Saturday, December 13, 2008

Open Letter to Libby Davies (Click for Claim audio)

From: budoracle
Subject: Re: my Claim of Right
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 14:13:39 -0800

Dear Libby Davies and all, greetings!

I was into you office inquiring about your up-coming office hours, in order to get my claim of Right in personally. So as to give you plenty of time for some input, should you have any to the way this document might be presented to you, I will link you to it. I am not ashamed of
anything that I do or think. I truly do have the best interests of my community in mind. For an uncensored window into my thoughts, reasoning and doings, I keep a very public blog:

On it, in chaotic order, I spill the beans about how I think on most subjects. I have also some very valid insights and criticisms of our unhealthy society.

If you remember that I still have the 600 hundred signatures that I gathered on behalf of the Ian Bush inquest, which you wanted to take to Parliament. You will see that since my earliest involvement things sincerely for the good of my community.

I see the Prohibition laws an Abomination against nature and therefore must do all I can for the safety of my offspring to bring them down.

This led to my personal conclusion and activist stand

Since I sent it to Mr. Opal, I have been openly, very publicly selling marijuana and Psychedelic substances to adults over 19 and continue to do so. I've even sent the links to the RCMP and every government agency I could think of. At first I truly wished to openly challenge this
idiocy in court, therefore on June 13, I approached two officers in their squad car and asked them nicely if they wished to purchase Cannabis. This was so that I could try to overturn this dangerous racist installed legislation, which goes against the primary command of Nature.
I won't stand with murder of my fellow citizens through this crime producing law. All across Canada ten times the number are dying of political idiocy, than in Afghanistan. That's to say nothing of the general lawlessness and corruption it causes throughout society

and again because I use marijuana they denied my right to justice

Since I will be treated as just another drug dealer and made to pay your ridiculous penalty for my rightful and safe choices and sincerely motivated action, I must take other measures to protect myself. How ridiculous to think that on the basis that I actually tried to help our society and move this issue forward, I will be punished. Also, I again asked two officers in a squad car if they wished to purchase marijuana on Nov 13. You may disagree with my politics (although I voted for you) but stupid I am not! these were intentional actions a preemptive strike so to speak to get things going.

My actions were for the improvement of society only.

I have only recently become aware of the intelligent opportunity afforded men of reason and gentle passions, the Claim of Right. Although I watched intently robert arthur Menard's videos on Utube, we have only spoken briefly once on the telephone. I love his, peaceful, in the spirit of enlightenment, manner. My document was drawn up with the help of a young UBC student of the Law AND Philosophy. I have thoroughly studied it, and am in agreement with every word. In fact he drew it up after several interviews with me. It exactly expresses what I wish to accomplish and the sentiments and attitudes that I have.


I invite all of your staff to peruse my website to get a feel for who I am and how much this means to me. I blog on this threads daily as I am very aware of everything that goes on in our society and concern myself with as much of it as I am led too, by my spirit.

I have two well read threads on Cannabis Culture forums, one and two

Also Craigslist

If you google the former name of my Person Klaus Kaczor or Bud Oracle or budoracle, You will see that I took Max Braithwaite's advice seriously. I was his "paperboy": "Well, if you write everyday your can honestly call yourself a writer."

I think that I can make a difference in a positive way through writing and bold assertive peaceful actions. This media will be part of the new set of tools the next generation will use to bring about peaceful change. Since I had fun running for council last time I have a better
understanding of a politician, a bit more empathy, perhaps.

Should you have any pre considerations, such as if you wish any of these articles, stories on hard copy too, although I don't see the need. Just feel free to download them from my website. I am an Environmental scientist by training. A large part of my many divergent concerns is with our environment and have therefore given up my addiction to gasoline 4 years ago. Also, I have called 911 numerous times on behalf of my fellow citizens and will continue to do so. But I will not be criminalized for my safe choices nor forced to comply with a a justice system/government that has lower standards than I. I have no wish to be part of a society in which the laws are differently applied to different people and used as a lever to commit hate crimes or subvert justice.

If it was good enough for me to turn in the double murderer, then it should be the same for the Chief of Police, or The commissioner of the RCMP, or the Justice Minister, Or the Minister of public safety. I won't give my consent to be governed by a society with such standards.

Yours in sincerity and peaceful cooperation

without frivolity or vexation

Bud the Oracle

The first Free-roaming Oracle of modern times.

The VPD have my religious head gear and are keeping it to harm my spirit and I want it back or I will enter a bill for the use of it.

It has no value as evidence as I have already agreed to the facts.