Thursday, October 29, 2009

Courtroom Script for October 29th, 2009

This is how I will begin, for the rest come on down, you can be a participant in "The Law is Right!"

Well it was fuuuun! Still no disposition as of noon..

First the matter of KACZOR was called. I did not respond, then the Crown called "bud" I sprang up and in a voice befitting a Chief Justice, got to say my script part one. The robed lady ordered my from her room, I left a "thing KACZOR, KLAUS" on a back seat and asked people to comment in writing upon it, (a sheet of paper with the thing's name on it) and left peacefully escorted by livid sheriffs, one of which angrily said "You are done here today, you are ordered to leave the building" I was escorted out the front door, boldly loudly repeating the words on today's blog post embedded mp3 podcast.

I knew my lines really, really well, my voice was clear and strong. Someone who stayed said that the crown and the Judge were at a loss what to do. The Judges words were "I don't know what to do with this matter"

Confusion was evident.

I would have gladly stayed and dealt further with the matter of the "Thing KACZOR, KLAUS," but the sheriffs unlawfully and without cause, forced me under threat to leave the building.

I wonder what the outcome will be, don't you?

Thanks for this great opportunity to wipe the self serving smug smiles off their criminally insane faces for a moment, and have them change their tune from "to serve the rule of law,," bullshit I heard at DML's sentencing hearing, to "I don't know what to do."

If that is all I have to crow about today, besides being free to smoke another joint, do a mushroom trip or such, I will happily take it! Thanks again the great spirit in the sky! Praise God!

The results were posted just now.

SL or Struck from list.

It means "struck from list"---"Used for cases that are struck from
list when new process is issued."

Not WI, warrant issued, so, interesting! But how can they issue new
process, that is to say, a summons, since you already appeared today
and were kicked out?

"No! Come back! We didn't actually want you to leave the building!"

I wonder what we have wrought?

One of the options that they could be considering is a change of venue. Wouldn't that be something. One can only hope for the best, imo.

Isn't that what we want: a change of venue from these de facto courts? That's what I want. I want a chance at a fair outcome without having the entire deck stacked against me, don't you want the same too?
Send your letters demanding a change of venue, or we'll storm the walls!