Saturday, June 5, 2010

My friends are concerned about the oil spill.

I am glad to say that many of my friends are seriously impacted by the oil spill in the gulf. Rather than think of the doomsday scenarios myself I take a pragmatic view of things and hope that this will be the impetus to serious change which we are all hoping for. Come on and have a good time hippy tripping with the White Wolf and I.

Some things are scary to face but face them we must sooner or later. What you see us doing is about 5 hours of fun time totally devoid the burning of any fossil fuels. I wish I had more money flowing in, more security, but I do have my health and a sense of happiness/good humor.

Who knows what the morrow will bring? Good things I hope.

In the meantime enjoy the day tripping with us.

The camcorder is back

The first 2 videos are of the day that John and I were accosted by the VPD in the end of January where I lost my camcorder.

During the initial part of the smoke in we bothered no one. Only when we came across these neo Nazi security goons did conflict arise. The reason is this stupid law which give these violent types a reason to disrupt your peaceful behavior. No one else except these fat law enforcement wannabe types was bothered by me having a smoke.

The last video was of June 5th S-10 protest. The usual characters including the white wolf.

Best quote of the day: Girls who smoke pot are hot.