Thursday, September 11, 2008

The harrassment of peaceful people is sanctioned by our government.

According to one woman who harangued us mercilessly It was an affront to the young children that there was a marijuana party banner and that I was wearing my bud hat advertising marijuana. Not a single child had looked at us or paid us any mind until this righteous bitch from hell started to abuse us. Although regular marijuana sales go on in the park at all times of the day, a protest to try to make it safer is denigrated while the status quo remains.

When she had walked right up to the playground she threw a F*ck you at us as loud as the streetbarker. This was witnessed by at least a dozen people. It is for these ignorant people's political support that they are allowed to spill their vile hatred at us in public. Not one child had taken any notice of us. She had no children of her own but felt that she had every right to swear and use foul language and shout derogatorty remarks at us, teaching children ill manners.

As long as tobacco is allowed to be smoked outside in the park a non carcinogen like Cannabis should be allowed. Marijuana smokers act no different in any observable way than tobacco smokers. They don't get violent even though a nazi bitch accosts them, they don't threaten violence, they actually show young children that political expression is a good thing, at least better than loud ranting and raving from a lunatic.

The harassment also includes cyber forums and the right to free speech.

New "Kangaroo" community court

This post was spurred on by the new community "drug" court and its 8 million dollar renovations while serious lack of funding for real recovery facilities plagues us.

If you click the title you will see a link to the article.

The courts applying a racist inspired law is not a way to go where all forms of addiction are a natural human condition, with a heavy genetic component. Addictions are personal mo hills that each must climb alone with the help of local community.

To make this a criminal approach is insanity which actually creates a lucrative criminal incentive to supply and create a demand (not hard to do with some addictive substances). The evidence is all around us. Prohibition is only a model for INCREASED DRUG USE. There is no evidence that Prohibition has in any way decreased drug use.. Only added much lawlessness and violence to our society. I have every right to demand a different "solution" from the government than a model that works contrary to its stated objectives.

Personal Health issues are not the concern of criminal courts.

By looking at the entire history of natural evolution we can see that every individual of each species is born with a freedom to ingest whatever substances it wishes, this is a mechanism of nature encouraging experimentation, the foundation of change. The mechanism by which nature brings forth mutations to be worked on by natural selection. This right is as natural as breathing and upon it depends the future of each species. to allow pollution of deadly substances and then criminalize personal choice is rampant idiocy interfering with natural selection and skewing our species' chances of survival into the negative side as conformity is demanded under criminal law. I will not have organized crime ensconced in providing my natural god given right of freedom of choice, Mr.Harper.

The involvement of a government in making this a moral issue enforced by criminal sanction is the cause of our heavy price in crime and increase in substance abuse at an ever younger age. My government is directly responsible for the chaos caused by crime. The majority of Canadians want sanity in this area Now, not more bs.

The real folly is to believe that a court of law has any part in health issues.