Thursday, September 25, 2008

Democratic Economy the best in the world? Yeah, right, Mr. Harper!

This is the society, these are the people, government and economy Harper has been touting as his ideal model since he came on the scene. It is our neighbor's full prisons, crime ridden lawless society Harper sees as the template for Canada. Harsher laws for your children, three times and your out for life.

When is Harper going to establish the rule of Law in Canada? With the example of always being above the laws which they harshly enforce, the Canadian police forces have racked up the largest score of collateral damage (dead Canadian citizens and one Pole) while "doing their job" of all the other illegal gangs combined. Lies, negligent investigations, have caused many travesties of Justice. Natives are still targeted in vestigial racism.

Former Judge Henderson arrested in the Cayman Islands in a police corruption investigation. I wonder if more of our Judges aren't secret criminals. Like that one in Northern BC, who was found guilty of raping a minor. The same minor who had charged a Mounty before she died.This rapist cop, knowing that she can not stand against him now, is suing the Police themselves for charging him. Are these only hints of what slime lies deeply within our justice system? The model we have is of the law of the jungle, not, justice as in the rule of law.

The American lies are collapsing to the south, yet Harper stands by them. As if Canada's puny economic engine, which is intertwined with the American business cancer, could stave off what is in store for us.

This autocratic emulator of the Great Decider and his republican dream team, Harper, has shown himself to be a sucker betting on a loosing American horse. Don't be misled by his claims and words, look close at his failed deeds, his inability to work with your elected representatives.

To elect Harper, a Republican conservative boot-licker now, when America itself is rejecting his ilk, would put Canada behind their recovery.

We pay for non performance and corporate welfare, while there are many needy Canadians being left to suffer. The corporate greedy slugs take our money and never give back the industry promised to us in payment for the tax incentives given, to employ the poor and needy, to enhance the Canadian economy.

Some Canadians are bovine to believe the the likes of the conservatives will help them in the coming economic failure. They will stick money and tax incentives up their friend's anal orifices, while making the average Canadian carry the brunt of the hardship.

These "Market Adjustments" really mean "wealth claw-back" from the poor. Those who have caused this meltdown knew enough to be cash rich and get more from government to buy up all the deals due to devaluation of your property, which they caused.

Wait and see, the rich are getting richer, and will be able to get even more so, with the likes of the Conservatives in Government.