Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wally Oppal and the Polygamists of Bountiful

Well it was threatened for several years now and finally there is some apparent action 7 months after having announced the latest push to charge the Hen Pecked, Winston Blackmore, and another. Just because they have been charged doesn't mean that the charges will stand up in a trial which might take place 2 years from now.

Obviously this is not something being done to rescue or “save” any people from being sexually exploited at the moment. These charges stem from long ago disgruntled/enlightened females taking on what they understood after years of participating in it as being “wrong.” The future of these charges is beyond knowing. A more ambiguous issue is hard to imagine.

I can't as a libertarian see the good of the state being involved in limiting relationships in the number of participants if they are truly consenting adults. It is the fact that these children having been raised to their roles in a legal religious belief system, which still allows crimes such as gender discrimination to be sanctioned and taught to their young. Catholics and other mainstream religions are allowed to indoctrinate their young in defiance of the hate, gender equality laws.

Where does the right of society to interfere in someone's faith and beliefs start and end? Why do we intrude when none of the current participants in the culture/ religion of Bountiful are complaining? I see this as a political intrusion into people's rights and freedoms for the reason of persecution by people who disagree with the notion.

I believe that there is no crisis here and if someone did something to anyone on an individual basis we do have the courts, although they are not timely and therefore unresponsive to a crisis. There is no crisis in my estimation, other than that manufactured in other people's minds. I have lived in Creston and watched these people interact in the community. No one seems to be coerced and even if they grow up with different values it is no different than what other religions have done and continue to do.

I feel that there is much more that could be done of less high profile benefit by helping get rid of the prohibition laws which are really harming society and killing people in many ways. It is only of concern to those who wish to always control others what the polygamists do. Many more children of both sexes have been harmed by pedophile priests and clergy, including systematic abuse of the residential schools than is occurring, or has ever occurred, in Bountiful.

Where Mr. Oppal could make a real difference to the safety of our society, repeal of prohibition, he is kind of lame believing in the Kangaroo court system to affect changes in addiction and substance abuse. An antiquated, dangerous corruption/crime causing approach proven invalid sixty years ago. Yeah a little publicity garnering misdirection while the same old racist law oppression bullshit continues.

Or why not concern ourselves with setting up a real investigatory body to oversee the criminal conduct of the police forces of this province which impacts British Colombians everyday and which many people would like to see?

I don't know for sure because I only heard part of the interview and can't find it now, but wasn't it Wally Opal who is the Judge I mention in this video, who thinks Lori Douglas associated Chief Justice Manitoba should resign because he knows, almost Godlike, What Canadians regard as normal sexual behavior?