Friday, December 19, 2008

On Terence McKenna: Seeking the Stone, by bud oracle (click for Psychedelic Society)

After watching Terence McKenna through part one of “Seeking the Stone,” I filled up the bowl of my hash pipe and settled in eagerly for part two.

Seeking the stone Part 1

Seeking the stone Part 2

Wow, is all I can say. I have really been unadulterated by current speakers such as this Guru, so can honestly say that I wasn't influenced by his words . What struck me is that my Psychedelic experiences led me to the same understandings, “the same complexity” being drawn by the transcendental attractor.

This must be due to the real dimensionality behind these effects: that they help each individual reach this universal truth if they seek it.

It must must be a universal truth achievable in full blown understanding, through the use of Psychedelic substances, because many diverse cultures and users come to the same points of awareness.

I am humbled that he describes me as a shaman, an Oracle, to the Tee. Unlike some people who are called forth to market with zeal their experiences, recounting their own transcendence, I am called to distill my own encounters to an essence. An Oracle is called to express this distillation without any self directed artifice, not even relating this insight in a linear way, but in itself as an illusion, as a reflection of the original hallucination, perhaps.

Here's where human shortcomings and Oracular abilities intersect in the great vector of universal transition: Sometimes I am so bang on it scares me, and at other times, well...... not so good.

There is a certain assurance if I associate truth with vision. This feeling can not be mistaken. It is a “knowing” that I can easily recognize.

I have come to the same conclusions independently as this man and have been driven to this present same stand in time. I'm a proton in flight, I'm the “central singularity” the black hole attractor, as well as all that is not.

I truly have to shake my head when I remember my honest experiences with the “holy rollers” full gospel Christians. Twice in my life they corralled me! I'm always sincere and I admit, a bit of an actor who craves the limelight, so took up both invitations to be baptized. Hey, I am the guy that will take two hits of acid when one is recommended, so why not two baptismal ceremonies? Can't go wrong? Right?


Silly me! It was fun though! I did come away with a lot of biblical knowledge deep within my soul. Through the Psychedelic chemistry I understand the truth of some of it. For the rest, it is like the dangerous mushrooms: I recognize which ones they are and don't do them.
What goes on in these churches is not true spirit filled moments; rather a play enacted to resemble in some ways an altered state in my opinion. To me, even though I tried it my self by mumbling, sincerely seeking, straining my senses, trying to feel something, it never really came.

There is no comparison with this full gospel stuff and the real effects of a powerful Ethnogen. I truly feel that one must come to these experiences when ready, not pushed into them through mass marketing, consumer pressures. Rather, when a person of a philosophical, adventurous, or curious nature feels that they may enhance their experience of life, these experiences should be treated with reverence and communal learning in wonder. Perhaps even a short course on the history and the effects of each substance and a semi controlled setting of a communal nature for an initial experience might also be wise.

If this kind of value were placed on such experiences we would see wondrous nuances of knowledge coming from left field, and be happy riding our bikes at the same time. This is the part of where my Institutionalized Idiocy, exactly matches his understanding (and it is only his, as he says) this is mine derived at independently, too. I too don't believe in pure Darwinism, where only natural selection will direct the outcome, blindly. As I mentioned, with Humans it is also mutations of thought which move us forward, therefore it is the oppression of the left creative thinkers, which is restricting the flow of this huge river of thought. A restoration of this flow to its formerly natural levels could very well be possible with the resurgence of the use of Psychedelic substances. All signs gleaned from legitimate research indicate that this is so. Yes it is a direct threat to consumerism!



bud oracle 2008