Thursday, April 23, 2009

The rewards of trust in Canada are bitter under Mr.Harper (CBC podcast audio)

Tax Mistake - Irvin Leroux's Story

This story hit me hard when I heard it this morning. The foundation of it, the unaccountability of government bureaucrats, is why I withdrew my consent to be governed by the criminal entity known as the Corporation of Canada. I am sure that this is behind a huge increase in lawlessness in Canada. The thought process for millions is "All that I can get away with is fair game, because the government does it to you."

More than any proof that pot is the gateway for harder drugs, Rampant unchecked tyranny breeds a reciprocate lawless attitude in a society. This contention is proven time after time throughout history.

At every turn the government, through its agents, breaks the laws it forces with unchecked Powers on us. The sheeple fear the government and are trained to ignore the fellow citizens fate. Few are intelligent enough to understand that this whole system is a fraud of the most odious proportions. No better in intent than European Fascism was in the 30's, except in scale of violence.

Today those in power feel that they can torment those who chose a different self remedy than alcohol, based on belief, while all science and all observation points these substances to be less harmful than alcohol, tobacco and many over prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Many Judges are idiots of the same ilk that stood behind Adolf propagating the lie by insisting that it is their jurisdiction to make choices for people for their safety without any evidence that what they are doing is making anyone safer. In FACT ALL EVIDENCE POINTS TO PROHIBITION BEING UNHEALTHY FOR SOCIETY AND YET THESE GOVERNMENT DUPES AND PUPPETS DO THE BIDDING OF MR. HITLER, I MEAN HARPER, RATHER THAN THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE OF CANADA.

More people will understand what it means to become free man as this recession deepens. They will understand what a grand deception this society is when all the bullshit FAILS TO PUT PAYCHECKS INTO POCKETS.

another thing that I heard this morning was that Winston Blackmore of Bountiful wants the government to pay for his charter defence but has been turned down once already. This brings to ind what Judge Rideout said about doing a proper chater challenge if it should happen in the future. It's pure bullshit to think that a lay person can take on the government with its unlimitted resources and criminal agents.

What a fantasy these legal begals musthave? Justice in Canada is more of a halucination than anything I have seen on acid. I am sure that this is exactly what is causing the general lawlessness around us. It is alla reflection of what we have as an example, a model to guide us.

Monday, April 20, 2009

420 Rally Vancouver enormous, no one was roudy

Again no violence or non peaceful behavior was encountered although ten thousand people attended and smoked unmolested. why is this substance prohibited? I understand that the Sheriffs hassled and arrested a person sitting on a bench at the ciourt building though. Acording to a reliable source, the person was searched and arrested for a small amount of pot only 200 meters from this crowd. How backward are these uniformed court attendents when the VPD would not interfere?


Monday, April 13, 2009

Rejected by the Ministry of Public Safety Permanently

My auto emailer, operational since my blog came up, has been sending them notices of updates relentlessly every time I have posted something.

Young 8 year old girl still missing in Ontario troubles me and is on my mind. Hopefully many others are sending good vibes her way. The police say that they are canceling the ground search, and are treating it as a missing persons case. There are no signs of violence and everyone is hopeful.

Closer to home, the homeless wheelchair bound man's death is being used by the NDP as a political ploy. I am ambivalent about that being sincere. The road needing to be traveled before any results are seen is an eternity. The Canadian system resists change, rather than allows it, when and where necessary. The federal Government has not contributed a cent to housing for 16 years now. I believe that Paul Martin scrounged up the surpluses spent by Harper from people resource spending such as this and infrastructure. Now we see these moneys spent to bail out industry because they have mismanaged things and need a little, or a lot, of corporate welfare.

I heard from someone who is peripherally in the know that one of the gangs in the area has an initiation requirement of “doing” an innocent victim. I heard this a few eeks ago. Now I wonder if it was true and not just an urban gangland legend. It sounds as if the murder was gratuitous.

What kind of society is this Canada? A place where Prime Ministers who rip off those who need our help and are honored for their cruel deeds. They say they are doing a good job while ripping off the Mentally ill who need help, they have money for more TASER happy cops, but they can't repeal a law which encourages more and more lawlessness in our society. Prohibition is the gateway for lawlessness, violence, criminal gangs and powerful drug fueled ruthless organizations.

I remember a time in the sixties when these substances were casually used by happy people exploring. The ratcheting up of the “War on Drugs” has caused these dangerous side effects in the short 40 years since I predicted that they would in my article in the School newspaper. And Harper wants to blithely continue. And you morons are letting him.

Are you Daft? BillC_15 is guaranteed to provide more lawlessness and more murders of innocents and you morons are going to march to the tune of idiocy simply because you don't have to mental capacity or the cojones to do something about it. I sure am glad I left a society of losers like that behind,l and became free. Sorry I can't play along with idiocy, I have to use the mental machinery I was endowed with.

A long time ago when I heard stories about Hitler's Germany from my parents, I told myself that it mattered what side I was on, not withstanding if I was in the minority. The promise that I made to myself was, “I will not willingly support a fascist regime, nor a government that plagues its people with Tyranny.”

You sheep can do as you like. In the end it is yourselves that are to blame for the present circumstances. You have been watching too much hockey, not doing your duty as citizens to make sure that we are properly and democratically/responsibly governed/policed.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Free Roaming With Bud the Oracle (click for Utube video)

“Transfigurations of the west coast Landscape” is a phrase I just heard on North by Northwest, CBC Radio One. I am trying to change the mental landscape of people, am I not? This is the only hope for the future of civilization: Peaceful change through progress. The revolt in Thailand is described by CBC news in a spotlight of sympathy for the Prime Minister and his government. All the news is government propaganda designed to paint popular uprisings as bad/evil and government Tyranny as good/necessary. Why is that?

Here is a bit of refreshment and hope for the future: A bit of Philosophy 101, Sunday Edition CBC Radio one

Although I understand the Odd Barnacle's message about keeping quiet on crime in “True confessions,” I am not committing a crime (unless it you call poor comedy a crime) in “Dan and Bud make a deal.” In this simulated drug deal I am making an honest statement about the absurdity of spending billions, making criminals of many, to keep people conforming to a social standard which they had no business installing in the first place. What we do is not harmful to us, to anyone else. The only harm is caused by the law. The rest is none of your facken business. Our lifestyles are our business not yours as conceived by some 19th century racist temperance dogooders.

This is how an enlightened progressive society of men and women free of the hegemony of the USA can do for their citizens. The only way to be free of American Tyranny is to move to Portugal or to remove your consent to be governed by the Government of Canada. This an intolerable state of affairs in a country which purports itself to be a democracy yet its leader forces his private ideology and will on the citizens.

When anyone turns on an ignition key and burns fossil fuels for transportation purposes, because they are addicted to a consumer product, all of creation is influenced in a harmful way by their actions directly. This only recently regulated and controlled product, the motor vehicle, causes great human suffering in poor health due to people becoming obese because they never walk anywhere. It is causing the death of our biosphere, the deaths of millions due to climate change, because the morons in charge are afraid to lead us out of our idiocy, rather they perpetuate it by bait and switch, misdirection: pointing to the likes of me needing criminal sanction as being a much greater threat to fear. Through their constant fraud on crime “caused by drug addiction” in order to install a police state to cement their Tyranny, our so-called leaders serve themselves at society's great expense.

To think that police can kill us without being held accountable, while people like me are being persecuted for being happy in the harmless way we choose to be.

That is why I became a A Free Man on the Land. I will not comply with idiocy designed to oppress people for exercising what was naturally given them by God. It is my duty to creation to stay free so that the germ of intelligence and liberty survives.

Yes, I am called by my “Maker” to expose my “utter depravity,” my poor housekeeping, my “negligent” lifestyle, my normal humanity as imperfect as anyone else's.. None of what you see me doing gives anyone the right to make me a criminal. All that matters to me is that I am happy. All that ethically should be a concern to others is that I am harmless and a good citizen. Therefore, I withdrew my consent to be governed by the corporate entity known as the Government of Canada, as is my right in the Constitution/Charter, if it is truly a Democracy that we live in.

My rather amateur unedited videos are part of a creative approach to my activism. Like my podcasts, they are my artistic energy being expressed in my usual careless, seat of the pants, style of flying. I really don't give a crap if they offend anyone, because Tyranny through Oppression is much more offensive and deadly in my opinion. It is my duty to do this and try to change our world in a peaceful, progressive way.

Otherwise, we might experience uprisings as we see elsewhere in the world today, like Thailand, or relentless violence as we see in the drug wars in Mexico.

Judge my lifestyle all you want, at your peril. In the Bible it says “Judge ye not, lest ye be Judged” for a very good reason.

I invite those peaceful people who would, have shaken off the shackles of religion, and can think as god demanded they do to join our society, The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society.

I like to live my life “Sequentially” too, as says Dr. I Rockwell, the Sunday Edition. CBC.

This is my phase as a Free roaming Oracle, Free Man on the land, Bud the Oracle. I am enjoying it and it will benefit my society, if my goals are achieved, in the reduction of crime, lawlessness and drug addiction at an ever younger age.

If the people of Portugal can make good decisions than so can Canadians. Listen to the Miracle of Portugal's drug reforms as I recorded it live from the radio The Sunday Edition. Comments are live by me.

Check out Bud Oracle's happy messy existence on Youtube and judge for yourself if Rampant violence, lawlessness, and organized crime are worth tolerating as side effects to keeping prohibition in place. I hide nothing. It is like it is. Or a reasonable facsimile at least. It is time our society grows up and quits discriminating against those who choose to be different.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Government Committee on Organized Crime a Farce!

The deck is stacked as to whom they will allow to speak. Jack made our application with in the 24 hrs of submissions being opened and the word we received was that the schedule was full and there was no room for us. This Dog and Pony show is designed to give the feedback which will support Bill C-15. No voices of reason with truth will be allowed to speak.

Our neighborhoods will continue to be the shooting galleries of organized crime while these self serving monkeys strive to cement their grip on political power through fraud.

Here is my neighborhood as seen while "Herbally enhanced." This video attempts to show what this law is all about: Keeping me from being as happy as I choose to be, using natural means.

To keep Bud Oracle & others from feeling this happy we are saddled with organized crime and murder.


Utube Video: "I like your hat"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trout lake last evening, Vanier Park Sunday afternoon

I was out after work with Al for a run to Trout Lake last night. It was so warm and spring was in the song of some red winged Blackbirds. As soon as I get my Utube lesson, I have a clip of the song as the camera takes a panoramic shot..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Vancouver rail yards full of parked rolling stock

The rail yards were busy last year at this time.. It was hard to cross sometimes because they were building trains. Sometimes the night shift would slam them together (called "humping").

Now there is barely any noise noise from the yards only 200 meters from my place. Last fall they started filling up with lumber cars, now every bit of spare rail is a parking string. The tracks are rusty. Like the economy.

At least the sun was out on Sunday and the weather has warmed a bit. The other side of the coin is the the short cut is always available and sudden jarrings in the middle of the night are not missed.

And these are the first Photos that I have been able to get off my new camcorder (which I always carry now). Tomorrow I will take a lesson in creating my first Utube upload from my own footage. Oh boy! Can't wait.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Judge Dhillon recognizes Bud the Oracle as a Free Man on the Land

The matter was a Summons to a Payment Hearing in Small Claims Courtroom 110 at 9:30. At first I thought that it would be a slam dunk and a savings of the unpaid fine. The clerk had instructed me to look on the court register papers. Low and behold I could not find the name of the person Klaus Kaczor or even Bud Oracle anywhere. I then proceeded to get a stamp of recognition to having been there as an agent for the Person at the appointed hour. They had probably withdrawn the fine to begin with as the Person Klaus Kaczor no longer existed.

The sheriff said that they would get it on the register. I then walk in on the two female clerks in the courtroom and told them that I was Bud the Oracle authorized agent for the Person Klaus Kaczor. They told me it would be up to the Judge to allow that otherwise only the person was allowed to appear, A warrant could be issued if the Judge so chose.

The Sheriff walked in then and informed the clerks that my Klaus Kaczor's matter was being added. He then turned to me and said that I would be required to take off my religious Headgear (bud hat). I asked him if he required Sikhs to take off their turbans? He replied something to this effect "They are one of the recognized religion" I came back with "so my religion doesn't count? Is that in your eyes or the state's?" I was asked to leave until I was called before the Judge.

After a short time there came a call for "Bud the Oracle"

As I entered, I was astonished to find the lovely Judge Dhillon who had accepted my first Claim of Right entered by Jack A Roe. One of the first statements/questions she asked was, "Does it feel good to be a Free man?" I replied "yes it feels good to be Free."

I was never asked to remove my crown of buds, the one with the huge 10 inchers on it. The Judge seemed bemused by it. We established that I was representing my former person and that this person would not be able to have a warrant served upon him as he no longer existed. I then said that the only law I was following in our society, the unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, of which I am the Chief Justice, was that of the Bible. This news seemed to add some apparent joy to the judge and I had a distinct impression that she had a difficult time keeping proper decorum in her court by suppressing an outburst of mirth.

I reminded her of the statement in the Bible about paying your debts and if the court allowed a very reasonable schedule, I would see to Mr. Kaczor's debt. When asked I said that I would surely be able to manage 10 dollars per month. The City lawyer and the Judge jumped at that and I figured that having been established as a Free man on the Land, Bud the Oracle, was worth something and it would be a good omen to start out debt free.

I was then able to state clearly that I was not bound as Bud the Oracle to any city bylaws or services, that my dog was no threat to anyone and he was well loved by the neighborhood. Of course I still pick up dog crap and leash him when walking on sidewalks full of people. But when they are empty and I wish to leave him unleashed in a safe manner, I will.

The judge inquired as to his pedigree. I thanked her very much, the Sheriff and waited to pick up my pay schedule and left, officially recognized as Bud the Oracle.

The video editing requires more concentration than I am able to give after a hard day's work. Thankfully even the really throbbing pain in my left arm/side has left me. I broke down and bought some Tylenol last night because I had woken up flinching with severe pain many times the night before. This is the one which ended up under my left ear when I popped it out as I crashed my C5 a Hang glider into Cochrane ridge in 1980. This morning, first day back after court day it felt really good but, I notice after a hard day it is hurting again.

I really wanted to catch my buddy, Curtis Santiago, who is back from Toronto to perform at the Met. There are two considerations: primarily it is because I am very tired and hurting that I will cancel, but secondarily and also importantly, I don't like alcohol fueled crowds. They are dangerous and of course the Judge was right in asking me to keep away from alcohol. Not that I wish to drink in any way, but even the "feel" if it in other people whose behavior becomes erratic and sometimes irrational, often violent as well, is repulsive to me. And it costs money, too! Besides the concept of video making is drawing me in, luring me to make at least an attempt to formulate a project in light of what can be done. It is so incredibly rich in variation, so laden with choice. All of it seemingly complex to me at the moment, as well. A steep learning curve for me but I might get lucky and have a lesson gifted to me.