Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wally Oppal to head Pickton investigation inquiry?

What a fucking scam!

There has been a denigration of me personally by the BC Government as they denounced some of Bill Vanderzam's supporters of using rude offensive language as bloggers. I'll get the audio from the CBC news clip up when the Wolf and I get back from our jaunt. But, suffice to say that, I believe anything said on the internet is way less rude than allowing your police officers to foul up an investigation to the point that 2 dozen women lost their lives to political dithering. How rude is it to never hold a cop accountable for murdering a citizen, even if it is caught on video and they are proven to be lying?

Well my friends, who love to visit my blog from the government,
Province Of British Columbia ( [Label IP Address]

Canada Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, 2 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
30th September 2010 14:51:02 Page View the oracle arrested&aq=1&aqi=g2&aql=&oq=bud the oracle&gs_rfai=

you will hear me calling you by the fuck-up handles that you deserve, for allowing this mess of corrupt poor government to perpetuate at the cost of community safety and harmony. A world of lawlessness, because of your mismanagement and outright corruption.

Me rude? for using foul language? I have never hurt anyone for political expediency or to cover up for my friends. I have actually risked my life to remove a multiple murderer from society. So fuck right off, you jerks! Spricket24 says it well for me.

I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS TORTURE AND BULLSHIT ANYMORE. THE LONGER THESE ASSHOLES KEEP DICKING AROUND AND SCAMMING US WITH LIES THE MORE VOCAL AND CREATIVE I WILL BE LAUNCHING MY INTERNET SALVOS. NOWHERE ON THE CANADIAN POLITICAL HORIZON ARE PEOPLE EVEN TAKING ABOUT REAL SOLUTIONS TO EVER GROWING REAL VIOLENT PROBLEMS WITH EVER YOUNGER CHILDREN BECOMING LAWLESS AND DRUG ADDICTED SO THAT THESE FUCKS CAN PLAY THEIR BULLSHIT GAMES. If Wally Oppal really wanted to do something for natives and women he would allow them to control their own lives and not force them to die like dogs addicted in the gutters by the hundreds so that his sacred court system could torment people over health issues. His mind has suffered lock jaw somewhere around the time he left law school.

He sees solving all social problems with the Justice system. Period. Little white girls lead him to pursue harassment through targeted prosecution of a religious sect which he doesn't agree with, no one has ever been killed, but he doesn't care about the hundreds of addicts and alcoholics dying on the streets. Not as long as the laws provide lawyer feed for the BC law society graduates who will have a monopoly on the laws, no oversight and forever hide behind the cops whom they protect as prosecutors from being charged, like any good criminal organization with its own Kangaroo court system. Why do you think we never have any criminal prosecution of cops? Because they are always innocent? And holy fuck, should a 15 year old post some news he wasn't supposed on the internet, the charges come quick and heavy.

The internet was conceived and implemented by my kind! The rude drug users. Not the anal police types. It was placed here by psychedelics mind expanded geniuses, so that everyday Joes, Buds like me, could tell these assholes to fuck off over and over again. So that we could keep on changing the world. It is idiocy not to use this tool for change and resort to explosive belts.

What the BC Liberals don't like is on the mark criticism, so they attack the messenger as being rude. I am not getting paid to spin bullshit like these ministers of the government and I have a half life beyond living lies. I must go forth and express myself to anyone and everyone who will stop to hear the truth. Funny, not many call me rude for being a blogger and saying things the way they need to be said when I meet someone that has been to my blog. They thank me for it.

Whose an idiot? John Baird?

What you hear from the government is an attack on free speech disguised as a wish for civility. Give me the fucking rule of sane laws and I will tone down my language forthwith, assholes! Just like Obama criticizes the president of Iran for saying that the American Government was behind 911. He never once denied it, did he? Fuck off you gullible idiots, learn the difference between spin and fact, before you voice you opinions. The fact that there is an Inquiry, already means no one is actually going to pay any price for fucking up, rather they will be rewarded with lucrative employment, testifying and lying on the stand

At least Clark had the integrity to resign over the poor decisions, leading to a scandal that he made, but this goof ball, Gordo Campbell, who made the poor decision to drive drunk and risk the lives of people on the road, has the temerity to continue on and give us a corruption laden government concerned with pleasing its wealthy friends while it scams us on a new tax, deceitfully, against the wishes of the electorate. Fuck you and your rude actions, assholes!

What we are doing, us rude bloggers, is voicing the opinions of thousands who want a change: call it a revolution. Just because now we the people have a platform that isn't media and government controlled, you wish to denigrate us while ensconced in your cozy taxpayer funded positions, because we are having an impact. Use your power funded by the public to quell the voice of your disgruntled citizens

Vanderzam is running a grassroots campaign with real, concerned, non professional, politically aware people. They are individuals free to use their own language, not controlled by any party whips in a free democracy and it is about time a few voices got up the guts to say it like it really is. It is necessary to be rude to these corrupt tyrants for causing murder and mayhem to happen through shoddy on the job performance by those the government hired to do a good job policing, prosecuting and Judging, so they will wake the fuck up and we get better performance. They don't want to put any mechanisms of accountability into their corrupt system which they have an iron grip on, so being a little rude should be part of the safety mechanism that keeps people from becoming violent. They are actually lucky the internet snuffs/dissipates what could potentially be the passionate fuse to armed revolution in a foregone era.

Like the scam about this Pickton inquiry being neutral as Wally Opal claims. Yeah, when pigs fly!

Here is one of the very participants of this travesty, Phillip Owen Former Mayor of Vancouver/head of the police Board responsible for this tragic loss in human life and vast sums squandered due to poor policing. He first argues against the Inquiry last month, but now that it is being held by Wally Opal, the great political fixer, who was rejected by the voters last time around because he was to apolitical, all is well again. Seeing as this great linear thinking ultra conservative very political old boy jurist is going to head it, and he knows all the perpetrators personally, all is safe, eh?

Maybe you just don't get it yet, there are many like me who are no longer gonna march to your tune. We will have our rights too, like the blacks the natives, the gays and the gamblers, and the alcoholics.

We are through believing your bullshit!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally: prostitution laws struck down by Ontario court

The CBC Documentary "Meeting John" produced by Aziz Sindhu (listen to embedded podcast of documentary) stirred up my juices to write this blog post "Meeting John The Current Aziz Sindhu" which has garnered many views, some from the Ontario Government, the federal government Justice department and even the House of Commons. I am confident that perhaps even the judge in the case reviewed it and hopefully it may have helped to sway her in this act of justice, allowing people normal safety rather than condemning them to the life of illegal victims, to be preyed upon by perverts and criminals, in order to satisfy someone's personal morality views.

This will happen for drug users too! Why we should be harassed by the government for our choices and made criminals, is beyond reason.

almost daily someone from the government is on my blog
Department Of Justice ( [Label IP Address]

Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
28th September 2010 13:46:02 Page View

So I suspect that my RATIONAL VIEWS ARE SINKING IN. And no matter how much the government wants me and others to live their lies, they can fuck right off. God gave me a brain and I will use it to choose my own diet and help others achieve that goal as well. You can fuck right off Mr. Nicholson, Harper, and stick your perverted morals where the sun don't shine. I won't be needing a lawyer to challenge these absurdities the next time around so make my fucking day.

Here is a logical argument you anal orifices might wish to consider.

The news is that the Federal government will appeal this ruling. It is just like the Conservative bullshit artists to put their personal moral views before the safety of Canadians who might choose, in practice of their freedom, to operate under their own morals.

I hope the supreme court has the balls to stand up for the safety of these women in the year 2010. Get the fucking government out of our personal lives or suffer the complete breakdown of the rule of law, morons.

In the segment on The National CBC (at about 4 minutes 50 seconds into the video on Judge Susan Himel's ruling, Joanne McGarry, speaking for the Catholic Civil Rights League, suggests she knows, and has a right to speak for, what a "vast majority of Canadians" want (about 6 minutes and 20 seconds into the video).

Why does the reporter not challenge this with "And how do you know this?" By giving this propagandists a voice and having no one to balance it, such as I, speaking for the average peaceful substance user who is trying to live in a safer free community and doesn't want our morals dictated to us by others. I loved seeing how happy Valerie Scott, Terri-Jean Bedford, and the sex trade workers were during the interview. Maybe soon we will have a "rare" but important victory for prohibition repeal, too! As a friend put it today, "Why should these women be put at risk and killed as a model/example so other people's children think that sex trade is wrong? Teach your own children, your own fucking morals without risking other people's lives you fucking morons!

Why didn't the reporter ask her what she thought of the morality of the priests sexually abusing many children, and why the church enabled it by failing to act/report as the law required, and why the church kept on providing these perverts with fresh victims by moving them to a different parishes without warning them?

I wish to fuck these people would do some good in their own institutions before "cleaning up" my house. I like the mess I live in and don't wish to control the closed minded idiocy that they have. Unless it impacts me or others.

This is a post from the Calgary Herald Web article:

May the Judge have a Bawdy house open right next door to her home(s).

Read more:

This comment belongs to the type of moron stupid enough to think that they know something about solving the world's problems. It is precisely because they are illegal and uncontrolled, not what they will become--legitimate businesses which must comply to city zoning--that brings the problems. This person is thinking backwards and we as a nation have been listening to these idiots for too long.

On the Current this morning, Sept 29/10 - Pt 1: Prostitution Laws, we had the moralists come out and cry "the sky is falling." They keep on saying that there is so much money in it. The cops in Toronto are saying that they are concerned about the prostitutes. If there is so much money in it than there is no stopping it. This is how the cops really feel about these people:

Canadian cops have no respect for and are never held responsible for crimes against the citizens whom they "serve." These goofs are liars both in court and in the media, who don't know how to perform their jobs properly, let alone advise on social policy

The "political experts" keep on holding up Sweden as a model. In Canada there has been absolutely no studies, no research and no expertise on the subject. The parliamentarians have never been concerned enough about these women to actually commission some research. Now they are engaged because of the political scene that this judicial decision has dumped in their laps. These moralists have never before lifted a finger, spent a dime, in concern for these women other than to help make them powerless victims who are available to be preyed upon. They don't care about them, only the political fallout which might impact them at the next election. Not one stitch of effort has been expended to investigate this in a non political manner.

Here is a real expert's research and opinion based on it. Professor John Lowman

It is the same idiocy to see that although the people don't want pot prohibition after almost a century of lies and fear mongering, it is put on them.

Our bodies belong to us not the fucking state!

It is not the business of others to determine a "common view of morality." So fuck off with your shit statistics and stick them where the sun don't shine!

Where is the democracy in Canada where not even one shred of debate is allowed to surface to pretend that it is the will of the people to keep prohibition. Why? Because the government is part of a lucrative criminal empire governed not by the electorate, but by corporations, including the alcohol industry (the sky would fall if they couldn't sell their poison and people started to grow the happy flower.)

It is the only naturally known substance the can help this herd of crazy aggressive monkeys become peaceful. How could you have slavery, greed and war if humans became peaceful creatures? No, let's guard against that for sure. That would be dangerous. Very dangerous.We need to stop that even if it means that we build up organized crime so that we have to ask the gangs to help us with the policing. At least the dangerous stuff. All so these busybody do gooders can pretend that their priests are not perverts, but from god, that Jews are somehow better than Nazis, THAT AMERICA HAS THE RIGHT TO EXPORT HEGEMONY THROUGH ITS DRUG WAR SCAM...

Democracy as we know it is a scam and we are foisting it on other nations with war. Are you fucking people daft or what? To send your kids over for the scam of patriotism? I sure hope they get all the dumb ones riled up over some hate scam for some poor country like Iran and launch a nuclear strike, press the button depopulate the planet of the idiots soon. They are overwhelming in number. We really do need a cull soon and an asteroid sized impactor may be too late to do it naturally before the life cycle of Gia is forever harmed by this contentious herd of killer monkeys.

Here once again is The Flower

Friday, September 24, 2010

Harper, gun registry demonstrates political expediency at the expense of reasoned consistancy

I don't really get Harper's stand on the gun registry. He believes people should have the right to bear arms unfettered by the state's bureaucracy, While he will quickly jail anyone choosing the wrong substance to reach an altered state of bliss. Why is that? Why would he not see a peaceful person's right to choose their own diet as sacrosanct, if no one else is affected by that person's behavior. What anyone smokes in privacy can not be of anyone's concern in a society which claims to be free. The guns in the hands of private peaceful people end up causing much more collateral damage than all the "soft" drugs. Many more children and adults are killed or seriously injured by the improper/unauthorized use of guns. In fact the combination of legal alcohol and the possession of guns, registered or unregistered, is the major cause of fatal shootings.

If Mr Harper wasn't about playing politics in lieu of good government, he would judge the merits of both proposals, the end of crime causing prohibition and the freedom to own guns peacefully, as being personal liberty issues consistent with each other. But he is not. He plays to emotional moralistic feelings which are not issue driven but work via political polarization thereby discouraging the middle rational majority to come out and vote making them stay home in droves. He fails to realize that good government lies in a compromise, a balance, between left and right extremism and would have an imbalance favoring conservatism.

There was another fatal shooting in my community last night, probably with an unregistered weapon due some illicit drug money or other human dysfunction gone astray. Not that this might have been prevented by the registry, but perhaps having the registry will help determine if the the suspect has other firearms in his possession lawfully which the cops would be safer knowing about, even if this handgun was not registered. It makes more sense for public safety to at least know about guns which might be in the hands of a criminal suspect than it does to worry about whether a person has smoked/used one kind of substance or another.. Especially if they are peaceful people who are not bothering anyone else. A gun although it should be free for a responsible person to own does have a high potential to be misused in a fatal way and should be licensed like vehicles. Pot is a plant which never has hurt anyone so there should be no controls on it. If people like to use it to make themselves feel good, that is of no business to the government or anyone else. The government has failed to prove that it even impairs anyone in an objective scientific experiment. There is no valid reason to criminalize people who use this plant or any other substance under the precepts of Justice and Injustice

Monday, September 20, 2010

Enlightened legal discusion on the practice of Injustice by the Government of Canada: theft

Yesterday in the late afternoon I met the Registrar while strolling along the Sea wall just North of Science world. We ended up in a good discussion, as philosophers are sometimes capable of. Upon discussing my recent LSD experiences we came to the conclusion that it is a religious sacrament and extremely harmless, with all the propaganda based on Hyperbole and unconfirmed rumors. The state simply does not have a right to steal someone's property on the basis of a lie or any other reason if that person harms no one else.

We are governed by a monarch, under whose authority I was charged (in the name of Regina). By the oath she took upon taking the throne inscribed in her bible under which authority she rules, she may only rule by the commandments of God. That includes thou shalt not steal and also thou shalt not harm someone physically and deprive them of their liberty when they do no wrong.

I was actually demonstrating the safe way to handled the problem of substances without harming anyone, trying to control and regulate them for adult use only.
What the government does is set a paradigm for the flourishing black market to occur. This is a proven way to accelerate the distribution of substances to children.

It occurred to us to make a video about our discussion in a loose interview/conversational style. These videos are unedited in the sound track but split into two to fit Utube's format.

We have a right to remove ourselves peacefully from a state that seeks to harm us when we interfere with no one and provide a safe way for adults to exercise their freedom of choice.

Nowhere in God's word did he give the Monarch the right to rule by practicing Injustice. In fact when a Monarch fails to rule under the commandments which they have sworn to, they are labelled a tyrant in the Bible and the people are encouraged to disobey them.

Just why do we have to believe lying assholes like Harper, Ignatief, about harsher drug policies, when this experienced ex cop tells the truth in a growing chorus of professionals who have had enough of this crime causing idiocy?

All to promote talentless dishonest political hacks who can't get it up without lying. Up here in Vancouver Canuckistan, its not only policing for fun with other cooperative agencies, but also for political resurrection!

2(b), Cognitive Liberty and Psychedelics
Filed under: Charter — Adminiftrator @ 12:21 am

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms1 states that

Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.

As the clause is predicated of “everyone,” it is a fundamental statement of freedoms, or natural powers of doing what one wishes unless forbidden de jure or by force 2. In 2(b), “freedom of the press and other media of communication” should be read as applying to each preceeding element: effectual freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression requires freedom of media of communication, which explicitly includes the press and, it will be argued, implicitly includes psychedelics drugs.

First, on the question of what is meant by psychedelic drug. The term psychedelic was first used by Dr. Humphrey Osmond in a 1956 letter3 to Aldous Huxley: “To fathom hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of Psychedelic.” From its greek roots, psychedelic may be literally translated as mind-manifesting, and this is not an altogether bad description of the effect of such drugs, which have their effect primarily upon the mind and one’s thinking.

The Center for Cognitive Liberty and Neuroethics4 defines Cognitive Liberty (CL) as “the right of each individual (a) to think independently and autonomously, (b) to use the full spectrum of his or her mind, and (c) to engage in multiple modes of thought” (letters added). In Ross v. New Brunswick School District No. 15, [1996] 1 S.C.R. 8255 the court cites Edmonton journal v. Alberta (Attorney general), [1989] 2 S.C.R. 13266 on the nature of freedom of expression in 2(b):

In RWDSU v. Dolphin Delivery Ltd., 1986 CanLII 5 (S.C.C.), [1986] 2 S.C.R. 5737, McIntyre J., speaking for the majority, put the position in this way at p. 583:

Freedom of expression is not, however, a creature of the Charter. It is one of the fundamental concepts that has formed the basis for the historical development of the political, social and educational institutions of western society.

And, therefore, it is reasonable that freedom of thought is not a creature of the Charter; it is another of the above fundamental concepts. If freedom of thought is identical to cognitive liberty, we find that engaging the mind’s capacity for psychedelic thoughts is protected by CL(c), the freedom to engage in multiple modes of thought. The expression “modes of thought” implies that the human mind is capable of multiple modes of thought. Psychedelics assist their users in achieving modes of thought which are predictably brought about by those psychedelics. Cognitive Liberty, then, allows for the production, distribution, and assembly for consumption of materials which facilitate access to multiple modes of thought just as freedom of expression allows for the the same in respect of expressions.

The freedoms in 2(b) are secured specifically by freedom of the press and other media of communication. A medium, to reduce the plural to the singular, is something through which another thing is conveyed: thus freedom of expression is protected by freedom of the press and other media of communication, as the press is a medium through which expression may pass, that is to say, it allows the expression to be communicated from one to another.. What are the media of communication of thoughts?

Psychedelics are a medium through which psychedelic thoughts are reliably communicated. Media of communication with repect to thought must be taken as more than a restatement of expression; otherwise it would be to no purpose to include thought. The effect of psychedelics is best experienced by eating of the materials, like Cordelia, “I cannot heave my heart into my mouth,” and I will not linger on proving psychedelics a medium of communication of a specific mode of thought; the specific content of the mode of thought is not so important to engage CL(c) as is the existence of a mode of thought which people wish to experience, and these reasons may be of a wide variety: interpersonal, aesthetic, religious, spiritual, kinaesthetic, synaesthetic, etc.

If 2(b)’s “freedom of thought” does not extend access to the psychedelic mode of thought as one of the “multiple modes of thought”, to what does it extend? It could be argued that “freedom of thought” is the freedom to have one’s thought influenced by expression, which is to read 2(b)’s “freedom belief, thought, opinion and expression” as though the freedom of the first three must be secured by the freedom of the fourth, which includes freedom of the press and other media of communication. Our view is that the four concepts (belief, thought, opinion and expression) are all and individually secured by freedom of the press and other media of communication. Thus, freedom of thought may be said to be secured by freedom of psychedelic drugs qua media of communication in the same sense that freedom of expression may be said to be secured by freedom of the press as a medium of communicaton.

Therefore, the inclusion of psychedelic drugs, to wit marihuana, psilocybin, lysergic acid diethylamide, dimethyltryptamine and analogues, salts and isomers thereof, is contrary to s. 2(b) of the Charter as it infringes upon freedom of thought, but is such infringement within “reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society,” thus saving the scheduling by s. 1?

The restrictions under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in respect of these drugs are contemplated universally, except insofar as s. 56 and various regulations provide exemptions; however, s. 56 is at the minister’s discretion, and no regulation gives an exemption for freedom of thought. The reasonable limitation imposed upon freedom of expression is that it be non-violent. A similar standard of limitation should be imposed upon freedom of thought and the media of communication of thought. There is no evidence that psychedelic thought produces violence, and, therefore, there is no reasonable ground for prohibiting the nonviolent use of psychedelic drugs as of the freedom of thought.

The scheduling could be saved by a system of bonding and licensure for peaceful use, production, trafficking of psychedelics, subject to the normal law merchant, etc. etc.

1. CONSTITUTION ACT, 1982, PART I, Fundamental Freedoms ↩
2. Bracton v. 2 p. 29 ↩
3. Humphry Osmond, Erowid Biography. ↩
4. CCLE FAQ – What is Cognitive Liberty? ↩
5. Ross v. New Brunswick School District No. 15 ↩
6. Edmonton journal v. Alberta (Attorney general), Importance of s. 2(b) of the Charter and the Reporting of Court Proceedings ↩
7. RWDSU v. Dolphin Delivery Ltd., ↩

For these links live go to: Scire Facius's Blog post

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rational, credible voices on solutions to our drug problems

The above video features a former Judge, prosecutor James Gray. You will notice the mention of Portugal's success in decriminalization of all drugs

This man is a visionary of deep dimensions. Makes me want to investigate the Libertarian movement very much.

This man would get my vote for any office he would run for.

This man displays true compassion laced with reason!

Wow! Judge James Gray is a man who could have sentenced me as wisely and leniently as my last judge. She saw that I am sincerely working towards these goals responsibly. and she implemented a sentence commensurate with with the "crime:" Challenging the drug laws responsibly for the benefits this man talks about!

A talk by the vice president of LEAP on Google Tech talk

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I don't like intimidation from the VPD

Below is a recording of what I took as intimidation and what I promptly did about it. Prior to the two part conversation with Press officer for the VPD , Lyndsey Houghton, my own synopsis of the situation is thrown in, in the middle of the recording.

Just beyond where the Wolfs nose is in this video these two officers thought it might be a nice place to take their lunch.

Monday, September 13, 2010

It looks like the First Free Roaming Oracle of modern times has arrived, eh CBC?

What I said to my prof at the Sauder School of Business when I took the Entrepreneurship 101 outreach course in 2005 has finally come true! I told this lovely woman that all I wanted to be was the first free roaming Oracle of modern times. Although I did do well with my more acceptable book project "Soaring and the Art of Umbrella flight," I have finally learned in life that if you really, really want something you really have to go after it.

So when you google these different topics and issues of our times ("Eileen Mohan," "Lori Douglas," "Chief Jim Chu Obstruction Justice") you will find that if I have an opinion on something, it will likely rival that of CBC, or any of the lesser Media whores in the Search Engine Optimization paradigm. This is the great equalizer in today's news and opinions on it, game! Not grand edifices cast in concrete

This to me is remarkable because I wanted to become the voice of "stoner grandpas" like me who do Psychedelics regularly and have something to say against the machine.

Barely 5 five short years later!

I wanted to, and now, I am Wu Li dancing!

All of my writing and creative stuff is done under the influence of mind altering substances, including like now, on LSD, and I have the same voice as the mighty many peopled monolith known as the CBC on the cyber megapipe. My stuff is amateur, done without a budget, all of it off the cuff. I am, after all, a first year university drop out with no writing classes of any kind, only a long history of Psychedelic drug use that according to the government should have made me a blathering idiot.

And that is perhaps what I am: an idiot savant.


So stick it up your asses you medias like Can West, Global and CBC. I realize you did me a real favor by not giving me space in your rags of little value. Tanks!

I have learned, like the clever little monkey I am, to use this little hammer called the internet.

Who the fuck needs you to have a say, eh?

Not me!

(My stuff is uncensored for government nice speech, too! I can say, "fuck you," to anyone, in exactly the way I want to express it!)

Someone has to counter this bullshit: Gummie bears laced with LSD a new trend: RCMP Because LSD is easily dosed in a known concentration in liquid form by the drop, since its use in the sixties it has been creatively dispensed in sugar cubes, blotters, micro tabs and gummie bears. What this story shows us is how clueless the RCMP is and how propaganda minded they are immediately painting on the linear conclusion: Gummie bears? "Why they must be for kids"

Yes some of these are likely for kids you lying facking goons, because of the prohibition laws these are marketed to kids and not to adults. Why not tell us how much of a dose each gummie bear contained in a lab report and then we can ask experts in the field if there is enough of the drug in each bear to harm a child or not. The dosage on the street level LSD today seems to be designed not to harm children, like holistic medicines in that there is almost no trace of the active ingredient in a hit.

Here is some more on the LSD laced Gummie Bears in a thread on Cannabis culture Forums New Trend in Drug Trafficking

Here is why we need to keep "chipping away" at the oppressors, because their position is precarious. Noam Chomsky:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

From bed bugs to Qur'an burning

A pandemic of bed bugs is troubling humanity. This summer panic set in as my arm swelled up with several insect bites on two occasions. At first the thought of bed bugs bit my mind. I tore up the bed and went closely over it, killing one panicked spider which I had exposed when lifting up the mattress. Nothing further until about one week ago I was bitten twice in one evening by what I felt sure were mosquitoes. The reaction was severe swelling and very itchy week long healing/subsiding with flu like symptoms starting within 24 hours which last for another 36 hours. In making a half joke, voicing my honest reflections, I remarked to several people that I thought my body was successfully fighting off the West Nile virus.

I am a great believer in being my own health care provider and that mostly on the subconscious natural level, as in keeping my immune system in good form by staying in the exposure loop. Alcohol is not good to use especially in excess because it severely limits the functioning of the immune system, whereas marijuana is known for its anti inflammatory properties. To me, who never sees a doctor for anything, it is obvious that my lifestyle and diet are producing the desired effect of good health. It is amazing how much fear is produced in me about the bed bugs invading my place, though. I must deal with it consciously now every time I hear a bit of news about the problem. This leads me into speculation about Wu Li dancing in this area and how I might allow my defenses against them to wane if I succumbed to the fear of them.

At the same time I feel that I am in a state of universal prayer/wonder as I mentioned in a response to Chris Bennett's post in the Cannabis Culture forums:

Am I correct in assuming that you believe that the state of mind achieved through the consumption of Cannabis is/should be equivalent to any one else religious state of worship? As if the act of consuming this plant begets the same state of mind as someone kneeling, prostrating themselves, chanting, spinning a prayer wheel or any other acceptable religious practice such as whirling dervishes, speaking in tongues?

That's good! I like that!

And as one who genuinely tried to assimilate into a Full Gospel congregation in an attempt to become more "spiritual," I can assure you that being in a stoned state (even on LSD), let alone the mellow relaxed receptive state pot puts one in, is much more spiritual than that frenzied state of public "Psychedelic Exhibitionism" known as speaking in tongues.

Anyone watching two crowds from a distance, one on lsd and the other "on" the Holy Ghost, will know which state is safer more rational after two minutes of watching.

I like your argument, if I perceive it correctly!

Good luck!

For me Cannabis puts on a stress free glow which allows me to focus on the beauty around me (some of which, for lack of better metaphor), I call God.

Truly though, I think that god is a very personal undefinable inspiration, to which each seeker must aspire.

For me to know that god is part of the beauty of this world and for me to aspire to the goal that "Beauty will save this world," in a non aligned way, only open to the wonder of it, is enough.

Cannabis helps me achieve this state consistently without impairment of my cognitive or physical abilities. It is my right to walk through life in this worshipful state of bliss. It is not up to MR. Harper to choose one state of religious ecstasy over another, nor how to achieve it.

Good argument!

I wonder how a man such as this pastor, Terry Jones, can call himself a man of God with a handgun on his desk, promoting such reviling hatred as a holy book burning? America is far from any kind of moral leadership role today. That is why, imo, we as friends and a country with similar values must step up and fulfill our role, not as Trudeau saw it, a mouse sleeping with an elephant, but a wide awake elephant driver using his skills and intelligence to make the beast behave in a productive civilized manner.

The world, especially the well armed dangerous belligerents, need moral guidance!

This role is filled not by being armed to the teeth and threatening to export your perversion which you proudly misname "democracy" at the point of weapons controlled from a half world away. The fact that more people in the states wish to exercise hatred and intolerance, than welcoming peace, shows me that the religion they practice and their form of governance is one of repression, not freedom.

The whiff of blood is in the air for the third world as realization is becoming evident that this military industrial complex is doomed to fail in a calamity of human misery. The only thing keeping the wolves of world-wide vengeance, retaliation, for the rape and plunder of the world's resources, and oppression of humanity at bay, is their sophisticated nuclear weaponry.

One day all that weaponry won't be enough: when the masses don't have enough to eat on a global level. The chorus of "Yankee go Home!" is starting to ring ever louder around the globe for good reason!

The land of the free? but not to worship Islam? Free to burn holy books and rape and pillage the world, but not to build an Islamic study site near the world trade tower's former location? What kind of absurdity is on the wind in America today?

What I see here is Canadian leadership so bereft of intelligence that we blindly link ourselves to this wounded rampaging beast, America, and never have the cojones to stand up and do the right thing. It is our duty to take the reigns of moral leadership that the world wants us to, for all of humanity's sake. Why this obvious licking of a mad man's boots? These types of right wing pastors as Terry Jones are condoned and supported by the back woods Albertans, which spawned Stephen Harper, while pot smokers are demonized. Give me a fucking break!

I honestly didn't know why I linked these two subjects in the title of my post, except these two subjects were on my mind (intro to the Sunday Edition today September 12th 2010 was about bed bugs and the crazy guy was also in the news a lot) but upon googling "bed Bugs burning" I came across this interesting blog post:

The Rev. Jones apparently believes Muslims are akin to bedbugs... a pest to destroy. Fact is, it's mosquitoes that carry disease, not bedbugs. Maybe to those of the Christian faith, those who "Trust in God", Islam is a pest, but they are not the devil that Rev. Jones would believe they are.

Here is something those of you in Europe might wish to attend.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dancing Wu Li masters, S&M, Lori Douglas associated Chief Justice

Here is my latest and last video on the subject on Bud's Island, False Creek Vancouver. That was written only a few hours ago but now it seems that there are further serious allegations which surfaced. As I did mention in my initial post, it should be upon a thorough review of her decisions that final judgment be withheld.

Follow the back conversation over this on Cannabis Culture forums "Agency 59 sounds pretty sinister to me"

A three hour audio summary of the Dancing Wu Li masters by Gary Zukav

In this University of Washington program, award-winning writer, director, and producer David Lynch discusses his films and his 30-year relationship with Transcendental Meditation, and its role in his creative process. He is joined by physicist John Hagelin, who was featured in the documentary 'What The Bleep Do We Know?' and neuroscientist Dr. Fred Travis, Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management.

Or for another viewpoint try Tao of physics Fritjof Capra

What is it that I am trying to get at with this transposition of S&M and Judicial improprieties as well as blackmail, and political propaganda, and of course Physics, you may well ask?

I am dancing, am the dance at the same time. For me it is almost like soaring my hang glider was a revelation to me one day, to watch the thousands of people visiting my blog on this story as well as others. On the hang glider, on a fine day just under cloud base, somewhere over the Athabasca River near Hinton, much higher than the Rocky Mountains to the west, while the variometer was chortling its song of lift, as I was feeling surges of upward acceleration connecting me with the turbulent heart of the thermal, I looked up and happened to see the sun under my high wing.

The air was rough. The airframe of the glider groaned and sang in protest as the G forces loaded and unloaded. We were close to the freezing line, or cloud base, with the wide panorama of mother earth about three to four kilometers below me. At once, in an instant, I connected the live actions I was experiencing, including the view, wind sound and the adrenaline rush in real time, to our solar furnace and a packet of photons reaching out from the very core of stellar fusion, ninety three million miles away. In one long unbroken event, only taking thirteen minutes to reach the ground below me and heat that bubble of hot air in another parcel of time very similar to the packet of photon's journey at the speed of light, I was riding on/experiencing, the results of a stellar produced thermo nuclear reaction first hand. I realized in one moment of grandeur that I had ahold of the primal forces of the universe on several planes at once (gravity, stellar fusion and of course the biological me: the living appendage of nature looking at itself) and was using them to milk this parcel of ecstasy for an excellent, uniquely wonderful, visceral/spiritual experience (called an "airgasm" by many old time pilots). My name for this riding of thermals is "Riding the Fusion Dragon"

This paradigm shift is one of many I have experienced in life and they always all come from pursuing something I am intensely interested in, usually while I am enjoying myself. Like almost all my flights, I toked before I launched on this one, too. Probably Afghani hashish and yuki tobacco.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I like being Stoned in Suburbia, too!

Why are these people made out to be evil and criminalized? Aren't they just like you and me?

Isn't about time to turf these politicians who continue to manufacture crime where there is none?

That Carline Coone is hot!

Why not loosen up?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lori Douglas, associate chief justice of Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench is only human

This is not shocking or even terribly interesting to me other than what it means in the broader perspective of public oversight of these institutions and the people who control our laws and have a monopoly of our Justice system. It is these same types of all too human (capable of mistakes or even corruption) fellow clowns as prosecutors that made decisions to not proceed against Willi Pickton on attempted murder charges, because in their opinion Jane Doe would not have made a good witness due to her drug use

The reporter in the News video clip says this raises questions about whether she disclosed her indiscretions as required and that might challenge her legitimacy as a judge. I say it should go deeper than that and see if she was biased for or against in her judgment of black men seeing as she might have a preference or even secret aversion to black men. The human psyche is deep and weirdly wide. Some would say wonderfully wide, even in such a case as this, but that is why there must be constant vigilance of our institutions, affective open methods of scrutiny for all of those whom we put in positions of trust over us. This is one reason why we need cameras to shine the light of day into our courtrooms, so that others might recognize who actually is sitting in judgment and whether they have any prejudices.

Aren't these the people in important positions Alex Carey claims the tree top strategy is marketing propaganda to?

All I am saying, is that without oversight and effective control, tyranny will develop as we see happening now. It is the monopoly of these important positions by the Law Societies of Canada which determines whether justice is applied in everyday circumstances. Lawyers, Judges can't be trusted to speak up and report something that they should because they are not interested in the rule of law, it seems, only the rulings in law. Just think about how the former law firm never mentioned any improprieties although they knew of the photos. We, as citizens, are required to inform police of a crime or we become accessories after the fact. Why not lawyers, too?

One day even the sheep might wake up if the reporters ask more than one question.

The crime is not in what she did in her private moments, rather that she did not reveal these indiscretions as required by law. Those who knew, such as her former firm, are duty bound to their profession, to the Justice system to have at least revealed what they knew in the interests of Justice, to preserve the rule of law and the respect of the Judiciary.

6:04 Pm.... I have been out interviewing Black men and others on my handycam. Very surprising the reactions

The reason that I think that it is odd that the former firm would not at least have come to her about it is this: In keeping it to themselves the question arises would they try to use it as leverage themselves in an important case/interaction?

That is the reason these things must be disclosed because of the potential hold someone who knows something like this has on another person.

I understand that this poor woman has resigned temporarily. This was the only thing she could do under the circumstances. It is sad that her husband and herself didn't have better judgment. Once having been publicly exposed it is too bad she didn't show better ethical base and have better judgment. If she did, in the spring, again answer untruthfully as to her vetting for the position of associate Chief Justice about having engaged in behavior which might cast dispersion on the Judiciary, then she might suffer the consequences.

If Judges can jail me for my choice of substances I can demand that they be truthful when taking on their office on my behalf. That is why as Chief Justice of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society I too must consider how I act, although I never had to answer any questions about things I might have done in the past.

Anyways I wish her well in the future and see no reason why, when all this is exposed and no longer has any hold on anyone, why she couldn't resume her duties and position of trust, a wiser more experienced person. Having had problems in her own life now she may have developed some valuable insights and empathy for others who have screwed up.

This is embarrassing, but should not prevent a person valuable to the community from reentering her productive role. Doing what is right does not necessarily mean destroying the person but educating and assisting can be productive alternatives for everyone. Let's not be vindictive. And the other thing is that she did actually have a right to expect Alex Chapman to have destroyed the pictures because that was the settlement he agreed to and she paid him to do. Now he trots them out again. He could be guilty of blackmail. It is a fine line.

Isn't this really just a crack in the smooth, seemingly seamless surface of the fiction we call our Justice system.

As of the 8th September 2010 this story is gaining legs! A further allegation of impropriety has surfaced in which the Judge failed to excuse herself on a matter where she may have had a more personal/biased involvement. Wu Li dancing is happening