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Letter from the Inside...

Bud's Personal letter seemed like something everyone should have a chance to read...enjoy and ponder. Three cheers to Bud the Oracle...

Any thoughts? email Watch for updates on facebook (Tokey Blokey) and twitter...

Any donations please contact either myself or Chris Bennett (known author of great books etc) on the cannabis culture forums. $ Can be dropped with Chris at Marc Emery's HQ or sent to his paypal account...

Thanks again...!

Bud the Oracle - Donations...!

Thanks to all those people who have donated funds to Bud the Oracle!

Many generous people from the cannabis culture community and beyond have donated hundreds of dollars so far...but we still need more. We've covered most of his rent for April...and I believe with what's come in recently we'll have covered April's rent...

Bud the Oracle has been so motivated by the supporters on the outside - he's chosen to fight and not accept a guilty plea, unless they meet one condition. The condition is they release him on May 3rd at his trial...check back here for his letter and audio recording...

Supporters can send $donations to or contact me on the cannabis culture forums. Alternatively contact Chris Bennett at cannabis culture forums to drop money off - or send to him via paypal at

Thanks again, tokebloke!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bud's Ode to ending the criminal CDSA

Letter from Bud Oracle to Mr Bahen (court appointed friend)

Part 1 of a 4 page letter Bud the Oracle has sent to the court appointed 'friend of the court' who helps Bud with his defence...well the one Mr Bahen would prefer!
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4