Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hey Rob "Dick-head" Nicholson, give up your insanity

Where are the fucking labels on alcohol, you government dick wads?

Criminalize a bunch of harmless people, make a fucking industry out of your bullshit courts/cops/and officious assholes, and create lawlessness and havoc throughout our communities, all to please the likes of a fucking war mongering nation with Georgie morons, or banker puppets in charge.

Well, we have had a fucking enough of your idiocy, now.

Welcome everyone! Buy your substances from the Marijuana Guild

Some people think I swear too much. Too bad. Get over it!. These people are responsible for murder and mayhem in my community. Directly responsible. In my eyes they are no better than the likes Suharto, Idi Amin, GWB, Adolph Hitler and his hate for the Jews. If you forget this you would never be as outraged as me and they will cow you into submission through good manners. Fuck your good manners, these people cause human misery and no one is outraged? Are you people fucking nuts?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Still no replies from the Department of Justice to registered letters

So it turns out that Kaczor, Klaus no longer exists and in this thing's place Remains the Chief Justice of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, Bud the Oracle, Freeman on the land, Clerk of the Marijuana Guild, first free-roaming Oracle of modern times. It seems that the Marijuana Guild does have the right to sell Marijuana Lawfully, because the Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has not denied it to the requests by registered mail. This then puts into those applicants who demanded an answer or they would assume that the Marijuana Guild had a valid claim of right in effect. Obviously it does!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Courtroom Script for October 29th, 2009

This is how I will begin, for the rest come on down, you can be a participant in "The Law is Right!"

Well it was fuuuun! Still no disposition as of noon..

First the matter of KACZOR was called. I did not respond, then the Crown called "bud" I sprang up and in a voice befitting a Chief Justice, got to say my script part one. The robed lady ordered my from her room, I left a "thing KACZOR, KLAUS" on a back seat and asked people to comment in writing upon it, (a sheet of paper with the thing's name on it) and left peacefully escorted by livid sheriffs, one of which angrily said "You are done here today, you are ordered to leave the building" I was escorted out the front door, boldly loudly repeating the words on today's blog post embedded mp3 podcast.

I knew my lines really, really well, my voice was clear and strong. Someone who stayed said that the crown and the Judge were at a loss what to do. The Judges words were "I don't know what to do with this matter"

Confusion was evident.

I would have gladly stayed and dealt further with the matter of the "Thing KACZOR, KLAUS," but the sheriffs unlawfully and without cause, forced me under threat to leave the building.

I wonder what the outcome will be, don't you?

Thanks for this great opportunity to wipe the self serving smug smiles off their criminally insane faces for a moment, and have them change their tune from "to serve the rule of law,," bullshit I heard at DML's sentencing hearing, to "I don't know what to do."

If that is all I have to crow about today, besides being free to smoke another joint, do a mushroom trip or such, I will happily take it! Thanks again the great spirit in the sky! Praise God!

The results were posted just now.

SL or Struck from list.

It means "struck from list"---"Used for cases that are struck from
list when new process is issued."

Not WI, warrant issued, so, interesting! But how can they issue new
process, that is to say, a summons, since you already appeared today
and were kicked out?

"No! Come back! We didn't actually want you to leave the building!"

I wonder what we have wrought?

One of the options that they could be considering is a change of venue. Wouldn't that be something. One can only hope for the best, imo.

Isn't that what we want: a change of venue from these de facto courts? That's what I want. I want a chance at a fair outcome without having the entire deck stacked against me, don't you want the same too?
Send your letters demanding a change of venue, or we'll storm the walls!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

AG of BC responds to registered mail

This is the first response back from the Attorney General of British Columbia in which he brushes it off to someone else. Also they waited beyond the 10 day time limit until after I had been arrested. This means I am setting the pace, not them. There seems to be a lot hanging on this court appearance for the Government. I am not too worried because I saw that the Judge understood the reason why I was there. The worst that I am facing will be a reprimand for trying to make my community safer. The worst the Federal Government might encounter is a change of Venue. Should that happen, there will no doubt be change for the betterment of all Canadians. I sure hope that the Judge is not inclined to be disagreeable with us or the federal government and sees this as an opportunity to benefit all of Society while staying in agreement with the Federal Government with whom I am, too.. Nothing risky or out of place for the Judge in that decision. imo. That seems straight forward. Once that has been established it would follow that the Court of Justice would have jurisdiction. Again, that is a straight forward legal conclusion that could be reached once it is established that I am not the thing KACOR, KLAUS, rather I am Chief Justice of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, Bud the Oracle. Let's all do a little praying for enlightenment and courage for this Judge this week.

This is what it is all about. The Judge knows that this is why I am before her. I hope she understands this opportunity before her and what we might achieve together, should we be of one accord.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nice fall day in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Gangland guns, the drug trade, Evan Dyer

The last few minutes of the program The House CBC is a true solution to our gang violence problem: Repeal the CDSA and control and regulate the trade of substances through the exactly model of the Court of Justice overseeing the Marijuana Guild.

It gives me great hope that our script will be accepted and our society can move forward from this current insanity.

Thanks so much to the House Click the title and listen to the podcast (last article About American guns being used in a large number of our gangland murders over the drug trade.

The solution voiced by Evan Dyer is the same solution we are asking for in our court date on the 29th. The only outcome of our present course
is the escalation of this type of violence

The Minister of Public Safety knows why we have the problem but won't accept the obvious solution. This is the change for safety that we seek here.

Here is an example of the VPD working with the Hells Angels whom they have helped become powerful through the CDSA

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kyle Unger another miscarraige of Canadian Justice.

Another "put-up job" for our useless cops good at diet control of vegetables, murder and mayhem, but not much else. And the continued mantra coming from the Police Chiefs of BC is that these investigations concerning crime by police can only be conducted by "trained" police officers... Bullshit!!!! These are talentless goons not even able to do their job at the best of times. Armed to the teeth and rogue.

It is time to get control of the Justice system so that it serves its name, not a police state strong arm system

Thursday, October 22, 2009

De facto Dancing

I am eager to know how the court will receive this and can't hardly wait to deliver my words on the morning of the 29th October, 2009. Courtroom 307 9:30 am.

Why am I being persecuted for trying to promote a healthy safe alternative to Alcohol? Is this court action really all about keeping a monopoly intact for demon Rum?

An invitation for liberated creative input, from Bud the Oracle

Please don't feel limited by my parameters, rather let your imagination flow!

This Fellow, Jaime Leon, has an eye for nature. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Serving the City of Vancouver with notice of my Fee Schedule

Serving the City of Vancouver Risk Management Department with my Claim of Right and notification of my Fee Schedule.

Province Of British Columbia ( [Label IP Address]

Canada Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, 1 returning visit

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Do old Hippies love life forever?

The photo is of Rainbow John, a warrior for good and peace all his life. The drawing was done of Bud the Oracle by a young local artist. I was holding forth while high on mushrooms standing on launch at the Dream Station. John still has that gleam in his eyes, too.

RCMP reveal latest secret grow-op buster: Bears

Rainbow John loves the bears, too! Take care John don't invite them in

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The mark of a Prophet?

Who are you to doubt God's Will?

These are my tributes to the Firesign Theater

Bud's timely advice on the dangers of LSD

1_False Creek News Flash: Tall Tuna Turns Tail

2_News Update: Tall Tuna's Tale Takes a Turn

A few esoteric moments to balance my political passions

Boobie Chew Hormone Gum

Below is embedded the audio mp3 "I trusted the RCMP." Every word is true. The mounties only caught this double murderer, because I recorded my accurate recollections of what he told me as was my duty to my community. I will not shirk from this duty to make my society safer, either.

Almost a quarter of a century later, though, I was not competent enough mentally, according to the Vancouver police board, to lay charges against Jim Chu, Chief of the Vancouver Police.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The police work hard to support organized criminals

You must remember that after I was arrested in the videos below, having called 911, I was assaulted by 3 jail guards. Is this how the government is protecting me from myself, or are they in the payee of the same person who pays the goon threatening us?

If you have enjoyed these videos, why not share them with some of you favorite politicians, cops and sundry drones?

Province Of British Columbia ( [Label IP Address]

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8th October 2009 22:44:16 Page View the oracle&meta=&aq=0&oq=bud the o
16th October 2009 14:19:21 Page View the oracle&meta=&aq=0&oq=bud the o

At least someone is taking me seriously. And for the record, there is no remorse within me for the duty I perform in my community. There is no rule of law in Canada and I am going to be glad to prove it to a judge and jury if need be.

Had another interaction with the VPD today. There must be a priority APB out for "the guy with the Bud Hat." All I did was wave at them in a friendly way. This was the second example of poor policing. Does no one inform these officers that the warrant has been served in order that I am not interfered with when about my peaceful business?

Yesterday, when I attempted to retrieve the camcorder they sprung a trap. Officer Spicer actually thought she needed to handcuff me inside the cop crowded police station even though I showed her the paperwork from the courts. That was a blatant example of an illegal arrest. When her partner checked the computer she took her time releasing me.

How down right ignorant this poor policing is. This is the standard: Harass the political guy for trying to make the community safe , while leaving the cops and the criminals to work things out for themselves.

Do you notice how the male cop manufactures the reason for stopping at the very end of the incident after first asking me if the Wolf was mine? I am not a corporate member of the The City of Vancouver. Make my day serving me paperwork. I have already asserted my right to be left alone on the leash laws for more than a year. Let's rack up the harassment score for trying to make my community a safer place. Now it's gonna be the VPD applying dog bylaws in my case, I guess?

It is amazing to me that these cops ignore the recognition conferred upon me by the House of Commons Justice committee. This the supreme authority in the land, isn't it? Another example of a rogue police force at work perhaps?

Mr. Ed Fast introduced myself and Robin with these words

"We also have two individuals representing the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, Mr. Robin Wroe and Chief Justice Bud the Oracle."

The official Government of Canada minutes

What is wrong with this peaceful alternative?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A night in jail has added fuel to my activism fires

I think someone is sending Rob Nicholson registered letters?

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Department Of Justice ( [Label IP Address]

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I just heard an audio bite of Zofia Cisowski, the mother of Robert Dziekanski, the polish immigrant TASERed to death at the Vancouver airport by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Now, there is a woman whom I respect for her growth in this traumatic scene. She carries herself well. Thank you Zofia for the good that your tragedy is doing for Canada. It's too bad that it comes at such a personal expense to her. When I heard her speak in Holy rosary Church (on the radio) she promised to forgive, but not just at the moment. Thank you so much. Here is an opportunity for Canadians to forgive the RCMP eventually. Why not be generous to this brave woman in her time of need? She should not have to carry this load all by herself.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Farmers Arrested Planting Hemp on DEA Headquarters lawn (video)

This is the type of action that results from deluded thinking. Things are gonna have to change!

The time for Idiocy is finally over!

Watch the video in the Title link for more. Thanks Tokebloke

For me to see so few in a nation of 300 million out to support such a vital issue is disappointing. The minds of the people are asleep.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"I thought they were being molested," Schoenborn

Some may say that this is the talk of a deranged man. This is the explanation that Allan Schoenborn gave the mother of his 3 children whom he had murdered last year.

To me this man's face is exactly how I view the face of our government. If you think this guy is deranged for claiming to be protecting his children from molestation by murdering them, then you must also find the actions of the Federal government INSANE in claiming to be protecting drug users from drugs by harming them with the legal system, placing them in a dangerous illegal environment to be ruled by organized crime to supply their needs and by creating the side effect of death and mayhem to those who participate in the illegal trade because the government creates the black market with its policies.

Therefore, just as this tormented, deranged man supposed it was better to kill his children than to allow them to be molested as his deranged mind told him they were, our government is behaving in exactly the same way with the harm it causes it's drug using and non drug using citizens alike, through the CDSA (controlled drugs and substances act)

The only real difference is that the Government of Canada has set up the conditions for thousands of deaths over the years. At an ever increasing rate, too.

PS: I sent the links to Harper et al. Why don't you?

Thanks for the support! See, it helps:

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( [Label IP Address]

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Death in the Family CBC Fifth Estate--wrongful conviction

The Government of Ontario tore this family up through the negligent/shoddy work of it Crown Attorneys, its coroners, and its police.

One of the foundations used to perpetrate this crime on an innocent family grieving over their loss was to paint the aura criminality upon the victims themselves. Through its anti drug propaganda the government already sowed the seeds of divisions and hatred amongst the soon to be deluded by shoddy police work, traumatized by the loss of a child, family. They were ready made victims for officious morons with law degrees to work on. The government made work out of them and spent great expense, time and effort into turning this grieving group of close victims into a seething tormented nest of hatred.

I say that government is always sowing the seeds for future perversion of Justice when it makes arbitrary laws like the CDSA; turning law abiding, harmless citizens into lifetime victims of the legal system.

Once someone is pigeon-holed early into the "drug User" category, all crime could possibly be committed by any such person according to the marketing of the government, with only their own propaganda as "proof." From this foundational "known to law enforcement as a drug user" vantage point, it is then easy to make these harmless, perhaps only dangerous in being more adventurous in their spirit, people into victims of the courts in the future should the opportunity arise. Maybe it is these intrepid adventurers, a bit rebellious in their spirit who would have much to offer to society, if they weren't lured by this government created opportunity for lots of easy profit, the CDSA.

You are damn right that I am not apologetic for becoming emotional upon hearing such a story in the video below. I only wish more would rise up in constructive action against this lunacy. Next it will be you or your loved ones whom these goons will be targeting.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why does the government try to make criminals out of peaceful people?

The Odd Barnacle (my neighbor) and I drew some vinegar from each other this morning. Often we clash over the basics, but quickly move on without malice. He is right to question my continuous output, like my video on power this morning. Even to me it seems like I am approaching the manic stage. Not a thing is dangerous about it to me or to anyone else, though. So what if all my stuff not comes gushing forth, even if most of it is pipe dream sampling? Does this portend danger, or creative mania? Who cares? If you don't like it, go back to Jane's channel on Justin TV. I tuned in this morning after getting an email notification sh was on. I basically said this to her because all we get is her looking at the Screen and typing with some odd words thrown in. She is pretty and young --early 20's. (although after my comment someone quickly proclaimed that she was not young and not that pretty)

Here is what I did, because she had over 213 viewers on with over two million views altogether. This is about as interesting (along with the mindless chatter in the chat) as watching paint dry for me. I said something like this:

"Jane have you ever considered that the reason you have so many viewers is because you are young and very pretty. Seeing as you don't offer much else in the way of entertainment don't you wonder who your audience might be??"

The problem is that she does seem like she could do much better if she were aware of it. She seems a bright little cookie, plus she is pretty.

Isn't it the duty of the older wiser generation to gently (sometimes rudely) remind the younger ones of where the fine lines lie? Maybe some people wish to be internet predators, but what about internet mentors? Yes, as there be suicide sites why not develop more websites where people who have been researched for there experience and compassionate nature, as well as criminally checked, are made available to those who might reach out to someone. The Office of the Altered State would fund something like this. I don't see how going after the predators in such a case could be nearly as effective as this positive approach might be. It might have been that Nadia in Death Online was partially guilty of luring the predator into expression.

Was out and about with the White Wolf at Trout lake today. Saw an old native buddy who has a black Wolf today. He is oldnow and it might have been the last time I SAW HIM Tears came to my eyes when I could see my beautiful white wolf in his old age. I really, really miss my camcorder with the fall colors coming on. Also missed recording a small interaction with a group of recovering addicts.

A lovely young lady with a deeply emotional aura was smitten by my crown. So I went over and she showed me the pictures of her lovely two young nephews. I hope she recovers and lives to enjoy children of her own. She seems to have the raw material to make a very good mother. I was able to express my points of views in an interesting exchange. It was a beautiful day.

Before this meeting I had received a call from a friend I had met last night. He had come by with a fellow who comes from South Africa with his girlfriend and we also had a warm exchange and they thanked me for my activism. He called to asked if I had found his glasses and to look out for them if I could. I wondered if they were expensive. He said yes and that they were his favorite sunglasses. My neighbor the irritable Odd Barnacle came immediately to mind. He is a scrounger of the most pernicious kind. I mentioned this to the caller and told him that if they were around, the Odd Barnacle would already have found them. To belay his fears I neglected to talk of the Odd Barnacle's habit of counting the dollars to be made by a quick sale on Craigslist. Low and behold that was the exact scenario that greeted me when I came home. The Odd barnacle was only minutes from placing the ad. I have the power!

On a peripheral note, another friend, someone who signed my claim of right, found a friend's dog who had been lost in the north shore wilderness for 6 days. Good things happen around me. I feel that because I am doing the right thing that I am in possession of the POWER

THERE IS NO WAY THAT THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA can make a criminal out of me, because I am a benefit to my community and a peaceful citizen.

Tomorrow a neighbor may come by and recount stories of his fishing trip with his dad on the Island. He purchased some schrooms from me and I am eager to hear how it went. He told me his dad used to do them when he was young.

Anyways, I hope everyone is happy with their families on this thanksgiving.

This video below says it all! I am still watching it for the first time but this is why they can't do anything to me. I suddenly realize that I do have the power due to my alliance with knowledge and my commitment to the truth within me. I have discovered the truths within this video independently because I have been seeking them honestly!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad I got off my ass and made this commitment in my life to bring safety and sanity to my community by repealing the CDSA. It is a fountain of pleasure-giving life to me, not work at all.

My psyche is alive, my freedom intact, my power unlimited!

Architects of Control : Program One - Mass Control and Future of Mankind
Vezi mai multe video din Evenimente

Creative marijuana enhanced flow

This was spurred on by an email about a post asking what smoking marijuana is like, from the heart. Too bad they removed the question from the 420 video. They were obviously not free enough to ask the question in public... so sad.

Freedom is also a state of mind, primarily, as is power. The state wants you to have neither.

Any substance that encourages these things--Freedom, power--is not something that the state will tolerate happily.

The state, through CBC News Programs like the Fifth Estate "Death Online" wants you to experience irrational fear and hateful vengeance.

On these latter emotions are built mind numbing patriotism, hard laws, state control and any policy which is against the people's bests interests. This is true, basically, because people are stupid enough to think that if they trade away a little of their liberty they will be more secure.

All the power of the STATE STEMS FROM THIS FRAUD which is born in the minds of controllers, not leaders.



Look at this video and see if my words don't make sense

Architects of Control : Program One - Mass Control and Future of Mankind
Vezi mai multe video din Evenimente

Here is something else that got me thinking while high on Marijuana. Beats law and order any day for me.

Watch live video from THE TRUTH CHANNEL on

Saturday, October 10, 2009

What was the point of Death Online? CBC Fifth Estate

As I watched TV for the first time in weeks last night on my computer the fifth Estate, Bob Mckeown, Death Online I reflected on the words in my live TV program of the morning. The marketing of the Fifth Estate on the Early Edition gave it more credence than it was actually worth in my opinion. It was painful for me to watch it.

I found the program to be bordering on the side of empty sensationalism. It purveys an attitude of irrational fear towards the predators on the internet. Is this anymore dangerous than any other thing in life? Hasn't life always been dangerous? Bob seems almost to be bullying Carlton University as being largely responsible for Nadia's death. Here is a true story of my interaction with someone whose last communication was likely with me before he committed suicide. He was found with an empty bottle of liquor beside him, having shot himself through his mouth.

The other thing this story exposes to me is the blatant fraud that only police have the ability to investigate themselves. This amateur "horsewoman" in England did pretty dam good, didn't she? and she was not trained in police work at all. This is an example too of how "trained" responders like the University's councilors and security officers lacked the understanding, knowledge and basic human empathy necessary to help save this young girl's life. the total incompetence of the Nanny state is revealed.

We are always in danger! Life is dangerous!

Sometimes it is wise to be trained to survive any eventuality

Part of my crusade is to make each of us more resilient, self reliant, and part of that is freedom of choice and taking personal responsibility.

Yes, others can always respond better to any situation, and maybe more THC would make a kinder gentler society.

The grief in that mother's soul touched me but in the end, for all the resolution it did, it made me feel like a pervert to watch it. Can anything ever take that pain away?

If her own mother couldn't reach Nadia, how could the University be responsible?

I personally believe that if she just put this down to a sad choice and did what she could to move on with her life Nadia would be able to rest in peace

Perhaps Bob McKeown did his best to out this dangerous pervert, but there is no satisfaction in it. To think law enforcement can't do a thing about this guy, but it can persecute you for your diet. This is insane to me.

I found A GOSPEL OF GREEN a much better more optimistic/productive less sensational program

Friday, October 9, 2009

Do you wish to purchase Marijuana lawfully?

Here is a response that I gave to someone asking about a need to purchase marijuana for medical reasons but the inability to get a doctor to sign the prescription:

Dear sir/madame I suggest this:

Send a registered letter telling the Federal Minister of Justice that you intend to purchase from Marijuana guild wherever it is in operation, or, by mail order, if this is a lawful Claim of right. Ask him to send you confirmation yes or no in 10 days, because you don't wish to get into trouble, rather you wish to purchase marijuana lawfully for peaceful medical purposes. It will cost you $8.00 and the answer might be part of history.

This was the reply:

Now THAT is something I can do!



Therefore I suggest others who might need to purchase marijuana lawfully but are finding it difficult should contact the Federal Justice Minister and demand a clear answer.

Leadership versus control & power 1/4

Watch live video from Bud the Oracle's Cyber Temple on

Leadership versus control & power 2/4

Watch live video from Bud the Oracle's Cyber Temple on

Leadership versus control & power 3/4
Watch live video from Bud the Oracle's Cyber Temple on

Leadership versus control & power 4/4

Watch live video from Bud the Oracle's Cyber Temple on

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A little story about a man named Bud

Many of you don't quite grasp the moment of our triumph. It felt every bit as good and will be the eventual undoing of the government, imo.

The official government minutes

That is the official parliamentary record of Canada.

Mr. Ed Fast introduced myself and Robin with these words
"We also have two individuals representing the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, Mr. Robin Wroe and Chief Justice Bud the Oracle."

We are two freemen -individuals- who are representing the -Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society- clearly stating my title -Chief Justice Bud the Oracle.

And if there was any doubt as to my role as Monarch/Head of State, or, as to the official recognition of our society as a separate state, I wore my Crown of Buds before your parliament. I was never asked to remove it, therefore I assume that as the only humans allowed to wear a Crown before your parliament, besides the Queen of England, is another head of state, that the Government of CANADA HAS OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED ME AS SUCH.

For me to accept what the rogue VPD wish to burden me with in the way of legal torture would be foolish. There is no Klaus Kaczor according to the government of Canada, only Bud the Oracle Chief Justice, a sovereign Monarch. One who had the temerity to say these historic words on the record of parliament as from one head of state to another.

" Mr. Chairman, I am Bud the Oracle, chief justice from the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society.

Peace to this hotel and to the House of Commons justice and human rights committee.

In summary, our society's judgment is that prohibition and your Controlled Drugs and Substances Act are failed policies that trespasses upon the peaceful possessory right that ought to be enjoyed by everyone. Your society's policy does not respect this right. You violently oppress otherwise law-abiding members of your own society. Your corporation's own policy is the organized crime.

In respect of drugs, your government's own policy is what enables the black market to flourish. Absent your corporate policy, regulated companies would supply drugs on a demand-oriented basis, similar to any other product. Your policy has alienated and will continue to alienate men and women from your society and its government."

No matter what happens from now on these are the facts as recorded on the official government record. They are part of the official history of Canada and can not be erased, nor the meaning behind these actions negated. I am the Chief Justice of our own Society, who did wear his Crown before the Parliament of Canada as only a Monarch is allowed to do.

Some may say that they were asleep at the switch and Robin and I bamboozled them. I say, all is fare in love and war. The facts are what they are and there is nothing that the government of Canada can do now to change these facts.

The biggest thing I am hanging on is my perception of what Robert told me. I have right to believe I have a claim of right, or I have the color of a claim of right. Mine is colored with the official symbol of the house of commons. There is no way I will step back from having achieved this status now.

And as a Head of state I can offer peace, and comfort to those Canadians who are continuing to be harmed by their Government's CDSA and prohibitionist policies. This I am in the process of doing.

There is a challenge facing those up in Ottawa today. Much traffic with hide-my-ass web service on it. Over 30 people on before 9 am. 50 now. I feel it in my bones ...something is gonna happen and soon.

We should all be strutting away with our freedom as this ex cop did. And boy it feels good to have worn a crown before the government of Canada. All you have to do is act the part and use the correct script.

and the following post on the Freeman forum

With these words Robin forewarned the government of Canada exactly of our intentions and not a word of objection was heard:

Absent repeal,we declare that men and women may constitute their own governments respectful of their right and good custom and be done with you, and that would be a shame, for Canada is a decent idea. It is not, however, a mandatory idea.

The result of those words without a repeal of the CDSA by the Government of Canada led to the creation of the Marijuana guild and the court of Justice as the mechanisms to implement this policy we spoke of, in our third parliament.

Record of third parliament mp3

Video record of the writ of Summons of the third Parliament handed personally to Stockwell Day, Minister of the Federal Government.

This all comes from the efforts of many including and especially Robert Menard, Robin, to name the most important. God has put the right scripts into my hands and scheduled the various scenes. I'm just another actor on this stage!

But I am having fun with the role.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This morning's letter to the main moron, Steve Harper

Subject: How smart are your ministers?

Hey Steve the Impaler,
Get the fack out of harmless people's lives. We are A BENEFIT TO OUR SOCIETY and committing a harmless act upon ourselves.

Bud the Oracle
Chief Justice
Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society
Clerk of the Marijuana Guild
Concerned peaceful citizen
Cross Country Soaring Pilot

You might be upset with me for the disrespectful way I speak to the Prime Moron.


"Way Past VNE" Zhenya's Dragonfly Solo

I bet this guy smokes his share of Ganja much like snowboarders who can win Olympic Gold medals. Fack right off you turds! The reign of terror through the CDSA is over. There will be an uprising should you sacrifice taxpaying Canadians to idiotic foreign laws

Friday, October 2, 2009

Rob Nicholson speaks out on the Early Edition

I have seldom heard so much bullshit at one gulp. Let's try to imagine how tweaking the time served discount from 2:1 to 1.5:1 for pretrial incarceration to reduce sentence after trial IS GOING TO REDUCE GANG VIOLENCE. You have to remember that this Idiot Rob Nicholson wants you to believe that targeting this tiny 3 to 5% of the gang bangers who get caught is gonna reduce gang crime.

All the while allowing the illegal market to flourish by way of the CDSA which gives them a mark up of 1200% to play with on an easily grown vegetable which people love to use and which benefits them.

And these toolheads think that tweaking the pretrial sentencing thing will discourage the GANG BANGERS AND THEY WILL PACK UP THEIR SHOW AND GET GOOD NOW.

Watch live video from Bud the Oracle's Cyber Temple on

How I give my head a shake after too much politics

Lovely sunshine for my Sunshine Soup in the title link!