Sunday, October 12, 2008

What ever happened to OPCC complaint # 2007-3940?

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Last year after the shooting of Paul Boyd on Granville street by a VPD officer, I was listening to the Early Edition Radio One. Stephen Quinn was interviewing the new chief Jim Chu (I didn't even know his name then).

I heard him say (which I confirmed with a telephone call to Stephen) "I am convinced that my officers are innocent of any wrong doing and I stand behind them 100%"

Now on the face of it, this might seem appropriate, but to someone with more than half a brain it means something different.

His legal duty was to say "The matter is still under investigation, therefore I can't comment."

The news right after the shooting had witnesses saying that they saw Mr. Boyd with his hands up and that he appeared to have been executed. This was confirmed in July 2008 by what my arresting officer told me when I stuck my head into the police car to try to challenge the prohibition laws.

This supervisor told me, when I mentioned my charges to the chief "Yeah, the guy with the bicycle lock injured a cop severely." As if this is a valid reason that a cop can gun down someone on the street with their hands up.

What Chief Chu actually had done was exhibit gang behavior telling his own cops, who must carry out the investigation, that he feels that the shooters were innocent, and this before any investigation was even begun. I have a record of not going along with gang type behavior, no matter which colors they wear.

The OPCC accepted my complaint and gave me 1st person standing. It was the Mayor and the police board which sent 2 cops a lawyer and someone from mental health to my door and asked me, the complainant, several silly questions, one of them about my use of Marijuana. Since then I have not heard a single thing.

Before the cops can come after me for smoking pot, (which allows me to see more clearly than most citizens) I want them held to the laws so that they don't behave like criminal gangs! I don't want executioners, nor those who stand behind them, working on my police forces.

Policing is a dangerous business. Just because someone gets hurt on the job is no reason to allow executions in revenge or to intimidate the public. Before we need to hire more cops, we must hold the present ones accountable under the laws, otherwise we are building a police state.

What would my habits have to do with the police chief committing a crime of Obstruction of Justice on behalf of the shooter? Not only did he do this, but it also appeared to have corrupted the investigation and any appearance of lawbreaking, corruption are grounds for the laying of charges.

That incident which I have just described is the purpose for the prohibition laws, so that those who might change our laws and demand police accountability for the betterment of society are denigrated and marginalized and denied their rights and their power of political expression.

"In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My unique thoughts on off-leash issues (click)

This is a plan whereby people can share the common spaces available responsibly while raising the knowledge of all. It would put the onus on the dog owning community to be responsible and it would encourage resolutions of problems at the source point without the city getting involved. The knowledge would spread and there would be many responsible eyes with civic training dispersed throughout the city.

See also Len Catlin radio interview

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Campaigning on Hastings at Cambie

Click the title and listen to the podcast . the day was filled with meeting people and listening to their concerns. You can be sure, though, that I got a word or two in edge-wise.

From the poorest of people to the other end of the spectrum they mostly like the hat, especially in front of Marc Emery's place.

Later Aloofus and I, went to crab park and he had a great play with a lovely large breed female pup while the adults talked politics.

(I tried to talk naturally and kept the editing to a minimum. sorry about the ahs. I'll try to do better next time but at least it doesn't sound like my earlier attempts at editing---"Cyber speak")

Yesterday's Journal as a podcast (click)

Yesterdays journal: Here is something I blogged on The shotgun blog about it. I can't sleep because I'm in a creative mania:

"Here's a bit of news today!

I have actually plunked down my deposit sent in 150 word bio and handed in my nomination papers today at city hall! I'm an official politician.

Paul Hancock who is the chief officer stunned me by saying that he expects a turn-out of 32%.

The bio blurb should be on the official city website along with my smiling bud oracle mug shot, along with my website link, tomorrow.

Also it will go out to every household in Vancouver in hard copy in a very nice booklet. 250,000

As I walked from the rear of the City Hall, after signing in, I was struck by the beauty of the north shore mountains in the distance with the Olympic flag in the foreground.

The thought crossed my active, herbally enhanced imagination, that it would only be fitting if Vancouver had a modern version of the ancient Greek tradition of the altered state arts, an Oracle on Council welcome the participants of another ancient Greek tradition of the war arts.

Don't you think?

All I got to do to get on council, is to somehow light a fire under the lazy ass of apathy. simple, eh!"

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Campaign induced thoughts on the political nature of humans

Today I was campaigning on Granville Island, Thanks to all for the nice smiles.

Although I was accused of "Thread Jacking" by TM Jaworski, I think my postings were interesting and vital insights on the value of this media in general and these forums specifically. Click on title of this post to check out my thoughts on the Blog habit. The Western Standard Shotgun blog.

The other day when I was getting some printing done, the store owner told me of a time when he was a youth in the fifties, of the times he went to the exact place where I now live and the White Wolf has his hillside. He told me in response to my story of where I lived and how Aloofus gets to howling when the coyotes do.

He said that as a kid he would go to the exact same spot where Al and I now live, and there was a cave there, then. When I told him of how Al sounds out like a Wolf and how it makes me think of a time 200 years ago when there might have been Wolves here, he told his story. How his pals and him stood here and howled like wolves at the coyotes too.

Basically, am having plenty of fun meeting people, as you know if you've met me. What it will shake down to remains to be seen.