Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dana Larsen's candidacy is stirring the pot, eh!

The idea being floated by the regular political pundits that Dana is somehow ineligible to run for any office because he has taken psychedelic substances openly is absurd when you consider the our former premiere is a drunk driver. It is apparent to me by direct observation that there is no chance of anyone getting into a position of power who might wish to change anything for the better and talk truth to the issues. I don't support Dana's platform, and think that he is so far behind the change curve that if he were able to implement it, not much would result from it. The only thing these leadership campaigns demonstrate to me is that "democracy" can not produce the good benevolent pragmatic leadership necessary for a healthy society. The sheep don't know how to select a good leader because they have no recent models/templates displayed before them as examples of whom to choose from out of the crowd of circus con artists. There is a reason that everyone keeps on moaning about how "they" are all the same, all crooked. Can anyone reading this post conjure up real, living memories which point to a great leader whose policies and term of office truly benefited those whom they served, anywhere in Canada?

Democracy is another fancy name for mob rule. It allows the pack to "choose" its leader when the pack is not cognizant of the qualities which make up a good leader or even what is good for itself. The pack is only capable of being led. The union workers know how to work, not lead. They don't know how to separate the bullshit from the truth, to stay uncorrupted. To let the masses choose their own leadership in today's world of mass marketing and corporate greed, is the fatal flaw. In fact it is an exact science, controlling the mob through its genetic predisposition and mass media marketing. (Klaus Kaczor was the name of my former person)

Why do you think that the corporations, the media, keep on chanting "Democracy! We are in a Democracy! Its all about democracy?" BECAUSE THEY CONTROL IT!

This is the root of your problem Canada, your so called "democracy" is really greedy corporate dictatorship in practice, not rule of the people. The best interests of the leadership candidates are not on behalf of those who elect them. This is obvious to see in the organized gang lawlessness, the police state tyranny of the G-20, and easy to feel in the pocketbook, yet the voters can't get it straight and do themselves a favor. That is because they are too stupid to be called upon to make good decisions in their own favor. They are being controlled and their vote co opted by those with money and power who control the media, the government and the police, through corruption. The dog and pony show that you are witnessing today on the BC political scene has nothing to do with what the people want, or democracy, it is all about political entertainment and control of the bovine through propaganda.

Unlike in Israel, where even a former president has been held to account criminally for being a sexual predator, Canadian cops get away with murder regularly, former Prime Ministers, pals of the current prime Minister, are not even charged for committing perjury in court concerning bribes he admitted taking while in office. There is no rule of law in Canada. How can there be a democracy? The people know this and stay home in ever larger numbers at voting time. Its all a scam!

Hello Dana, wake up! You don't have a chance! It is all a big lie!

Th problem is that everyone thinks that this is the only playground in town and that we all must play their little game of corruption. You play at your little scam and be fleeced every time. We, the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, choose not to. We offer a way out of this insanity and tyranny. No law under God can force me to associate with a society whose police forces appear to openly contract a hit with organized crime "to make our community safer." Not only do we have a legal argument that would win in any non-Kangaroo court, I personally would refuse to be ruled by such a government. It matters not if I am the only one with an ethical core, or, the ability to see the corruption of JUSTICE and rule of law, in the entire country, no judge can force me or anyone to comply with a government whose agents openly cooperate with violent organized criminal gangs to police our communities.

A recording of a bit of the Current CBC and my off the cuff reaction to the arrogant physician at the end are accurate. Who really gives a shit what the physicians think? don't think? because the statistics I quote at the end are true. In our Society, people control all things concerning them, not some self appointed quacks who presume they can make decisions for everyone else, who believe that they hold a monopoly over freedom of choice. I withdrew my consent from their control. You do as you will.

The strength of any Society lies squarely on the shoulders of the individual, not "experts," who hold monopolies in control of large numbers of people. In the concentration of power to such arrogant quacks as this doctor, a single mistake can prove fatal for many over generations. Of course this person and his colleagues would never admit to making such mistakes, or, they are even capable of making such gross errors. These smocked gangsters presume a lot. "I have gone to university, therefor I am God!"

"Yes of course, on his say so, because he has a degree, we must all suffer gun violence and state tyranny practiced against the god given right and mechanism of Natural selection, freedom of choice." So say the bovine.


The most important mistaken presumption that they continue to make is that they have authority over anyone's life. They simply don't have any authority to command anyone, at any time, or, to withhold anything because of their personal moral convictions. Yet these arrogant con artists continue to play god with the lives of everyone, but are always above being held to account. Only bovines would allow this state of affairs to control their lives. I know, because I have worked with cattle before, and helped to inject things into them, administer low dosage antibiotics, to make things more profitable, "efficient," and easier-- for the farmer, for the insurers, for the sheep herders, and politicians! This man speaking with such authority is a quack on this issue.

He, the god like doctor, is not factoring in the many thousands of deaths caused by the gang violence surrounding the fact of drug distribution into the equation. The reality is that prohibition has an adverse effect totally contrary to its claimed goal of reduction of drug use. The outcome of the equation is not a balance of health concerns, the outcome is one judged under the law as one of freedom of personal choice, with criminal consequences for the state of mind one wishes to peacefully experience. Humans make poor personal choices, that is our friggen right, you stupid quack!