Monday, November 29, 2010

Wiki Leaks confirm that there is no moral leadership in the world

About the USA spying on Canada
He's anticipating the standard stereotypes of Canadians' sense of inferiority and self-deprecation.

As I have been saying for decades Canadian leadership in the world is non existent and one of the major reasons is the perception of a former Prime Minister. Canadians are so stupid that they actually revered this expression of inferiority.
Canada's relationship with the USA can be compared to that of a mouse sleeping with an elephant
What a fucking crock that a Prime Minister would state our relationship is (a) defined by "sleeping." (b) Set the Country's mindset to look at ourselves as a mouse.

The worst thing about this is that all the news media and CBC trumpets this for decades as being the mark of an intelligent man holding forth with wisdom. His son is riding on his famous coattails.
Ye are snared by the words of your mouth
I look at this as an example of Treetop marketing of propaganda. This self deprecating expression is now entrenched in Canada's leadership mindset. Why would the USA need to take us over to get everything they want? We are immediately ready to knuckle under to their every whim, no matter if it hurts Canadians or not. As a neighbor we are a reed in the wind storm of American farts, where it would be our duty to stand up, like someone who has a backbone, and give them some guidance. It is because our "leadership" is non existent scrambling to keep from getting squashed by the elephant.

I've always wondered why the vision Canadians hold of themselves shouldn't be more along the Lines of what I have seen in very old Tarzan movies and know to be a fact. What is wrong with imagining ourselves as the 50 Kilo Elephant driver, as do Indians sitting astride the beasts' ears and making it do as much work as a bulldozer. Why the friggen mouse image? Why does that self deprecating projection stir so much pride of evidence of intellectual prowess in Trudeau? It is dysfunctional on its face.

Some people can not grasp that words are the most powerful tools a human being can use. All power is projected via words. The words one speaks reveals their inner psyche. All change in this world is conveyed through words. Nothing good or bad happens without it being transmitted through words. Words define our individual universe, our common experience and how we feel about it.

People usually project them without consideration, and so it defines them as inconsiderate morons.
Only recently the Prime Minister was heard to remark that "drug use is bad." Does no one see that this is an invalid statement to build a policy of repression and harm to your society on? How can such a man who is supposed to look out for an entire nation, base a crime causing policy which is killing Canadians daily on a simple subjective opinion which happens to be a lie? No one in any media points out this bullshit which stands in for "leadership!"
Words are therefore at the root of all misery in this world as well as good. Words are the life blood of an intelligent species. If a society's words are primitive and self deprecating it is a symptom of malady.

Why would the American administration be so worried about the leak of words if they were not important?

that is the problem here. The propaganda coming from every media enforces government lies and the dumbest of cattle close their eyes to the facts all around them and contrary to the facts evident all around them believe the lies. "Democracy" as it is functioning now in North America is a fiction. In effect we are ruled by Corporate Propaganda controlling the masses of dumb cattle with lies against their own best interests. As Jack Layton is marginalized by the lies and propaganda of big business, contrary to the best interests of those being fleeced by the corporations, so is every alternative for change marginalized with lies from the establishment press: Like my shop on 564 East Broadway being the cause of an international security incident at the Olympics. It is amazing how people are so stupid as to be distracted from the evidence of failure of these policies surrounding them, while at the same time being told to support more of the same, because what they see is actually a "model of success."

Well, a press that reveres a statement of dysfunctional deprecation "The mouse sleeping with the elephant" as "Prime Ministerial wisdom," is pretty stupid, imo. That statement has hurt my spirit since it was made and helped me distance myself from accepting anything as being important from the establishment news sources unless it is well considered first.

Even the effects of these Wiki Leaks will soon be numbed as well lubricated lies bought by Big Business through think tanks and a generous sprinkling of former political hacks posing as talking heads who know something, does it's magic. All of them trying desperately to quickly dilute the impact of the true words leaked by someone who is concerned about the truth being known, before the bovines wake up.

Mostly I wish this venture well, but have little confidence in it. These surveys are only proof that the population has been systematically dumbed down for generations. If you read the Lincoln debates and compare that to the political rhetoric which is churned out today, most will find them hard to understand. Most find our argument "LAD-00023" hard to understand.

Does this jive with my study on Human political genes? The last genetic principle I see reflected in the voting results of the USA is genetic drift to lower intelligence, as the overall figures for the "turnout" drops from 61.93% to 51.87% since I connect intelligence with a dominant allele as in
It is a well known fact that intelligence is a genetic, inherited trait. That it is a dominant allele, I am inferring, because as the turn-out of eligible voters approaches and surpasses 80% , the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (HWE) of p^2, 2pq, q^2, where p is the frequency of the major allele, comes to mind. The optimum ratio of a dominant desirable trait (allele) in a free breeding population is 80%
Does no one else recognize that this time period also represents the exponential growth of media influence and polarized politics in North America?
These further results, pertaining to the American Presidential elections, indicate a decline of voter participation since the earliest (average of 1960, 1964, 1968= 61.93%) for which figures (the “Turnout”) were kept, until the last (average 1996, 2000, 2004= 51.87%). This is a (10.06%) (very) dramatic decline in less than 50 years... Do the letters "GWB" figure into it anywhere?

An example of this has occurred in the here and now. While listening tor Jian Ghomeshi's program Q this morning at Japan's latest pop star is a hologram. The guy being interviewed, an editor from an industry magazine, said something to the effect
Artists should be worried about this new phenomenon
in response Gian's prompt. Thankfully they played a cut of this phenomenon's performance in front of a large Japanese audience. The response gave credit to something I thought was a remake of the Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Yeah right! people like Leonard Cohen have to worry about this mickey mouse stuff? Fuck off with this bullshit marketing, even if it only an indirect marketing of electronic wizardry. Yet, many shallow impressionable people with money and control will now make decisions based on this crap becoming the next mass marketed in thing, which is self inflating like the universe. A small lie promoted into a huge pile of crap.

Words aren't important? Only to morons. From which platform they are flung is also vitally important. Bud the Oracle shouting them un amplified from the sidewalk is doing alright compared to what he is up against. Think about the crap being constantly fed into the pollution absorbing sponges from every media, and then compare that to what I do from my dirty little hovel and my ruined feet, and you can see I have reason to be confident and proud of my use of language.

Thanks for mocking this "next great phenomenon" Amy Sedaris! Yeah right! a Japanese "Hologram artist." I'm not worried about a Japanese invasion of hologram sensations destroying our creative artists.

Just now heard a radio "news" report claiming that more than 50% of British Columbians think that Marijuana should be legalized, but very few think that "harder" drugs such as ecstasy ect, should not. What would you expect as answers from a population who have been fed propaganda for several generations about ecstasy being a hard drug.

Listen to Dr. David Nutt on the question of ecstasy. Why would the opinions of cattle who have been munching on bullshit for generations matter in this instance, and, the "experts" on economics on another? The science of harm reduction is honesty and reasonable comparisons based on facts, not regurgitated opinion based on fiction in the first place.

Fact is that MDMA is less harmful than horseback riding as proven by statistics. But no, the opinions of the morons in the Canadian survey is important because it supports the propaganda WHICH FORMED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.



Look at who sponsored the poll and who benefits from this bullshit. legalizing only marijuana would leave all the criminal empires intact to plague us some more with cops still playing this bullshit cat and mouse game, being directly corrupted by it. Yeah right leave the hard stuff, the addictive stuff for the gangsters to control? Fuck off with your opinion polls!

As if the model of good leadership is the acceptance of the opinions of those who have been dumbed down for decades, as creative solutions to form good public policy.

This is exactly why you need a monarch who is wise and concerned about what is good for the public and unconcerned about getting elected in the future. Anyone without a zucchini stuck (words on the cbc right now) up their rectum, would see that this rule by public opinion, or "democracy," as some reefer to it, is not living up to its billing.

That's because as Alex Carey says, Democracy is governed by Corporate propaganda

So tell me? Even though my feet are sore and I can't demonstrate, I am still connected and expressing myself with powerful words which are being read by people all around the world by foreign state and federal governments and many different Universities, do you think that I am a useless loser drug user? I can write, as well as vocalize, unlike some University graduates who are activists. I really don't need a university degree to determine my own destiny, or, mount an effective campaign by forming networks and alliances with other powerful intelligent people.

Fuck off with your government's harm producing policies based on an opinion "drugs are bad," Mr. Harper! Do what you will to those dumb sheep of yours Canada, if they wish it, but leave off with us! Thanks!

The irony of the moment which I am grooving on is that in the empty industrial complex across Great Northern Way, a hundred, or two, meters from where I sit near the patio door typing at the moment is where the VPD tactical squad is doing a training exercise.

I am sharpening my word skills and they their muscle. I wonder who might win out in the future?

What I see with the reliance on opinion poles and voting systems is that the same figures often give false indications and can be used to shore up many contradictory political themes. Whomever controls the media controls "democracy."

That is why the continuing independence of the internet is vital. Wiki leaks is dangerous to Americans?

American leadership is much more dangerous to the stupid Americans.