Friday, August 15, 2008

Marc Emery Needs your vote for Mayor

I've heard rumors that he might run for Mayor of Vancouver. Marc fits that profile very much and has earned respect as a successful businessman. Much more so than our present mayor. Mark needs the support of every rational thinking Canadian and Vancouver citizen right now, because he stands to loose his freedom forever due to his activism against oppression, our insane drug laws.

He could be one of our most effective Mayors ever to grace that chair!

It would send a strong message to our government that the citizens of Canada have had enough of their subservience to a nation of war mongers ruled by morons, trying to exert their moral standards on us. Marc was targeted on behalf of all Canadian Marijuana users, culled from the herd of the rebellious, non conformists (and I sure hope they will turn out for the elections) to be served on the alter of DEA vengeance.

I am still going to run as an independent, but my vote for mayor is going to Marc if he runs.

Sensitive government document found on rainy Ottawa street

This is another exposure of both the incompetence and unaccountability of those in charge, and of the farcical security measures we have been forced to take on GWB's fear scam. We have spent 10 billion dollars to placate an a very powerful idiot. See my post (under this title) no longer available-erased

Here is a better idea that I have come up with when the there was a buzz about the Americans wanting to build a fence around their country a few months ago.

Harper hints at triggering election

You'll find my post under this title on my (posted comments no longer available)

The gist of it was that it was a done deal that he is calling an election or else shooting his foot off! Note the date

Plenty of people want to see this clown go home to Alberta where he belongs. Check out the most recommended posts. You can vote/recommend too!