless society, Canada, and allowed to live in peace and harmony. I don't wish to be part of such a cruel, stupid herd of cattle, oppressed for my peaceful state of mind, stolen from and then beaten up by three of their jailers for yelling the truth from my cell: "Canada is a criminal organization!"

Watching the latest Fifth Estate on Ashley Smith and Canada's prison system which abuses and tortures children, I see that this idiocy is endemic, as those perverted idiots who hate others and have zero empathy have taken control. The whole fucking country is on the verge of disintegration. The dumb zombies keep on walking on, always in new shoes and clothes. I can see how some revolutionaries might loose all compassion for their fellow humans and target them for destruction to make a point, in acts of terrorism, if frustrated in their efforts long enough. People do begin to look like lumps of moving protoplasm blocking change, after a while. The leaders in charge fail to see that they are the cause of the problems while becoming selfish greedy tyrants looking out for themselves like Mulroney or their rich business friends, like Harper's, Ignatief's. Not a hint of the vaunted Just society the Liberals made election hay with a couple of decades ago. Every fucking promise ever made by Canadian politicians since I have become politically aware in the sixties has been perverted, scrapped, or, never been achieved, and yet the vast herd of proudly disconnected dummies, fed by the CBC propaganda machine, have barely raised an eyebrow.

The number of people elected to government with a conscience and a fair share of human empathy is small. No ministers seem to have the fortitude to stand up to their tyrannical leaders, but neglect their duty to Justice, public safety and the people for whom they should be concerned in a cowardly cur like behavior always knuckling under to their boss. Take the Minister of Health before whom our required exemption sits, Ms. Leona Aglukkaq. She probably (most likely) is not an independent cog in the machine and will not do the right thing for public safety, but rather she will likely tow the political line, thereby indirectly do the will of America in its drug War policy for foreign countries, a blatant act of hegemony. She will likely have her political career in mind and will not be troubled by the facts pointing to the lawlessness cast on Canadian society by prohibition. She will likely not be concerned for the hundreds or thousands of Canadian deaths caused by this failed policy, because she will be of the opinion, like her boss, that these people will have brought it on themselves. Ms. Leona Aglukkaq will likely ignore the many scientific studies showing that there is no reason to criminalize these substances, in favor of her personal political agenda.

I swear that if I ever gain power or influence in the future: I will jail these criminals for their crimes against humanity, so help me God!

I wonder which of these perverts was on my blog taking stock of their public value while at work.
Correctional Services Canada (net-cdagovn-c110) ( [Label IP Address]

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